Relationship between literacy rate and standard of living

How does literacy rate affect the standard of living

relationship between literacy rate and standard of living

Health has also been shown to be affected by literacy rates. There have been multiple studies showing a correlation between communities with high literacy rates literacy, it is often a struggle to obtain jobs that pay above a living wage. lessened costs (such as to our prison and healthcare systems), and. How does the literacy rate in Europe affect their standard of living? If a country has a low Literacy Rate, then they are probably not going to have a good. Literacy and the Standard of Living in Latin America Unit 6 Notes. some countries, the difference between boys & girls is much larger.

By enhancing his skills one can earn more which brings economic prosperity at both Micro individual level and Macro level rise in real GDP. Literacy develops a sense of responsibility among the common man, by which one can become a good citizen. Increasing rate of literacy brings about a state of competition among different firms, industries and sectors of production, which helps an economy to grow on strong bases of competition.

What is the Relationship Between Literacy Rate and Standard of

Increasing rate of literacy also helps to control and maintain population growth. Hence qualitative population is found with increased standard of living and more access over basic needs. Increased technical education helps to develop new and sophisticated methods of production and distribution, which can reduce the cost of production and increase the rate of return. Educated and skilled workers are the assets of a country, which may have demand not only within the country but are highly demanded in other countries also.

By rendering their services abroad they can earn more of the foreign exchange and GDP will increase with the increase in foreign earnings.

Standard of Living

If literate people come to run the government along with economy, country will have a great benefit in such a way these people will allocate the resources at their best and hence the chances of misallocation and misutilization of resources will diminish.

Proper and planned allocation of resources brings increased and qualitative production. Increased production leads to more employment opportunities.

Thus the level of unemployment reduces from the country. According to the research reduction in inflation is directly related to the reduction in unemployment level. As literacy and skill development helps to reduce the unemployment it leads towards the control over inflation. And hence economy rides on the strong horse of development.

Literacy also helps to enhance the communication skills among the people. Developed communication skills help an individual to contact with more and more employers in order to get better job opportunities. Developed communication skills also help to maintain pleasant relationship between the employer and employees, which reduces the conflicts among them and by this way the productivity of the firm extends.

Along with the development of professional and communication skills, literacy and education develop social skills by which an individual learns to move in the society and he realizes the importance of society, as no one can live in isolation. By enhancing the skills among the workers, the organization can get maximum productivity.

relationship between literacy rate and standard of living

Concisely literacy has great importance in the economic development of a country. Literacy brings all the positive changes in variable factors of production as well as in infrastructure development; it also minimizes or may wipe out negativities.

No one can deny the importance of literacy. It can be said that literacy is a pillar on which the major part of an economy stands, if the pillar is strong enough to hold the economy, the anomalies can be reduced very easily and the economy will multiply. And if the pillar of literacy is weak and fragile the anomalies may push the economy downward and the economy may fall down on all four.

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Studies have shown that 1 in 7 adults in America are considered functionally illiterate, which has the potential to trickle down to our youth. What Does Illiteracy Really Mean? Words Alive; A graphic that says: When everyone can read, whole communities thrive.

relationship between literacy rate and standard of living

The cost of Illiteracy in the United States is estimated to be over billion dollars, according to a report written by the World Literacy Foundation. In the same report, it is said to cost the global economy 1.

Perhaps one of the clearest ways to explain how literacy affects the economics of whole communities is illustrated by the correlation between literacy rates and prisons: Not only does this have an impact on the communities and families of these individuals, but taxpayers are paying for these prisons and all of the maintenance and costs they come with.

Health has also been shown to be affected by literacy rates. There have been multiple studies showing a correlation between communities with high literacy rates and lower infant mortality rates. The idea being that literate adults have increased ability and knowledge to seek out medical treatment for themselves and their families, as well as a difference in their reproductive behavior -- including increased contraceptive use.

This results in more proactive visits to the doctor, generally at a lower cost, as opposed to high cost emergency visits.