Health executives meet obama advisers

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health executives meet obama advisers

Check out the biographies of some of the President's closest senior advisors. Senior White House Leadership. Meet the President's staff and senior advisors. President-elect Barack Obama was tackling the struggling U.S. economy as his first order of business, meeting Friday with leaders of business, government and . President Obama's Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett is answering your social on health care in America and women's health issues starting at 12 pm ET. upon our efforts to use a range of tools and platforms to meet people.

People close to him say the selections show he is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and knows what he needs to be successful as he shifts from campaigning to governing. Obama planned to stay home through the weekend, with a blackout on news announcements so that he and his staff can rest after the grueling campaign and the rush of Tuesday night's victory.

health executives meet obama advisers

He is planning a family getaway to Hawaii in December before they move to the White House, and to honor his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who died Sunday at her home there. Obama, who bested Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, has made it clear he will rely heavily on veterans of her husband's eight-year administration, the only Democratic presidency in the past 28 years.

health executives meet obama advisers

Podesta was Bill Clinton's chief of staff, and several other former Clinton aides are on Obama's short lists for key jobs, Democratic officials say. Some helped write a large briefing book on how to govern, assembled under Podesta's supervision.

Obama also is certain to bring to the White House a cadre of longtime aides like senior adviser David Axelrod and press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Obama opens White House doors to forge CEO alliances

Both have worked closely with Obama since he ran for the Senate in A steady stream of world leaders have congratulated Obama, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Iranian leader's statement marked the first time a commander in chief from that country has offered such wishes to a U. Iran and the U. On Thursday, The Associated Press declared Obama the winner in North Carolina, a symbolic triumph in a state that hadn't voted for a Democrat since Earlier, Mr Obama announced a list of former campaign advisers who will lead working groups to frame policy to ensure his administration gets off to a fast start.

Obama meeting Friday with economic advisers

James Steinberg, a hot tip to be national security adviser in the Obama administration, was named to head a national security working group. Another close foreign policy aide, Susan Rice, also tipped for a top White House or State Department national security post, will work alongside Mr Steinberg.

Daniel Tarullo, mentioned as a possibility for a job on the president's National Economic Council, was named as head of an economic working group during the transition.

health executives meet obama advisers

But it is still unknown who most of the the more important jobs will go to. Hillary Rodham Clinton is considered the top prospect for secretary of state, although other names remain in the mix. It looks like Eric Holder, a former deputy attorney general in the Bill Clinton administration, is on track for becoming attorney general. Chuck Hagel, critic of Iraq war, retiring from Senate.

health executives meet obama advisers

Lawrence Summers, former Clinton administration treasury secretary and one-time Harvard University president. Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady and onetime rival of Obama's for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Bill Richardson, former U. John Kerry, Democratic presidential nominee.

health executives meet obama advisers

Richard Holbrooke, former U. Tim Roemer, former Democratic congressman and member of the Sept. Ray Kelly, New York City police commissioner.

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Former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig.