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poly relationship tumblr

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff They were not ready for a poly relationship, triad or otherwise, they had very. Polyamory is a term steeped in feminist tradition that focuses on sex-positive attitudes toward love and relationships with more than one partner. A Photography Blog for Poly People Free counters. two individuals with their own personality is how you can have a healthy relationship.

When I say that I mean letting each other meet the others partners.

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This will help control what I call the superman effect. Another helping tool would be reinforcement, Make sure you are taking dedicated time to reinforce your partner that your feelings for them is no less and in that they will never change due to another person. So all in all, yes I do think it can work… He is willing to try for you which tells me that he does care for you a great deal. If you would like anymore help or even some thoughts on helping reinforcement feel free to message me on here!

My gf and I are really wanting to have a triad with someone else and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me?

poly relationship tumblr

I would be more than happy to, I can even answer privately if you like. I just wanted to update everyone a little about the situation and share a few thoughts about everything. Things are a rocky. I know Kings resolve is to hold on and keep hoping but I feel at this point, as I do with most situations that it is unwanted attempts of pursuing. I personally have a very unhealthy defence mechanism that when faced with the chance of getting hurt I can shut down emotions.

Support, The good thing is that even in a hard time we still have one another and know as partners that together we will get through it… Cause honestly there is no better way to describe love and partnership is there? Someone being there to help shoulder the weight, to wipe the tears, give encouragement and lend strength in a time of weakness?

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We do have a few things that we are looking forward to. Looking for a new car is one of them.

poly relationship tumblr

Anyone get a car recently that was decent price and is super reliable? Instead we are just going to live life and see what comes our way. We both agree that if you keep waiting for happiness and waiting for that perfect moment in life you will miss it because you are too busy waiting. On another note, a couple of things I really like in this post: If you keep waiting for happiness and waiting for that perfect moment in life you will miss it because you are too busy waiting.

That and I would like to get this out of the way, rest my mind, and escape for a bit. Since I baby am the one writing the post I can really only share it from my point of view.

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From what I believe the distance in the relationship caused to much strain on Honey. I have decided to keep the blog open until further notice. A polycule can be very small, or it can be very, very large; it can be closed or open; it can involve relationships that are just local, or there can be long-distance partners too; it can mean that relationships are sexual, romantic, or platonic or queerplatonic! Polycules can look like just about anything!

Sometimes, open relationships come with stipulations agreed upon by the people involved. This is just one of the ways in which a relationship may be open, but limited. Not all polyamorous people use this system of categorization, but it works for some. The most important thing to know is that polyamory rests on a foundation of informed consent.

Poly relationships can take a lot of emotional labor and time. People should be aware of the possibilities so that they can give their informed consent and take appropriate action, like making sure that they and their partners are regularly screened for STIs.

Informed consent is one of the reasons that communication is so important in poly relationships.

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Everyone deserves to be in relationships that meet their needs, and relationships take time to maintain, so in poly relationships, partners often spend a lot of time discussing…well, everything. If they decide to commit to each other, how does that affect other partners, especially if one person is committed to more than one? Will they all live together, or separately, and if separately, how will they split their time?

Who will pay the bills? What happens if they break up? Again, these are problems that monoamorous people have to discuss as well, but they can get really complicated in polyamorous relationships. A lot of poly people even get lawyers to help them figure these problems out, especially in a long-term, committed triad or quad relationship!

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Communication is also the answer to one of the most commonly-faced issues in any relationship: Once she understands the root of her jealousy, Diane can go to Ariel and explain to her that her needs are not being met, and they can work together to come up with a plan to address those needs.

With polycules, things get more complex. While monoamorous or monogamous people can simply follow the course laid out for them by society, polyamorous people are off-roading, and that can be really difficult for some people to come to terms with. Do continue your research into polyamory. Learn about them from other people in the poly community. It never hurts to have more information, especially about how people would like to see themselves represented.

poly relationship tumblr

Do allow your polycules to grow organically. Make sure that their relationship grows and changes and develops over the course of your story.