Synastry aspects for a significant relationship between education

Relationship Potential in the Natal Chart

synastry aspects for a significant relationship between education

The most important planets/luminaries in synastry are the Moon, Venus and the attraction is strong enough to sustain a relationship. Aspects. Visit synastry aspects for delineations of the major synastry aspects. charts of two individuals to make an educated guess about how well they will get along in . Often people ask me to analyze their natal chart and the one of the person When there is the feeling of a strong bond with someone, especially if there is This implies that meeting with a soul mate is a karmic relationship that And if we force events trying to get away from that person before learning the.

An example of the comparison of temperaments can be found on our Mercury in the Elements pagewhere we compare the temperaments as defined by just one astrological factor, Mercury. There are plenty of factors in relationship astrology that are not easily defined, especially with regards to comparing temperaments. Astrologers tend to use a certain level of intuition in terms of honing in on specific details in their comparison. The Venus rising person might put a lot of emphasis on charm and appearance, which could offend the Saturn rising person, who may be deeply uncomfortable with that particular trait in his or her partner, perhaps even accusing the Venus rising person of being superficial.

This could be a major source of discomfort in the partnership and give rise to feelings of mistrust and frustration, yet this issue might go overlooked in a traditional compatibility analysis. When we study the interchart aspects in synastry, we are looking at the chemistry between the individuals.

This is very revealing. When we say his Mars is conjunct my Venus, for example, we are honing in on a specific interchart aspect that describes the specific elements of the chemistry between me and this man. When we study the composite chart, we are looking at the destiny of the relationship itself. It will provide stimulation, which we all need in order to grow within a relationship.

Like human beings, relationships need fuel for the fire. Of course, Saturn is good for a relationship, it gives us something to work towards, something to learn together. Hard aspects between charts provide the stimulus for growth between two people. They cause us to challenge our assumptions, and see the world and our planets in new ways. Hard aspects between charts push us to open our eyes and our heart. Hard aspects to Venus teach us lessons about how we express love and whether or not that love is communicated in a way the other person understands.

An overabundance of trines, sextiles, and easy conjunctions will leave a relationship with nowhere to go. Boredom, complacency, and taking one another for granted are usually the result. Keep those squares, oppositions, and sesquiquadrates degrees coming. Even Saturn is sexier sometimes at least at first when he really desires something and masquerades as his younger self. The Moon represents need in our charts, but Saturn is about how we get those needs fulfilled in the real world.

If Saturn needs you for some reason it will move hell and high water to get to you. Our Venus explains the way we express and receive love. It represents what we value. Mars is about action, how we do things in the world, how we go about getting what Venus desires. Venus is receptive and Mars aggressive. When the two are in sync, by sign or element, this inward and outward flow is very peaceful. The waters are calm. I want you, you want me, you love me in a way I understand.

Relationship Potential in the Natal Chart

The most important thing we need to do in synastry is analyze the individual charts first for their capacity for love and caring exchange. Composite charts are not about the exchange of energy between us. This is very subtle territory. The combination also contributes to sexual attraction, working in this regard best when it is "her" Moon and "his" Mars. Moon trine Jupiter This is one of the best comparative aspects for mutual kindness, generosity, and helpfulness in all relationships.

It is especially helpful for harmony in family and domestic relationships. Often there is a sharing of religious, social, and ethical values with respect to home and family affairs. In some cases, there may be psychic or intuitive link between the natives.

You have cultural interests in common. This combination does not, of itself, indicate romantic or sexual attractions, but it does increase the durability and stability of such a relationship by providing shared cultural, educational, moral, and religious values and interests. Moon trine Saturn This comparative combination is helpful for cooperation in serious responsibilities, business matters, and domestic affairs.

It is not an indicator of romantic attractions, but it certainly improves the durability of a relationship by conferring a practical, responsible approach to everyday issues and problems. You may tend to rely on each other for security or stability. Saturn tends to be the restraining or disciplining influence in the relationship. Moon trine Uranus This comparative aspect often indicates sexual attraction.

Uranus supplies a great deal of interest and exciting in the relationship. Together you can have a large circle of friends, and you may use your home as a meeting place for social gatherings, organizations and unusual activities. You encourage each other to be more individualistic and creative and allow freedom of emotional expression.

There is close emotional harmony in this relationship, and a good chance for the sort of domestic and family compatibility that makes marriage work well. Moon opposed Moon When the Moon in comparative charts are in opposition there is a tendency to mirror and polarize one another's emotional moods, thus triggering strong emotional response in each other.

Difficulties can arise in this situation if your respective moods are out of harmony because you will both be in a bad mood at the same time. You must work especially hard to understand each other's moods and feeling.

synastry aspects for a significant relationship between education

There is also likely to be a near mirror image between your backgrounds and family upbringing. Moon opposed Mercury This aspect often presents communication problems. Mercury reacts on a rational level while the Moon is tuned in on a more emotional level. Consequently, you find it difficult to understand each other.

The Mercury person may seem nagging, over-critical or nit-picking to the Moon person. This combination often shows disagreements over diet, everyday practical affairs, financial expenditures, and domestic and family issues. Moon opposed Venus This comparative combination indicates strong romantic and sexual attraction, but in a situation that involves very delicate and difficult emotional communication. Feelings are easily hurt, one or both may feel misunderstood or "used" for sexual gratification.

In maturity the problems of this opposition are often worked out, and the combination is frequently found in marriage as the attraction is very strong indeed. The negative aspect of this opposition can either be a too casual attitude regarding emotional matters, or, at times, a tendency to lead each other to excesses; too much party-going, overeating, financial extravagance, sexual excesses, or some such.

Moon opposed Mars Usually this combination produces emotional conflict. The Mars person is viewed as aggressive, domineering and insensitive, while this person is likely to look upon the Moon person as too moody and overly emotional.

This comparative aspect is not favorable of compatibility in marriage and romance, although it can produce sexual attraction.

In marital or romantic relationships, one partner may feel that he or she is being exploited for sexual or financial reasons. The aspect can cause angry scenes and emotional conflict.

Arguments of joint finances. You must work consciously at exercising patience, gentleness, and consideration for each other. Moon opposed Jupiter This comparative combination generally produces genial relationships and a positive attitude toward family affairs. There may be an encouraging of self-indulgent traits or mutual actions that show a lack of wisdom and discrimination. Excessive eating or drinking can be a problem. Moon opposed Saturn This is a difficult comparative combination for all kinds of relationships.

Often relationships are based on financial reasons or security rather than any degree of affinity, although it certainly does not preclude the latter. This marks a situation in which there may be significant difference in age, maturity, or spiritual development in the partners.

The relationship may make one or the other feel pessimistic and fearful. This is a real wet-blanket aspect. Moon opposed Uranus This combination makes for unusual, interesting, exciting relationships, but not necessarily lasting ones. In romantic or sexual attractions, the individuals may live together without marrying. Uranus is noted for drastic changes and demands independence above all else. There is much instability related to this aspect. If married, this combination denote frequent changes of residence.

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Mercury conjunct Mercury This indicates a very similar mental viewpoint and an ease in communication between the two of you. You are able to overcome problems and disagreements through good communication and clear, rational thinking. There is a spontaneous comprehension of each other. Mercury conjunct Venus This aspect indicates that you can easily communicate personal emotional issues.

You share interest in literary, artistic, musical and cultural affairs. You are able to make study and intellectual endeavors more enjoyable for each other. This aspect provides a good basis for lasting compatibility, as well as the mutual enjoyment of friends and social activities. Mercury conjunct Mars The effect of this conjunction depends on the quality of other aspects in the chart.

If Mars and Mercury are well placed, this aspect can lead to mutual mental stimulation and constructive action. If they are badly aspected, this comparative combination will tend to cause heated arguments. The Mars person will be overbearing, bossy and brash, while the Mercury person tends to become overly critical and nit-picking if aspects are adverse.

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Mercury conjunct Jupiter This aspects suggests the sharing of educational, cultural, philosophical, and religious interests. Jupiter can raise Mercury's social and educational level, and help with the development of a more positive and optimistic outlook in this relationship.

Mercury conjunct Saturn In this aspect the attitude of responsibility and mutual objective is stressed. There is a serious tone to communication. The Saturn person may be viewed as something of a wet blanket. With difficult aspects, it can be hard to communicate at all. In a romantic relationship, this aspect does give a strong sense of responsibility.

Mercury conjunct Uranus This aspect produces many exciting mutual mental interests. Original ideas and experiences are exciting and generally the relationship is more open-minded and unbiased. Intellectual interests are shared. A sort of mental telepathy may exist between you. Mercury Sextile Mercury With Mercury in each chart sextile Mercury in the other, there is little doubt you are mentally compatible. You have generally common interests and a good understanding of one another's mental attitudes.

Communication is free and unrestrained. Mercury sextile Venus This aspect suggest that you usually relate to and communicate with each other in a kind and considerate way. There is an intellectual and social blending of personalities that is very positive. In a romantic relationship, you are able to communicate about emotional and psychological concerns helping you work out whatever difficulties occur.

Mercury sextile Mars This is an aspect of mental compatibility. You work well together putting ideas into action. You enjoy games of mental challenge and competition. You have a mutual interest in politics and a fondness for debate. You stimulate each other's enthusiasm and resourcefulness. Mercury Sextile Jupiter This aspect indicates a friendship based on mutual intellectual and philosophical interests. Often this aspect is present in people who become acquainted through going to school together or through common interests in religious and philosophical organizations.

You make very good traveling companions. You are honest, considerate, and straightforward with each other, and this combination usually brings out a sense of humor to share. Mercury Sextile Saturn This is a good aspect for producing clear, precise, disciplined thinking.

He is apt to be the more serious thinker and help you achieve constructive mental discipline, experience and exactness in work. You are apt to supply the new ideas and creativity. In a marital relationship, this aspect aids acceptance of mutual responsibility and sensible communication about serious issues.

Mercury Sextile Uranus This is a good aspect sparking a very interesting and creative friendship. You seem to be able to help each other come up with original ideas that make sense. This is a good combination for individuals involved in writing, the communication media, advertising, and scientific work of all kinds. Your minds seem to click well together. Mercury square Mercury This aspect indicates difficulty in communication and a differing intellectual viewpoint.

You may disagree on things related dress, work, health, diet, and many other issues.

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Mental cooperation can be a problem. Mercury square Venus This comparative combination may make it hard to communicate emotional issues, especially in romantic and marital relationships. The problem is likely that the Venus person is too uncritical, failing to challenge logical inconsistencies in your thinking; an over-indulging attitude.

There is a blockage of real understanding and sensitivity to each other's feelings.

synastry aspects for a significant relationship between education

Mercury square Mars This is a difficult comparative combination because it shows you are inclined to arguments and heated disagreements. In this relationship, arguments with viewpoints always seem to threaten egos. It's hard for you to communication with each other in a calm, rational way and find solutions to your problems. This is a hard one to work with because even when you do control it, you may both feel nervous and ill at ease with each other. The square aspect shows a degree of conflict in this regard and a general difference in opinion.

Discussions usually go in circles and it is hard to arrive at conclusions. Mercury square Saturn There is a tendency for the Saturn person to seem too conservative, opinionated, or negative. At times, and to react negatively and impose heavy demands on Mercury in terms of mental discipline and work. This is a difficult aspect for all types or relationships.

Often, jealousy and resentment are involved. You have a hard time understanding each other. Mercury square Uranus This aspect suggests rather major differences in viewpoint and opinion. You may have difficult agreeing on plans and activities. There is a good deal of impatience between you and in many ways you may grow to get on one another's nerves. In your communication, you tend to take too much for granted.

The Uranus person may seem much too unstable. Mercury Trine Mercury With Mercury in each chart trine Mercury in the other, there is little doubt you are mentally compatible. Mercury trine Venus This comparative combination indicates compatible ideas in the area of social activities and cultural pursuits.

There is mutual understanding and a gentleness in communication. You are apt to enjoy mutual friends. In romantic and marital relationships, you are able to communicate feelings and emotional reactions, thus resolving most difficulties that occur. You make excellent traveling companions. Mercury trine Mars This is an aspect of mental compatibility.

Mercury Trine Jupiter This comparative aspect indicates you share many intellectual and philosophical interests. By itself, it does not produce romantic or sexual attractions, but in a romantic or marital relationship, it can improve communication and durability of the relationship.

It tends to foster optimism and a constructive mental outlook in each other by encouraging each other to positive thinking. Mercury Trine Saturn This is a good aspect for producing clear, precise, disciplined thinking. Saturn is apt to be the more serious thinker and help Mercury achieve constructive mental discipline, experience and exactness in work.

Mercury tends to supply the new ideas and creativity. Mercury Trine Uranus This is a good aspect sparking a very interesting and creative friendship. Mercury opposed Mercury This opposition indicates relationship problems arising from differences in intellectual viewpoints and difficulties in communication. You are apt to disagree in matters of dress, personal hygiene, diet, or work habits. There is a great deal of difference in mental outlook.

Mercury opposed Venus This combination poses a challenge in understanding. Mercury fails to understand Venus' feelings, and Venus must make a special effort to understand Mercury's thoughts and ideas.

Mercury may see Venus as somewhat lazy and over-sensitive, and may resent the money spent on unnecessary luxuries. There are likely to be many instances of differing opinions regarding art, music, social activities and friends which will need adjustment and compromise. Mercury opposed Mars This comparative combination suggests a tendency to lose patience with each other and get into arguments.

Mercury sees Mars as too impulsive and aggressive, while Mars views Mercury as all talk and no action. If you are to get along, you must work hard at exercising patience and consideration in speech and communication. Mercury opposed Jupiter This aspect often produces many lengthy philosophical conversations that seem to go nowhere and prove nothing. Mercury sees Jupiter as being too big-picture oriented, broad and very general in thinking. Jupiter finds Mercury too hung up on detail. There is quite a bit of differing opinion here regarding many of the weightier subjects in life.

In the long run, the two of your may have a good deal to teach one another. Mercury opposed Saturn This aspect causes you to be suspicious of one another. Saturn is likely to be negative toward Mercury's ideas and suggestions. The Saturn person may also see the other as superficial and unreliable.

If Saturn has an opportunity, mental restrictions a rather pessimistic attitude may be imposed on the Mercury person. Mercury opposed Uranus You stimulate each other mentally in many exciting and perhaps unusual ways.

Your relationship may be a little undisciplined at times, but it won't lack for interest. Mutual interests in science, occult subjects, group activities, or social reforms may connect in this relationship.

Venus conjunct Venus This comparative combination often produces romantic attractions. You are emotionally sympathetic and understanding of each other. You have similar tastes in art, music, and social conduct. Venus conjunct Mars This is about the strongest of all indicators of sexual attraction. It removes any question in this regard.

Which are the most favorable aspects in a synastry chart for a relationship?

Whether or not this leads to more sensitive, romantic feelings or to marriage, depends on the rest of natal Horoscopes and how they compare. If Venus and Mars are badly aspected in either chart, sexual jealousy and possessiveness can be a problem. In any event, there is likely to be much passion and excitement in this relationship.

Venus conjunct Jupiter This aspects helps in smoothing what may otherwise be difficult associations. You have a strong mutual appreciation of religious, educational, aesthetic, and social values.

This aspect favors lasting compatibility in marriage and romantic relationships. It is optimistic and cheerful. You bring each other social popularity and financial prosperity. Venus conjunct Saturn This aspect indicates a mutual concern for professional or financial affairs. Accordingly, it seems to work best in business and professional relationships.

The Venus person will tend to demonstrate much affection in the relationship, and the Saturn person will be much less able to respond in kind. Venus conjunct Uranus This comparative combination has a way of creating sudden and exciting romantic attractions; few aspects are stronger in the sexual attraction department.

There is a definite romantic fascination for each other, and if other signs in the chart are right it may last, but often it won't. At any rate, there is a lot of excitement and adventure in this combination. Venus sextile Venus This comparative combination is a very favorable one for social compatibility. You enjoy social activities together and have many common friends. You share similar aesthetic and social values and can easily become romantically involved. Venus sextile Mars This aspects suggests opportunity for sexual and romantic involvement.

Often, this aspect denotes meeting through friends or group activities. The Venus individual in this relationship is very helpful to the other in the area making actions more harmonious and socially acceptable, and in gaining financially and professionally. Mars, on the other hand, helps Venus overcome inertia and become productive. Venus sextile Jupiter This aspect shows a sharing of cultural, religious and other higher values.

You may be inclined to work together as an effective team in charitable, religious, or organizational endeavors.