Relationship between left handedness and homosexuality christianity

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relationship between left handedness and homosexuality christianity

I want to discuss left-handedness first, then homosexuality. left”. In the Christian bible, Jesus sits at the right hand of God. this is not a coincidence; it is the legacy of the association between “right” and “good” and between. If you're going to ban homosexuals because of the Bible, you should also scorn to be in a passionate relationship with a man and then rejected it. Being left- handed, they told him, was obviously a choice since the Bible. While Zucker says the research provides empirical evidence that links homosexuality to left-handedness, he also adds that "we don't have a.

In fact, why should anyone trust homosexuals to explain their personal realities when there are heterosexuals readily available to educate the world on the choice of being gay? I often wonder what it was like when former GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum confronted his temptation to be in a passionate relationship with a man and then rejected it.

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Same with Republican presidential candidate Dr. Setting sarcasm aside, who can still believe being gay is a choice? For the religious, that is how God made things function.

And who are you to question his handiwork? When my grandfather was a boy, his teachers slapped his hand whenever he wrote lefty. Being left-handed, they told him, was obviously a choice since the Bible made it clear that left was the side of Satan.

Handedness and sexual orientation

The right hand of God was glorious in power, reads Exodus; God sends the blessed to his right and the damned to his left. So deciding to use his left hand meant my grandfather had aligned himself with Beelzebub, and needed to feel the pain of a loving God through the smack of a ruler.

As a result, my grandfather was forced to use his right hand, which our family believes led to neurological problems later in life. If only those teachers had known that left-handedness is almost always determined before birth.

US researchers find evidence that homosexuality linked to genetics

How would they feel confronting the fact that the God whom they thought hated the left had, by their own beliefs, created left-handedness? That they beat and bound children for being the way nature made them?

In that case, science overcame superstition and forced an acceptance that left-handers have no choice.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality christianity

Hundreds of species engage in homosexual behavior—swans, elephants, bison, apes. For example, about 8 percent of rams exhibit sexual preference for males; researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University discovered a cell group called the ovine sexually dimorphic nucleus is twice as large in rams that prefer ewes compared with those that prefer other rams.

There are genetic differences between gay and straight people as well. The May issue of Psychological Medicine found significant linkage between gay sexual orientation and genes on the pericentromeric chromosome 8 and chromosome Xq Plenty of studies that have found other correlations.

Still—biology, neurochemicals, chromosomes—throw it all aside. Here are the facts that matter most: Blumenfeld and Raymond reminded us that lefties, like LGBT people, are discriminated against just for being who we are in a world where most people are different from us. Until recently parents of left-handed children would force them to write with their right hands, just as parents of lesbian and gay children would force them to behave heterosexually.

Blaming People for Being Gay is Like Blaming Them for Being Left-Handed

Even today, according to Jack Fincher in Lefties, "Left-handers are one of the last surviving minorities in our society with no organization, no collective power or goals, and no real sense of common identity. In practical terms, I probably suffered more from being left-handed than I have for being gay. Like other lefties, I have had to deal with the complexities of being left-handed in a right-handed world, and learn to manage tools and machinery that were built for righties.

According to Fincher, "the left-hander's lot must have taken a quantum leap for the worse with the Industrial Revolution. Machine-made tools meant that he had better learn to make his maladroit not dextrous; hence not right, as opposed to adroit, or dextrous best of a bad arrangement. In fact, according to James T.

relationship between left handedness and homosexuality christianity

Which explains why so many creative people have been left-handed. And why left-handers seem almost to dominate show business. There is a danger in taking the left-gay analogy too far. After all, it is not against the law for a lefty to marry another lefty.