The bachelor 1999 ending relationship

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the bachelor 1999 ending relationship

The Bachelor (). Comedy, Romance. 1 h 42 min. English audio After a three-year relationship, Jimmie reluctantly proposes marriage to Anne, but . The Bachelor () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more I did not see it all the way to the end, my gag meter had maxed out and I needed to . So, O' Donnell, with pal Artie Lange (as Marco) assisting, tries to locate a marriage- minded. The Bachelor is a romantic comedy film directed by Gary Sinyor and written by Steve As everyone scrambles to help Jimmie save the family business, Jimmie realizes the "effect" of marriage, as the kindly priest reveals how he took on.

But soon afterward, Jimmie proposes to Anne at a fancy restaurant, where for some reason, she is offended at his verbal presentation. You see, the film is so hopeless for romantic tension, it uses the Anne character as a stubborn, unhappy brat in attempt to raise it. The film requires a delay in the engagement, due to an upcoming gimmick.

the bachelor 1999 ending relationship

Now we have Anne angry at Jimmie, hence taking a trip to some place far away in the very near future--business matters. These events are present is to increase what little dramatic tension there.

It also requires Jimmie to clean up his act before Anne leaves.

the bachelor 1999 ending relationship

Then one of his old relatives die, whose will leaves Jimmie over one hundred million dollars, if his current life applies toward his requirements: The conflict is introduced in the beginning of the second act, instead of at the start the picture. Not that it really matters where the problem is brought to our attention, because we don't care about the outcome of any relationship here. The rest of the film has Jimmie running from ex-girlfriend to ex-girlfriend desperately proposing to each so he can receive the cash promised.

After a brief appearance by a popular pop singer, to an almost successful wed to a bitchy character played by Brooke Shields, Jimmie only finds himself deeper in love with the girl in his heart, Anne. I will not announce if Anne and Jimmie find true love in each other. Nor will I say if Jimmie inherits the millions left to him.

The Bachelor (1999)

The only thing we know by the trailers and posters is that somehow Jimmie will be trailed by hundreds of angry bride-to-be's down the streets of his home town. This scene is highly anticipated, and energetic, but never really funny. The way it is carried out wreaks of hilarity, but lacks slapstick quality, and believe it or not, it doesn't provoke any laughs.

the bachelor 1999 ending relationship

The supporting roles are overacted and exaggerated, but the main characters are greatly underplayed. The two romantic leads are boring, shallow, witless puppets of the plot. That is most certainly the reason why I found myself enjoying the side characters.

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Brooke Shields contributes an effective performance with a small side character. And James Cromwell, as a kind-hearted priest, is easily the most interesting character in the movie--the only thing is, he utters but ten lines throughout the movie. O'Donnell doesn't bring any charm to his otherwise likable character, and ends up performing with conventional, utterly undertaken style.

And Zellweger, who was so good in "One True Thing," has nothing to do here, beyond following the commands of the plot. They must remain married for 10 years and produce genetically verifiable offspring. With this rejection, Jimmy all but gives up hope, the landslide of willing brides materializing only as the result of a surprise newspaper article on his birthday.

the bachelor 1999 ending relationship

The accumulation of minor lapses, inconsistencies and unimaginative thinking eventually creates evidence of a major creative deficiency. Why would crafty old Grandpa leave a recorded will specifying that Jimmy must marry by his 30th birthday when he could easily have outlived it?

The Bachelor (1999) Movie Script

Why does Jimmy have to be motivated to marry for the money in order to save the jobs of the odd employees of his billiards table company — people we scarcely see and feel nothing for — in what seems like a hangover device from a Depression-era Frank Capra film? Why does the film pretend that there are passenger trains that run directly from Napa into downtown San Francisco, a conspicuous plot contrivance?

And what did Amtrak offer to have the train in question not only arrive on time, but early? Just as the plot mechanics could have been retrofitted to a far greater extent, so could the characters have been given more interest and dimension. Visual package is rather dull and unappealing, while soundtrack is overloaded with pop tune snippets, many of them chosen for their groaningly obvious thematic relevance to the matters at hand. Produced by Segan, Bing Howenstein.