Mutual understanding relationship tumblr images

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mutual understanding relationship tumblr images

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As I write this I am aware that many of us will be rushing around dealing with the final preparations for Christmas. As you meet with family and friends in the next few days take time to enjoy yourselves notwithstanding the need to provide meals and to make sure that everyone has all they need.

For the last three months of this year I have been on sabbatical and among other things stepping back for these weeks has helped me to reflect upon our work here in the Diocese of Southwark and how we do it. In our busy lives it is so often the case that we rush from one thing to another and do not give time to looking after ourselves or to spending time with those we love. I have been struck by the piece which on the BBC in the run up to Christmas where time stops still in order to enable the mother and son to spend time together at the fair.

It is a poignant moment when they sit together eating candy floss and time begins again and they are so pleased to be together. After a more active beginning to the sabbatical, I spent the last three weeks at the Benedictine Abbey of Bec in Normandy greatly valuing space for deep reflection and prayer.

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We are blessed if we have family around us and we should not take this for granted, nor indeed forget those who are less fortunate than us. There are so many good things happening here in the Diocese of Southwark that I want to thank you all for all that you do to share the Gospel with those around us. Here is the time for us to celebrate the Word made Flesh and the hope that the birth of Jesus Christ brought into our world.

May your Christmas and the coming year be blessed. Following my visit to Brixton prison on Christmas day I am extending my blog with the following testimony I was given by one of the prisoners who assisted me with the service and gave me permission to share his story more widely. It is a moving account to read not least because it is a story of hope. I am currently a serving prisoner who will be released in the next few weeks.

Whilst in prison I have spent the last three Christmases away from my family and friends. Christmas in prison is a very hard and sad time. On Christmas day a great loneliness and sadness floods through me.

mutual understanding relationship tumblr images

Thinking about Christmas, my family opening gifts and the happiness in their home makes me feel upset. And this happens every year in prison with the same dreaded feeling.

I am in such a dark place and it feels like it will never end. Living on the wings on Christmas day is a day that prisoners want to see past quickly. When Christmas comes we try to block out everything. This deepens the experience and connection to the work and each other. We most always end rehearsal on a positive note, leaving with much to think about and work on.

What would you consider the best part of performing? When the work that you do is bigger than you. When the subject matter that you are bringing forth through movement, energy, and emotion makes an audience reflect, imagine, feel deeply, think, and question. When for a brief moment in time, humanity comes together to share in a resonant field and witness the core essence of each other.

As artists, we have the privilege of being able to reach back and hold hands with history to spark a conversation about the future. We can stand in the present and make a statement or suggestion, and be a vessel for those that need a voice. Engaging in movement from the inside out allows an immersed awareness of your own fluid system, the fluid systems around you, and a heightened sense of them in conjunction with each other.

For me, using the fluid system, sound, and breath to inform my movement allows greater capacity and increased options in my dancing than if thinking and moving from the muscular system alone.

mutual understanding relationship tumblr images

At the very least, I am grateful for the teachings of Emilie Conrad and Robin. The passing down of this profound knowledge has changed me for life. What would you consider to be the biggest challenge of being a dancer?

First, dancers tend to always push themselves and strive for more in whatever they are doing. I am no exception to this trait and demand a lot of myself. Second, dancers are required to not only be artists but amazing athletes, yet are not financially supported as professional athletes are. What inspires you as a dancer? Without a doubt, LIFE.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

There is truth when song writers say they took a break from music and work to live life so they can return with more to say. Dance is the same.

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Do you have a pre-performance ritual? Before a performance I tend to mostly keep to myself and I like quiet. It allows me to focus, stay calm, and not become distracted. My body definitely needs to have a good sweat in order for my muscles and joints to feel loose and stretched enough for the challenging task ahead. Do you have a non-dance hobby? Although I enjoy anything that involves doing, learning, and experiencing something new, one thing I enjoy doing is crocheting. What have you gained or learned from working with Robin and Robin Becker Dance?

It has impacted every aspect of my life and molded me into the artist and person I am today. I have grown to see myself and the world around me through more informed, educated, and open eyes. Robin is brilliant at what she does and has not only been a mentor but a guiding, supportive being for me on a personal level. Over the years it has become obvious that the arts and artistic companies cannot survive without people that believe in the work and the many skills of its administration and executive team.

Gloria Hage, you are the angel behind the scenes, believing and pushing every step of the way. I could not be more grateful for your determination, devotion, and spirit.

Nothing but love, love, love! Get to know Lisa Clementi! Since Why did you start to dance? I was persuaded to take a dance class with my childhood best friend at the age of 8. When I stood on the stage looking into the empty house, I knew that was where I wanted to be: We always begin rehearsal by warm hellos and a few laughs, as we are very friendly and close with one another. We work hard, not just with our bodies, but in the feeling sense too.

We work a lot based on imagery, so our minds are getting the same work out, if not more. Can you describe your experience with Continuum Movement?

Continuum Movement was introduced to me when I was studying with Robin as an undergraduate student. It was nothing I had ever been exposed to, but was ultimately drawn to not only to its uniqueness, but also the quality that it has added in my dancing. Working from this place has allowed me to move with an open and flowing quality that I had never had. It also opens the mind, allowing more of an authentic place to create from.

How did you get your professional start in the dance world? Immediately upon graduating, I started working with a Cirque de Soleil dancer whose work opened many doors for me.

From there, my drive and dedication snowballed. In a sense, I followed my heart and have been extremely fortunate to work with like-minded artists and choreographers.

I still look at my life and continue to thank the universe for the opportunities I have had. There was an energy there that was so profound, it carried me somewhere else. It was an honor to be there and perform that work. The freedom it brings my mind and body.

mutual understanding relationship tumblr images

It is a completely transformative experience for me and serves as my most ultimate place of expression. I am my biggest fan as well as my biggest critic. If I can let go of my self-doubt, I can soar. Being alive and having the opportunity to dance is the biggest inspiration. There are so many stories to tell. I need to do my hair and make-up early so that I can spend an ample amount of time to warm-up.