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skylanders trap team meet the mastermind definition

The Beware the Silly Ones trope as used in popular culture. So you've got a person who might fulfill the role of comedic relief. For the most part, both the . Skylanders: Trap Team (Game Only) (PS4) - Pre-Owned. Activision Skylanders: Trap Team (Game Only) (PS4) - Pre-Owned Wal-Mart USA, LLC $ The Jawbreaker is my favorite Skylanders Trap Team character. Which is yours? . Life without dreaming is a life without meaning.: Archive. Crazy CatsI Love.

He gets his silliness from his mother, Kushina, who survived being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice an hour after giving birth to him and managed to restrain the Kyuubi with chakra chains just to protect her child. The Ginyu Force, five goofy manchildren whose poses are Serious Business as they play rock-paper-scissors to decide who fights who and bet candies on who wins. Guldo alone would have killed Krillin and Gohan had Vegeta not stepped in.

The 3 together were absolutely no match for any one of the other four. Also the last villain of the series, Majin Buu — a fat, childish, bubblegum-pink creature, which nevertheless was rightfully seen as the most dangerous entity in the universe. Goku, especially when he was a kid. Because of how naive and childish he was he had no problem playing hide-and-seek with his enemies, choosing to eat over fight, or just act like a goofball in the middle of a battle.

Despite this, he still kicked his opponent's butts and not let's get started on what happens when he is serious. This is downplayed when he is an adult since most of his silly moments happens outside the battlefield.

When he fights, he usually drops all the silliness. Yajirobe is usually a comic relief character in Dragonball Z ; he's a slob who spends most of his time eating, and has No Social Skills. However, he was able to turn the battle between Goku and Vegeta around by ambushing Vegeta who had assumed giant ape form and slicing his tail off, forcing him to assume humanoid form again and letting Goku regain the advantage.

Earlier on in Dragonball, he manages to fight an albeit tired Goku for a while, and had killed off one of King Piccolo's demon children, who aside from Piano, were all capable of fighting Goku to a standstill even shrugging off several of his attacks. So Yajirobe is seriously dangerous and superpowerful, just very much so Overshadowed by Awesome. From the canon movies and Dragon Ball Super we have Beerus, a Physical God who naps for decades at a time, obsesses over food, and has a butler with him at all times to keep him out of trouble.

He is also among the most powerful beings in the universe, second only to Whis, and curb stomps everyone he has ever fought, including Super Saiyan God Goku.

The Pride Troopers are basically Super Sentai, and he poses, names his attacks, and repeats the word 'justice' constantly. He also is being scouted as a potential God of Destruction and can fight Goku on even footing. The original series had Shen, a normal guy who managed to get to the final 8 of the Tenkaichi Tournament by sheer dumb luck, since he always managed to trip or curl up in a way that succeeded on knocking out or throwing off the ring anyone who fought with him by mere mistake In the fight against Yamcha he drops the silly act and reveals he's actually Kami, the god of Earth, borrowing a human body to enter the tournament undetected and fight against Piccolo.

The name Shen was a clue, as it's half of Shen-Long's name. Team Rocket would actually succeed in many of their schemes if the twerps didn't get involved. In Best Wishes, the silliness is completely dropped for Jessie and James, and at a minimum for Meowth. XY returns them all to clownish villains, but retains shades of their previously found deadliness, making this trope ever prominent.

The Pokemon Poacher brothers from the Larvitar storyline in late-Johto were portrayed this way, while Butch and Cassiday got flanderized into this.

There are also just gobs of individual Pokemon in the show that were depicted this way. Some of the best examples include Wobbuffet and the Bellsprout Ash almost lost to in the Indigo League.

skylanders trap team meet the mastermind definition

Wobbuffet became almost entirely a joke character later on, but had a sudden moment of badassery in the first episode of XY. The First Movie flying around acting cute and silly, in contrast to the serious villain Mewtwo. But when Mewtwo attacks it at the climax, it completely drops its aloof, adorable demeanor and retaliates with equal force.

It then engages in a pitched battle with Mewtwo, seemingly as content as he is to fight to the death before Ash intervenes. Ash himself became this in the Sun and Moon series. Due to his Keet mannerisms and slapstick goofiness getting exaggerated, he doesn't get taken seriously that often.

When he battles or faces the threat of the week however, he shows them just how long he's been doing this. Her appearances highlight her as a joke character who has tantrums in the middle of murder investigations because her partner won't pay attention to her protests that she's hungry.

Rurouni Kenshin has Kenshin, who is usually a polite, obvious moron The main character of Sasuga no Sarutobi is a perverted, meatball-shaped, troublemaker who jokes about everything. He's also near-invincible in battle. Ma Kensei is a Dirty Old Man who will go to ridiculous lengths to match up against attractive female opponents when duels are divided up, intends to wear the luchador mask Diego Carlo provided for him in the Master-Disciple Tag-Team Match, and acts with a lack of restraint and dignity exactly opposite to what you would expect a man known as "The Master of All Chinese Bare-Fisted Styles" to.

Yet he still lives up to that title spectacularly. Kii Kagerou hands out pamphlets to instruct others in how to avoid being accidentally killed by him, thinks every woman he meets is some undefined previous acquaintance known as "Mi-chan," and is more prone to Art Shift than perhaps any other minor character in the series. He has also killed more people than he can remember.

Lord Death of Soul Eater. The goofy face, goofy voice, and general jokester personality can make you forget he's the guy who handed the Kishin his ass in a bag made of his own skin all those years ago.

skylanders trap team meet the mastermind definition

And be warned, Lord Death is by no means rusty. Vash the Stampede from Trigun. He acts cowardly and stupid, providing general comic relief through out the show, but is in fact incredibly dangerous. If you piss him off by hurting Why six, you ask? Because his revolver only has six chambers. This often happens to be the case with characters from Fairy Tail. If a character looks or acts in a manner that seems strange, don't be surprised if turns out that they can kick 20 flavours of ass.

Fluorite from Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- is a big source of comic relief, but when push comes to shoveyou don't want to be pitted against an insanely powerful, well-trained mage who knows hand-to-hand combat and is skilled with both a normal bow and a crossbow. Not to mention that he gets turned into a Vampire half way through the series, complete with Wolverine Claws which he makes good use of as Fei Wang Reed 's Mooks learn the hard way.

The Millenium Earl in D. Gray-Man looks like an obese grinning goblin with an umbrella that makes him fly like Marry Poppins and often ends his speech bubbles with a heart.

Despite this, though, do remember that he's the God of Evil. Xerxes Break, the clownish servant of the Rainsworth family that constantly eats candy and carries around a doll on his shoulder. He's also a Master Swordsman and has a contract with one of the most powerful Chains, the chain-killing Mad Hatter. Also, Jack Vessalius counts, too. That sunshine demeanor and friendly attitude conceals a dangerous and insane underside. Oz is also quite deadly when provoked.

Skylanders Trap Team - BLASTERMIND Gameplay!

Try to insult Alice and he will cut you down with B-rabbit's scythe. Since he is also B-rabbit, that counts, too. And we can't forget Vincent. He mostly comes off as dangerous to the audience, and a Poisonous Friend to Gil, his older brother, but to most of the characters he's that goofy noble who falls a sleep in the hallways due to an apparent lack of control over his power.

Don't you believe it!

Skylanders: Trap Team - Wikipedia

He's cold and lethal, and if you try to hurt Gil, he will kill you. But she's also a powerful Magical Girl who will fight with teeth, nails and magic to protect those she cares for. And in the first anime she actually tried to murder Minako's rival in love thankfully, Minako talked her down, and in time she mellowed out. She's also The Leader of the Senshi, extremely powerful the most powerful of the inner guardian senshi in the mangacapable of scaring the arc villains senseless with her sheer power, and has a habit of brushing off excruciating attacks that cause all of the other Sailor Senshi to pass out from pain, and killed her own true love because he was with the Dark Kingdom, only offering him a single chance to stand down before she killed him and going through it the moment he tried to attack.

Enji Koma of Tokyo Ghoul is a prime example of not judging Ghouls based on their every-day personality and looks. Most of the time, he's a goofy Big Brother Mentor to the other staff at Anteiku, and brags about being a Retired Badass. He's generally dismissed by the younger employees, but proves he isn't all talk when CCG raids the cafe.

Turns out, he used to be the leader of one of the most infamous gangs in Tokyo and spending his days serving coffee hasn't dulled his strength in the least bit. This is a side-effect of his past self - Kaneki Ken - resurfacing whenever he uses his kagune. Watchdog Man is a generic-looking guy dressed up in a McGruff knockoff suit who seems permanently out of it and apparently took the term City Watchdog way too literally.

He also got assigned to the most dangerous city in the country because of his skill, and by the time they could ask him if there was anything to report, there really was nothing to report because he had already killed every monster. Saitama himself is a silly-looking bald guy wearing an even sillier-looking yellow costume. His superhero name is actually " Caped Baldy ".

He is often seen to be more preoccupied with his groceries or something else equally mundane rather than the Monster of the Week Threaten innocent people in his presence, and, well Yukiko Kudo, mother of Detective Conan 's Shinichi Kudo, is frequently shown to be a ditz with a mischievous streak. She has proven time and again, however, to be a reliable ally in times of need. In the Mystery Train arc, she confronts an old friend who is a member of the bad guys' organization code named "Vermouth" and successfully distracts her long enough for a plan to fake Haibara's death to be implemented while convincing Vermouth that she had successfully stopped them.

Every single recurring character from City Hunter has a measure of silliness, ranging from Kazue the sanest one having infiltrated a large corporation by getting engaged to the son of the CEO to Ryo's perverted and generally insane antics when he got drunk and came home with various objects, a statue of Colonel Sanders, and a toddler, he and Kaori were surprised only at the toddler, because it was the first time he brought one home.

All of them are also incredibly dangerous, ranging from Kazue being able to prepare poisons that kill you in five minutes or make you impotent to Ryo being a One-Man Army who can use a revolver to put six bullets in the same hole at fifteen meters and a rifle to shoot a belt from one kilometer away. Even Kaibara is this: Shigechi from part 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in his first appearance wasn't threatening in the slightest.

He's a fat, dimwitted, greedy kid, and his StandHarvest, is a large number of tiny figures that can seek and bring him small stuff. However, when he turned on Josuke and Okuyasu, he not only showcases how terrifying a Stand like his can actually be fighting one big enemy is much easier then fighting hundred tiny onesbut also used surprisingly clever tactics that allowed Harvest to overpower both of them at the same time.

In fact, even though both Josuke and Okuyasu have incredibly powerful Stands themselves, they had to resort to trickery to defeat him. Pesci from Part Five is a babyish, cowardly member of the Assassin Squad with a head resembling a pineapple and no discernable neck whose stand, Beach Boy, is a fishing rod with all the power that suggests. Pandora's Actor in Overlord looks silly and acts so hammy that Momonga is somewhat ashamed of having created him.

However, as a powerful doppelganger, he can replicate any of members of Ainz Ooal Gown. Several characters in Zatch Bell! Kanchome is a duck-billed boy in pajamas whose spells are all about trickery and illusions. Although cowardly and unconfident at first, he learns to stand for himself and protects his allies with clever use of his powers.

Eventually he gains a spell that grants him absolute control over a target's mind and is only defeated because of a cheap nuke shot from final villain Clear Note. O and Unko Tintin are two giant undead themed demons who put the heroes through some hilarious situations, only for things to take a sharp turn for the worse as they turn out to be terribly dangerous opponents. Momon is a rabbit-monkey pervert boy who used his detection and mobility powers to avoid encountering enemy demons.

When it's finally up to him to protect the main cast, though, he makes a fool out of Zeon and his underlings and successfully buys enough time for Gash and Kiyomaro to get back to the game. Purio is a gonk-looking demon kid who can only perform support spells that immobilize his enemies. He's quite a threat when providing backup for a powerful partner, but it's downplayed in that later on, while he does last to the top 10 of the King Tournament, he does so by avoid all combat and goes down without a fight thanks to Clear Note.

Issei Hyudo of Highschool DxD is a complete goof. He's also the bearer of Ddraig, one of the two immensely powerful Heavenly Dragons. And when someone pisses him off, that perverted fool soon lays them out in extremely quick fashion.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Comic Books Marvel's Spider-Man. Peter started the silly and laidback badass hero cliche, and still does it in some instances. Spidey in many crossover books or his own stories is widely infamous for being a walking teenage nerd cliche with supernatural witty humor, and comes off as a borderline super troll that rarely stays quiet or take situations seriously when teamed up with the majority of serious heroes.

However, Peter Parker is still one of the most seasoned professional heroes, as well as one of the smartest and most competent supers in the entire Marvel collective.

Even Deadpool knows this. And when he stops cracking wise Mxyzptlk just wants to use his awesome Reality Warper powers to play harmless practical jokes and be a funny pest. Or seriously creeped out. The gap-toothed Prankster also looks and behaves funny until he tries to kill anyone with his gimmicks.

Since he's not right in the head, Bizarro will talk or behave in an accidentally comical way until he displays his dangerous powers which mirror those of Superman. In Supergirl story arc Bizarrogirlthe eponymous Bizarro is a loony, but she is still a super-powerful loony.

Kara learns this the hard way when Bizarrogirl almost turns her to stone. Later she manages to petrify the whole godship with Supergirl's aid. His foe list has numerous villains who may be this way.

For example, The Riddler mostly got into crime just to play mind games with Batman for fun. But from Commissioner Gordon's perspective, he's a Magnificent Bastard. The Joker is portrayed this way in some cases, too.

Once he paid for doughnuts with play money with his face on it. Play money impregnated with his special formula, which was absorbed through the clerk's skin. Harley Quinnthough it varies more with her. It's easy to forget that she was a brilliant psychologist, and can revert to that personality to both apply those skills to mess with her opponent's head and to pass as normal far better than the Joker can. Harley's issue of the Joker's Asylum series explicitly lampshades this.

You do not want to stop her from getting to her "pudding" on Valentine's Day.

skylanders trap team meet the mastermind definition

It might not even have been about him. He seriously considers murdering the guy with the steak knife until his date asks him what he's doing. He says it was nothing, puts down his knife, and they never speak of it again. Less than two months later, the chef's life is systematically ruined, everything good in it has been destroyed or taken away from him, and he hangs himself in a bus station restroom.

More discussion of the Penguin here. Granny Goodness is laughed at for being an old lady super-villain, until you remember that 1. She's the Goddess of Horrific Child Abuse on Apokolips, which means that whenever she is not scheming against Darkseid's enemies, she's routinely crossing the Moral Event Horizon with young girls and boys.

Being a super-villain is certainly a hard job and despite her age, she is still around, so you know she's good. Also, being around Darkseid for any amount of time and not getting the Omega Beams or Omega Sanction speaks volumes as to how dangerous she truly is. Just imagine how bad her abuse has to be for it to qualify as "horrific" on Apokolips.

Beware the Silly Ones

Ragdoll from Secret Sixno doubt. He's a master of the non sequitur, he's also perfectly capable of wrapping around you like a python and willing to snap your neck at the drop of a hat.

He even gets a rant about people assuming he's just the comedy relief while attacking the rest of the team and winning. Alfie O'Meagan from Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja likes cookies and milk, plays video games, collects comic books, and has sandbox battles stomping on toy soldiers. Problem is, he's also a Psychopathic Manchild Reality Warper Mad Jim Jaspers from Marvel's Captain Britain comics - ran around an alternate universe England with a gang of ludicrous criminals, committing ludicrous crimes And his main universe equivalent is even more powerful Zodon from PS is a Jerkass and the comic's bigtime Chew Toywith most of his plans ending him up in greater trouble than he started.

Problem is, this is usually because one of the teachers or the students got in his way — if they hadn't, the trouble — and much bigger amounts of it — would be someone else's.

skylanders trap team meet the mastermind definition

For an early example, Zodon's idea of a prank on Captain Clarinet was crashing an airplane full of passengers, intentionally preying on his phobias of flight and failure just to make him cryand completely uncaring about the possible civilian casualties in the process.

In his heyday, he defeated a group of enemies with little to no effort while utterly humiliating them and could take on Superman or Supergirl before essentially defeating himself. Nowadays he's more relaxed. Squirrel Girl looks and acts doofy, has one of the silliest powers in comics, yet has defeated such omnipotent baddies as Doctor Doom and seriously! The Violator from Spawn.

Taking the form of a pudgy clown, he's primarily around for comic relief. But at any time, the seemingly harmless clown can morph into a demonic killing machineeasily capable of kicking Spawn's ass. Plastic Man is a zany, rubbery man who spouts silly jokes while having cartoonish adventures. He's also one of the most powerful members of the Justice League ; even Batman, who has contingency plans to neutralize any of the League members in case they go rogueis actively wary of him.

On at least one occasion, he single-handedly took down a villain who had easily beaten Superman. When Martian Manhunter turns into Fernus, the Burning Martianretaining his shapeshifting and Superman-level strength but losing his Kryptonite FactorPlastic Man is Batman's contingency plan for that eventuality.

A madcap goofball with weaponized Your Mom jokes who thinks he's in a comic book and has conversations with his thought captions. He is also insanely good with every weapon known to man, sometimes to the Bullseye level where it's pretty much a superpower, and he has Confusion Fu going for him, as well as a Wolverine-class Healing Factor.

He is an exceptionally deadly fighter and you really would rather have him on your side. Though people on his side tend want him to just shut up already even if he is the best they've got. Even Galactus could only take so much.

skylanders trap team meet the mastermind definition

People not on his side also want him to shut up already, not only because he's annoying but because he weaponizes annoyance: That, and he's a Creator's Pet - and knows it. Several characters have commented that it's a good thing that he is a silly one, and also genuinely tries to do the right thing although his insanity means that his definition of the right thing is probably not shared by everyone elseand will not harm innocent people or allow them to be harmed.

If he had Sabretooth's or Bullseye's personality his body count would be astronomically higher and consist mostly of innocent people He don't come off like no soldier or cop. More like being yelled at by your momma or a preacher". A built-in audio speaker allows players to magically hear the unique voices of the villains travel from the game into the real world Trap, and vice versa. The Trap also lights up in sync with the villain speaking, adding even more magic to the experience.

If you look closely, you can almost see the villain trying to escape from inside the Trap. Once trapped, players can return the villain to Skylands as a playable character. This exciting new play pattern gives fans the option to switch between playing as a Skylander hero or a villain at any time, creating fun and unique "tag team" gameplay. Each Trap is elementally aligned, letting players capture villains who fall under that element. For instance, when Portal Masters explore the world of Skylands and encounter a water villain, they can insert a water Trap into the Traptanium Portal to capture that villain, as well as bring that villain back into Skylands as a playable character who helps in the fight for good.

With each new trap added to their collection, Portal Masters unlock an exciting world of possibilities! New Cast of Characters — A brand new group of Skylanders, known as Trap Masters, lead the charge armed with their oversized crystal weapons in the fight against the most wanted villains and returning nemesis Kaos.

The game introduces more than 50 new playable Skylanders heroes, including: With each new addition to their Trap Team collection, Portal Masters unlock exciting new gameplay possibilities within each level.

Seasoned fans can play Skylanders Trap Team with their entire collection of forward compatible characters from Skylanders: