Dirty standing spring meet 2013 corvette

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dirty standing spring meet 2013 corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Owner Manual - - 1st crc - 3/9/ Chevrolet Stand on one side of the vehicle, and if necessary . top if it is damp, wet, or dirty can activation are met. And, for spring helps you know which gear you are. Flogging the ZR1 on the bends of Spring Mountain Raceway in There's the de rigueur C5/C6 platform road noise from the 13″ .. I am afraid the comments for improvements must stand: Corvettes .. built car that doesn't have to meet reliability or safety standards of a big You Dirty, Dirty Panther You!. Type and Description: Independent, SLA type, coil springs with .. With the car standing level, clean dirt and grease from area around filler plug.

Seventeen percent of the owners of both series listed squeaks and rattles as the worst feature. In order to keep up with demand, GM had been forced to add a third shift in their St. Louis plant to keep production on schedule. Despite the realizations of production quality being compromised, the result of such high volume for both the and model years, as well as the preparatory work for the was that quality control was barely able to hold its own, let alone have any chance of improving. It was during this time period that production quality had reached an all-time low.

The Corvette actually made its formal debut in late February, and introduced the world to a number of small, but improved design styling touches. The exterior of the Corvette also featured a number of other design cues that were new for the model year.

Amongst these, the parking lights were now squared off and set into the corners of the grille. Mandatory side marker lights at the front and rear of the car were larger and better integrated into the design than those of earlier model years.

In the back of the car, new rectangular exhaust pipe tips were recessed into the underside of the tail in a manner inspired by the Mako Shark II. A number of detail refinements were also made to the taillights and the stainless steel rocker moldings.

Image courtesy of GM Media. The fender louvers changed on the Corvette, featuring an egg-crate patterned grille. The interior of the Corvette was improved upon in a number of areas.

The seats, which had been re-designed inunderwent another design change that added an inch of urgently needed headroom as well as better lateral support. Additionally, the headrests were integrated into the seat design and a more accessible release button was introduced for the seat back hinge.

Corvette C6 Review

You made me feel like you were really interested in making a sell. You answered all the questions that were asked and when we asked to put it on the lift, no problem.

You made it easy. I will get with you soon on the delivery. I've been meaning to email you guys ever since the 57 showed up and tell you what a hellava car you shipped us.

We love it and if it don't sell tickets we're in a depression not a recession. I know that times are tough and hope you guys can keep your heads above water until it gets better. We will do everything in our power to send business your way. I have spent an enjoyable few hours going through the book of documents you provided and am pleased to note that one of the last owners put together an extensive ownership history. I am really looking forward to having the car out here in BC and doing a bit of driving.

dirty standing spring meet 2013 corvette

Thank you again for the personal service and the care you took to make sure that we were happy with what we bought. We had a pleasurable time at the border - were able to clear US Customs without a problem. Thank you for sending all the requisite information. Hope winter does not have you in its icy grip. We have taken several road trips through the back roads in northern Michigan.

Lots of beautiful views, small towns, and winding roads. Without exception, every time we stop we get many great comments, and many 'thumbs up' by others as we are driving.

I have also won several 'Best in Show' awards. Thank you for your help in making our purchase such an enjoyable experience. Since we got back to Traverse City, I have converted one of my free standing garages into a 'showroom' for the car. I'm looking forward to doing more business in the future. I am very satisfied with the car thanks for making it easy.

Your Saleman, Eugene Topp, tried every effort to find me another car but there was none like the one I was looking for. Eugene was kind enough to the take me from Napoleon to the airport in Detroit because I could not find a car to rent.

I feel he went way beyond stepping out of the box to help a customer! I did find the car I was looking for in Detroit but want you to know that when I am looking again, I certainly will check with Eugene.

I am very happy. I can't wait to drive it. Thanks again for helping me find a nice car and for the fast delivery. If you ever get down this way, give me a call so we can have lunch.

Please pass on my thanks to Terry and Mike. Everyone was very helpful. The '54 arrived in perfect condition and I look forward to many happy hours spent keeping her that way.

I think ProTeam has a great selection of cars. You have some really good dedicated people working there. TC and Mike are really nice and know Corvettes well.

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You can tell they love old 'Vettes and enjoy working there. You have a few cars that are just awesome. Someday I hope I can buy the Bounty Hunter. I enjoyed seeing ProTeam. When I walked into the C2 building, I lost my breath and could not believe the sight before me. It is something all Corvette lovers must see. I bought two cars from you so far and I sold you one car.

I think you are a good person and your word is good and I look forward to buying more cars from TC. Alexis and I would like to thank you for the many hours I figure approximately 20 you spent with us during the search for our perfect Corvette. We were overwhelmed during our first visit - single axle vs. Your patience and knowledge, and the large selection ProTeam had available, allowed us to define what we really wanted and concentrate on three cars during our second visit.

The white convertible is exactly what we wanted - a weekend high end "driver" in excellent condition. You listened to our concerns, led us in the right direction and your knowledge of Corvettes was a deciding factor. It was a pleasure dealing with an old car guy. You took a situation that would have ended bad for all parties and turned it into one that has gained the respect and admiration of one of your customers. Word of mouth is a strong thing and because of you and your persistence, I'd have nothing bad to say.

From one guy to another, thanks.

dirty standing spring meet 2013 corvette

Please tell all the people who were involved with the sale and shipping and all that goes with it. Thanks again from us. My wife and I, will relish our experience.

It was one of the nicest, easiest site that I have ever seen. Thanks for your time. Since I bought it from you last November, it has won many car show trophies for first place in its class, one Best Paint award, and three Best of Show awards. It is a beauty and just as advertised.

I am still a satisfied customer and tell everyone where to go to find a good car. My wife and I are really enjoying it. Last week we went for a drive and passed a Corvette just like mine so that was silver and black.

Thanks again for bringing my dream to reality. It has all the photos taken during the restoration that you gave me, plus a few more. It also includes the history of the car. Thanks for taking all of those pictures. A photo of our team is in the book too. If you wondered what K. Dear Chad, Lora and I would like to thank you for the tour of your facility and taking time to answer any questions.

This was our first visit to your facility and we did not have an appointment. The selection available at proteam is incredible and is helpful when thinking of a model and color.

dirty standing spring meet 2013 corvette

Again, thank you for taking the time on that saturday and we look forward to visiting you soon. You organized to ship my car here in It was absolutely no-hassle, problem-free. Truck to the port, then RO-RO. My regards to TC. Thanks to you sharing your knowledge with people like myself who appreciate these cars.

You have made your hobby your business and I know there is alot of jealousy toward anybody that can do this. With buying and selling corvettes for so many years your knowledge is far and above other corvette enthusiasts. I have never visited Pro Team but hope maybe someday to do so. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and experiences and hats off to you Terry, you did it your way. It was very professional from the time the phone was answered, the sale, the delivery, the title, and goodies It's a matter of trust.

ProTeam has a great reputation and knows 'Vette's better than most. Also, the return policy takes the worry out of not liking the car. The process was very fair. I also laugh when someone is trying to outbid you at the auctions. If you want the car, you get it. My old picture of my hp Riverside Gold Convertible with 22, miles on it when I sold it sits beside me at my desk.

I miss my car. I commend your effort to make the cars for sale at better prices. Of course, we older guys with too many bills still can't do it. Keep up the great service you do and most of all, stay healthy. That's what life is all about. I am very pleased with the car. Your salesman, TC, was very professional and was honest in his description. It was a pleasure working with him. I hope we can continue to do business together in the future. I really enjoyed meeting you and Fred.

It was an enjoyable experience. Its quite a story--worthy of a book in its own right. I was also highly impressed by the people Bill, Kevin et al who spent their own money to bring some very significant cars to the event.

This dovetailed nicely with your presentation, and everyone seemed to enjoy looking at these cars and hearing their stories.

dirty standing spring meet 2013 corvette

At this point it looks like the money will go to either the Columbus Children's Hospital or breast cancer research. The Heart of Ohio Chapter is thrilled to have been able to play a small part in the success of this event.

This mailing has the sole purpose of promoting your business and SELLING but you took the time to reflect on what a great country we have.

Thank you for the nice comments we so desperately need at this time of economical and political turmoil. Our new President Elect cannot cure the eight year decline in our economy overnight but attitudes like yours' in showing your patriotism and support is a step in the right direction.

More business people should do the same. We were also glad to read your comments on Barrett-Jackson. We could only attend the Friday auction and felt the prices were somewhat down. It's nice to hear that things improved on Saturday.

One observation we made was that in comparison with Kruse Auburn Auction the Auctioneer had a special way of getting the bidders back in after a lull in bidding.

We were much more impressed with their teamwork on the auction block. They were there to sell cars and not to chit chat with small talk during bidding as we have noticed in Auburn. Thanks again for your written support in the direction the U. I especially appreciate your patience in answering all of my questions about care and maintenance.

The first weekend involved many joy rides and a smile so big my face still hurts, Your group at Pro Team Corvette is top notch, and it shows. The car looks awesome, sounds great, and drives wonderfully!! My Mom was a bit teary eyed seeing the car returned to her original glory and knowing Dad was smiling down upon us.

The Corvette is better than new! I also appreciated all the emailed photos as you worked through the restoration, and the final disc of photos provides a great history of the work. I'm putting a book together with all of them that will also include the history of the car. I thank you and Terry with all my heart for agreeing to take on my project. Thanks again to "the team" for their hard work and for the autographed photo. It is prominently displayed in my office. I did collaborate with a friend here in Bend, Oregon to purchase a red 89 Coupe from you around the early 90's and have referred countless others as the years have passed.

I am very pleased with the sale and what I know of the Corvette. They have just loaded it up according to Chad, so the wire went through and all is well, just the anticipation like a kid on Christmas Eve. A big thank you to Chad and the rest of your staff as we worked through this process. I doubt that I will not like the Corvette and return it, this will be my sixth Corvette since And am sure this will not be my last one.

Best wishes for a successful year and in the new year to come. You were so gracious to show us around and talk with us. We really appreciated you time and your efforts. I have always had a desire to have a corvette over the years but had kind of put that desire on the back burner of late. Our visit Saturday rekindled that desire. One of these days I may have to make another visit to Napoleon. Again, thanks so much from all of us.

My wife and I were very impressed by both the quality and variety of corvettes. I would also like to thank Chris Wilson for taking the time out of his schedule to show us around and to explain things to us.

I presently have a corvette with only KM on it. If in the future I ever decide to trade up to a more exotic corvette I will come to see you first. I felt like a kid in a candy store when those warehouse doors opened. You're on the top of my list when I win the Lotto! Chris Wilson took us around and made us feel at home and was very knowledgeable about the Corvettes you have on your site. All I could say was that it was unbelievable and overwhelming.

We waited over a year to visit your place and it was better than we could ever imagine. A friend of mine and I were going to Barrett-Jackson in January but I will talk to him about visiting your place first to purchase a Corvette. Chris, we will be sending some police patches from Windsor hope you like them.

We had a great time. Great day the car is magnificent I thank you today a lot I have are miles free from problems at the beginning the battery was unloaded normal 2 months in container to France. I could make them shut up!!!!.

1966 C2 Chevrolet Corvette: Specifications, VIN, Options, Performance, Recalls, & More

Proteam I love you has all!! I have a beautiful birthday present. I really appreciated the conversation on the way. The trip back to Aberdeen was just over 1, miles. Even though we drove in a lot of wind, and even some snow about miles from home, the car performed flawlessly. Susan and I are very pleased with our purchase. Pro Team Corvette is a premier corvette dealer. I wanted you to know that the Auburn Inn was a great place to stay. I would highly recommend that you send all of your customers there.

The rooms are clean and spacious, the milk and cookies after 8: Just thought you might want to know for the next time you make a reservation for someone.

The car came yesterday, and it looks great and drives even greater!! Thanks a lot, great doing business with you and your company! I will recommend you to my corvette friends!

Best regards," - S.

1976 C3 Chevrolet Corvette: Specifications, VIN, Options, Performance, Recalls, & More

I purchased my '72 s BB coupe stock S from Brian back in May ofwell here it is almost 6 years and a few hundred miles later and I just wanted Pro Team to know how satisfied I am with my car. Everything you folks said was true and Brian was great to deal with.

My car has won a few awards and is the subject of much discussion where ever I take it. Thanks again Pro Team and be sure to say hello to Brian. While the changes to the exterior were minor, they were significant from an aesthetics standpoint. To start, the air-extractor vents were removed from the rear deck. In place of the cowl flap, a simpler system was developed that rammed in airflow through a duct that ran forward over the radiator support to pick up some of the outside air that fed the radiator.

Even though the cowl-induction system had been eliminated forthe intake grille remained for another year, and would not be deleted until Perhaps the most notable change for was the re-introduction of the aluminum wheels that had first been introduced in The wheels were manufactured by Kelsey Hayes in Mexico and could be identified by the source and build location information etched on their inside surface.

The Corvette interior included the custom interior trim as a standard feature. The interiors of the Corvette were largely unchanged from the previous year with one, notable exception. Beneath the car, a partial steel subsection was added to the forward body structure.