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beats music world kannada meet

There is no opposition if you do not speak kannada. today when people with two different natives meet and interact but considering any regional language Shashikiran P.B., Trying to understand the world around me . The only reason I would learn a different language is to listen to good music in that language, watch. Kannada language has the highest number of localised tags in OSM is a collaborative project to create a free editable map of the world. KANNADA Shalom beats music team is a group of young musicians and singers who come Live streaming is an increasingly popular and trending media try to meet the expectation of our viewers by to the viewers all around the world like crusades, conventions,Gospel meetings, interviews,Live news etc.

Sleeping during the day time is prohibited and the contestants are allowed to sleep only when the lights go off in the night. Liquor is abandoned and the housemates with smoking habits can only smoke in the smoking area and are not allowed to smoke in any other parts of the house. A housemate can not assault another housemate physically; failing to follow this would Elimination the assaulter from the house. Nomination[ edit ] Nomination is a mandatory activity, usually taking place on first day of the week in which all housemates need to take part unless directed by Bigg Boss.

beats music world kannada meet

Each housemate nominates two other housemates for eviction. Housemates getting maximum nomination votes will be nominated for eviction from the house in that week and undergoes public vote through SMS for retention.

On the weekend episode, usually one contestant with lowest public votes will be evicted from the house.

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A housemate may also be directly nominated for eviction by that week's captain of the house or for other reasons by the Bigg Boss. Housemates who are awarded 'immunity' can not be nominated by other contestants. Immunity is automatically given to the week's captain and can be earned by contestants through winning specific tasks or achieving secret tasks given by Bigg Boss.

Sometimes, the captain can make a contestant immune from nomination upon Bigg Boss' direction. The housemates are not allowed to discuss about the nominations or the nomination process with each other.

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House captaincy[ edit ] The captaincy concept was introduced in the second season. A captain is selected for every week by the Bigg Boss through specific tasks or elected by the housemates. A captain will have additional privileges in the form of immunity from nomination for that particular week, exemption from participating in the task activities and a separate bedroom with facilities more than that of other contestants.

beats music world kannada meet

Captain's main duty is to supervise the weekly task and make sure the conditions and stipulations are met and task is performed well to procure the 'luxury budget' for the next week. Captains should also keep an eye on house rules and may punish a housemate for violating the rules.

Season summary and episode format[ edit ] Main article: Bigg Boss Kannada 1 The first season of Bigg Boss Kannada was launched in and derived many of its concepts from the sixth season of the original Bigg Boss including the visual elements and the house itself, with slight alterations. The tasks and house activities would take place from Mondays to Thursdays following a special episode on Fridays, 'Varada Kathe Kicchana Jothe' 'The Week's Story with Kiccha' in which the show's host Sudeep would appear and carryout the eviction for the week.

Sudeep's appearance would continue on the next day's special episode, 'Super Saturday with Sudeep' where an interview of the evicted contestant and a promotion for an upcoming movie would take place with a celebrity guest on the stage with Sudeep. A marathon of all the episodes of the week would run on Sundays from morning. All the episodes were available online on YouTube and the official website of Bigg Boss Kannada after the original airing. The finale of the show was aired on 30 June Post conclusion of the season, a spin-off programming 'Bigg Boss Autograph' was aired on the same time-slot which consisted of interviews on the journey of fellow contestants in the show.

As of date, the episodes from this season are not available online. A new logo and a house exclusive to the Kannada version were created for this season along with a new theme song, with Vijay Prakash reprising his singing role. The slogan for this season was 'Thamashene Alla! The season premiered on 29 June with many new elements getting introduced, including the house captaincy.

The programming was increased by a day to include Sundays and the weekly activities would take place from Mondays to Fridays from this season.

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The unseen content for the season, 'Innu Ide Nodi Swami! All the episodes were available online on YouTube and the official website of Suvarna after the original airing.

The finale of the show was aired on 5 October After the season concluded, 'Bigg Boss Autograph' was aired on the same time-slot. This was the first season to take place inside Karnataka, in a house bigger than the previous ones, built exclusively for the Kannada version at the Innovative Film City in Bengaluru.

beats music world kannada meet

The season used many elements including the theme song and the logo with slight modifications from the first season. The season was also the first one to omit unseen content programming and online voting. Shalya is a piece of long cloth which is put on shoulder commonly seen in countryside. Many use Khadi in their clothing till date of which politicians are prominent ones.

Female costumes include Seere of which Ilakal Seere and Mysore silk are famous. Seere has variations of draping depending on regions like Kodagu, North and South Karnataka and Karavali. Young women in some parts of Karnataka traditionally wear the Langa davani. Kasuti is a form of embroidery work which is very popularly sought-after art on dress and costumes.

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An Urban male costumes comprises a trouser, shirt and sandals while that of females include shalwar and moderate heeled sandals. Karnataka has the only village in the country which produces authentic Indian national flags according to manufacturing process and specifications for the flag are laid out by the Bureau of Indian Standards at Hubli.

Kannada literatureKarnataka literatureand Modern Kannada literature Kannada literature is filled with literary figures and pioneers all through. With an unbroken literary history of over a thousand years, [92] the excellence of Kannada literature continues into the present day: Janna was another notable poet of this genre.

All these have been inviolved with social and cultural movements and hence this was the golden era of literature which brought about a renaissance in Kannada literature. They all had a characteristic naamankita insignia which would denote a power equaling a God in popular comparison. The literature saw the Vachana saidTattva that-nessSharana saviour of Godand Dasa servant to God Padas short poetries reach the common man's ignorance into great depths leading to Siddhanta philosophies.