Odo quark relationship test

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odo quark relationship test

Dax has asked him, Sisko, Bashir, Odo, Kira, O'Brien, and Leeta to meet . and Nog will take the test again, and Rom furiously informs Quark that if he He couldn't let on how he felt, given the docent-initiate relationship, and. Given their very public kiss a week ago, he is no doubt trying to salvage his image.). . Most new romances couldn't survive this sort of test. Odo and Kira The episode begins with Odo busting Quark for his new and noncompliant bar stools. You mentioned the Odo-Kira and Odo-Quark relationships, both of which became cornerstones of DS9. Was it your sense that the writers.

Commander SiskoMajor KiraDr. Kira accepts Lela Daxand Jadzia can see that she is the origin of many of Dax's unique characteristics, which she herself now exhibits. O'Brien becomes the shy but friendly Tobin Dax. Leeta receives the personality of Emony Daxa cheerful and talented gymnast.

Quark had been somewhat nervous about taking on the personality of the female Audrid Daxwho tenderly brushes Jadzia's hair as they talk. Bashir is Torias Daxan adventurous pilot who died young in a shuttle accident. Sisko has to be restrained in a holding cell to receive the personality of Joran Daxwho was a violent murderer. Indeed, when Jadzia comes to meet him he tricks her to lower the force field between them, and grabs her and tries to strangle her.

After a brief struggle, Sisko regains control of his body.

odo quark relationship test

Season Two 's " Invasive Procedures " is not among the previous hosts that are separated out, since Verad stole the Dax symbiont and was not joined long enough to be a true host. Afterwards she expresses some anxiety about the Zhian'tara.

odo quark relationship test

She had been a little bit afraid to hear what her previous hosts had to say. The hardest part is still to come: Curzon Dax trained Jadzia when she was a Trill Initiate, studying to prepare herself to apply to the Symbiosis Commission to receive a symbiont.

Curzon Dax had flunked her from the program, recommending that she not be approved for a joining. She later reapplied and was accepted, and actually received Curzon's symbiont when he came to the end of his life. Despite having Dax within her, she does not know Curzon's motivations for refusing to approve her to get a symbiont. Furthermore, she is not sure she wants to hear his reasons. Just as Pinocchio was wooden, Odo was a mass of liquid, really, and he was trying to get some kind of shape to his life and to who he was and he wanted to answer the questions he had about what his role was meant to be in that particular universe.

I sort of love the mystery of it. So I had nothing to do with that. I was simply the instrument to play the music that the writers had come up with. And we did learn, over time, so much about him. His relationships with Kira Nana Visitor and with Quark Armin Shimerman and with everybody, really, all made him more and more identifiable in human terms.

I would have to ingest it and incorporate it into this character that was being built over seven years. That is one of the delights of getting to play a character for seven years, the organic nature of the work.

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I had nothing to do with it, how the show was written or what was going to happen with Odo or what he was going to say. But I had a lot to do with the tenor of the character because, as I said, I was the instrument, and in that sense you have a lot to do with what the music is eventually going to be.

Was it your sense that the writers glimpsed the chemistry between you and Nana Visitor and you and Armin Shimerman, and played to that? I have a feeling that they knew the Quark-Odo would be one of the things that would be, not necessarily a cornerstone, but something that they could go back to, that was the kind of relationship between characters that Star Trek fans revel in.

I would walk into the bar to do something else completely, and Quark and Odo would have an exchange, maybe only two or three lines between them, but the audience was so in tune with that relationship that they could extrapolate. And, in fact, Armin and I have commented on it over the years.

odo quark relationship test

So I think the writers knew that Quark-Odo was likely to be a running theme. And how about Odo-Kira?


I know for a fact that the writers did not anticipate the Odo-Kira relationship. Oh my God, look at that.

odo quark relationship test

So we went with it. We loved working with each other, Nana and I. We still love working with each other. By the end of the series, Odo saved his people, said farewell to Kira and entered the Great Link.