Cap classic swim meet 2015

Expect the Unexpected: The Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic - Swimspire

cap classic swim meet 2015

1/1//31/ USMS Postal Meet, Individual and Relay Event Registration, , - Register Now! One Hour ePostal Shirts, Caps, and Patches may be purchased during your Swim your One Hour ePostal event FIRST ~~~ Then enter/register for the . Sunday, March 3, - Spring Classic. KU earned that first-place swim with a time of , breaking the previous meet record set on Nov. 21, , by hundreths of a second. Tier 1 Meets - Hosted by Swim Wellington. SW Tier 1 Meet Capital. 8 Dec , WRAC. Kapiti - Mainland Swim. 24 February flier . Results.

On the world scene, a total of 16 new records were broken.

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Finally, in the age group, Betty Lorenzi set a new world record in the 50 backstroke. Who said swim meets were boring? Jamming out to music during a brief thunderstorm. Fast swimming is not the only characteristic of the Rowdy Gaines Classic, however. Inclusiveness is another important and unique aspect of this competition, one that helps draw such a wide variety of participants.

Our goal is always to protect the swimmer experience at any age or level and also make the meet something unique for all to enjoy so that participants will come back every year.

cap classic swim meet 2015

The simultaneously friendly and competitive atmosphere was frequently cited as a draw for both seasoned athletes and first-timers alike. I get to see everyone from Olympians to friends from college to new people coming into the sport.

Expect the Unexpected: The 2015 Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic

Led by Jillian Wilkins and Scott Bay, the combined efforts of officials, timers and volunteers made for a smooth and efficiently run event. The timing of the event may be done with a stopwatch or electronic timing device. Online entries will be converted automatically from meters to yards if necessary.

One person may serve as a counter for no more than two swimmers per heat.

cap classic swim meet 2015

No adjustment may be made for swims completed at altitude. Any split submitted without tenths or hundredths will be defaulted to. Any split submitted with tenths. This split sheet must be kept for each swimmer. You will then be asked to enter your yard or meter cumulative split times for the 1-Hour ePostal.

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At the bottom of the page, your Official Distance will be displayed in yards rounded down to the nearest 5 yard increment. If you entered your total distance swum and your cumulative splits in meters, your Official Distance that will be displayed will have been automatically converted to yards and rounded down to the nearest 5 yard increment.

However, split sheets must remain available upon request of the event director; if it is not provided upon request, the individual entry and applicable relays may be disqualified.

cap classic swim meet 2015

Please retain a copy of your completed split sheet for one year after the entry deadline. If you do not receive an entry confirmation email, please contact the event director.

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  • 2015 Swimming World Trials/Finals Fall Classic

Any entries received by mail will not be accepted and will be returned to sender. Online Club Group Individual Entries: For Clubs with 20 or more individual entries who wish to use a group batch entry process, and pay with a single credit card transaction, please contact the event director for further information - Chris Layton onehour gmail.

The top 10 finishers in each age group in the individual event and the top 6 relay teams in each relay age group will receive USMS Long Distance National Championship medals. First place finishers in each individual and relay age group will also receive a USMS Long Distance Championship patch, Only one patch per event per participant will be awarded.

cap classic swim meet 2015

See patch sample above right, T-shirt sample at right, cap sample below right. Complete results will be available via the internet. Preliminary results will be posted on the USMS website at www. Final results will be posted approximately one week later. Relay events will be contested in three categories: Unattached swimmers are not permitted on relays. Participants shall be allowed to swim in only one same-gender and one mixed-gender relay event.