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Even as Oscar Wilde is serving two years' hard labor for "gross indecency," Edward Gertrude Stein meets Alice B. Toklas, sparking a legendary romance. During the events of Saints Row IV, The Protagonist becomes President of the In the trailer for Saints Row The Protagonist said his life changed after meeting . ship in the middle of the ocean is where the Ultor executives are having a meeting. .. up as the late Aisha to attract Gat while Pierce sings songs that Aisha had. Saints Row: The Third is a Wide Open Sandbox video game released in late The base game (no DLC included) was given away for free to PlayStation Plus by Jon of Delocated) where you can listen to a few songs from the networks lineup. .. blown up by STAG, dodging soldiers and shooting the bombs into the sea.

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And attacks everything on sight when you attack him. Oh, and his melee attacks usually knock about 90 percent of your health out in one blow. The best strategy is to just keep hitting him in the balls or using melee takedowns and attacking him while he's on the ground; Or you could just hit him with a car, and don't stop rolling over him until he's dead. Some missions give you infinite ammo for that mission only.

Once you hit level 50, you're allowed to buy permanent infinite ammunition though you have to buy it separately for each weapon category, and it costs a ton of cash to get them all. In addition, along the way you can also upgrade your reloading speed to the point where you don't need to reload and can fire for as long as you have ammo which means forever once you have the infinite ammo.

The weapons used by STAG are specifically designed to eliminate the need for reloading. They can still overheat though. Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: The description for the vehicle theft mission involving the Stork helicopter has Rigg say that it's good for carrying smuggled goods, smuggled people or smuggled people with smuggled goods in them. The Caucasian female's voice has this amusing little quote which is heard either on the voice selection screen or occasionally if she's left standing idle for a while: It's almost as if someone else is controlling me.

He also will sometimes note that you're listening to the station's "12 songs that randomly repeat forever rock block".

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This starts as early as the very first mission: How long until the chopper gets here? Also used humorously in an early mission with Pierce when Boss finds the first sex doll box: Pierce, what the hell is this? It's a little hobby of mine. Okay, I'm outta here. Shit, I didn't mean it like that! They're collectable, you're supposed to try and find them all.

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People collect some weird shit Bribing Your Way to Victory: Also, to get complete control of an area, you'll need to buy stores and buildings. Or you can get up to two one-time deals to just completely take over an entire 'hood. In a more real life example, two of the game's DLC packs - the Unlockable and Bloodsucker Packs - gained reputations as permanent game easy buttons that you couldn't turn off.

The Unlockable Pack gives you both options of every one-or-the-other quest reward after you complete a very early mission, while the Bloodsucker Pack gives you every cash, income, and reputation bonus available in the game plus some extra on top of that from the beginning of the game. In the beginning of the mission "Live! With Killbane", the news ticker mentions a boy convincing his parents to get him an adult elephant. At the end of the serious ending, the news ticker mentions a funeral planned for a boy trampled by an elephant.

Early on in the game, Johnny tells Loren to go make himself a [Belgian] waffle. If playing with the Female 2 voice, the Boss has this to say after dropping the giant metal ball on Loren: After completing the "Ho Boat" mission, a news report describes your midair firefight and ends with that, while the contents of the cargo container were unknown, what fell to the ground stank like urine.

Pierce is actually competent this time around and can both sell merchandise and stand his own in a firefight. Pierce, at one point, asks to be promoted to manager of Planet Saints, and is promptly laughed at by the Boss who thinks he's actually joking. Though in the serious ending, when Steelport needs a new mayor Remember when the Boss sang along to Take On Me with any voice set, and other songs on different voice sets?

Well all the new voice sets, as well as Pierceat one point during an early mission sing along to Sublime 's What I Got. In one of the Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax activities, one of the announcers tells that he visited Stilwater once and ended with his car covered in sewage by a septic truck. Both endings to the mission "Three Way" are call-backs to specific boss fights from the previous two games: The only man able to hold a city like Steelport together as its Mayor?

If Burt later becomes a "homie", when called for assistance he shows up in a vehicle based on the car he drove in Smokey and the Bandit.

While massive over-muscled brutes with heavy weapons are a common video game enemy stereotypethe ones present here look suspiciously similar to miniboss enemies from Bulletstorm. Another character decides that the most fitting name for a brute is Brick. Minigun brutes are just one reskin away from being a Heavy. Justified as their prototype is a massive Russianand actually semi-acknowledged by Valve as you could get Killbane's luchador mask and Apoco-Fists for your Heavy as a part of a promotional offer.

Finally, a zombified one shows up in several missions The Syndicate captures Oleg Krilov and keeps him sedated in their labs to mass-produce clones of him and throw them at the Saints. One mid-game mission sees the Saints infiltrating said labs and freeing Oleg to stop the clone production. Respect increases a little every time the player runs someone over with the vehicle they're driving.

There's also a reward for running over a certain number of people. Professor Genki and the Boss with Male Voice 1 both have: The exception is Sad Panda, since she's a sexy Panda. Purchasing the "Saints Backup" upgrade gives a chance that Saints redshirts will show up to help you after you get into a fight, or you can manually request it.

During the course of the game, the Boss also accumulates "homies" that can be called in a maximum of three at a time to help deal with fights or just to go bombing around Steelport with. Choosing a particular option during the game will also allow you to call a small zombie horde to your location. Any friendly NPCs will also automatically join in if the Boss is attacked or begins a fight outside of a Survival wave, etc.

The Cavalry Arrives Late: Redshirt Saints will usually show after you complete a Survival mission, late for the heavy lifting. You can have Josh and Nyte Blayde as homies at the same time. Buried underneath all the silliness and Roaring Rampage of Revengethe Saints' new fame at the start of the game leads to an identity crisis.

Some missions with multiple resolution choices, particularly the penultimate mission, let you weigh in on this. What exactly do the Saints stand for? Summed up nicely with the following exchange: Birk's right—we traded our dicks in for pussies.

The Saints name used to mean more than body spray and some ass-tasting energy drink. Our brand's worth a shitload of money. Is that what it's all about? Monica Hughes and Cyrus Temple's disagreement on how to fight gangs highlights the two paths: The chat between the Boss and Viola about how many guards are assigned to Josh Birk when kidnapping him also shows this.

Changing Clothes Is a Free Action: Shaundi has become serious-minded and has dropped her "stoner college drop-out" act. Please take here the notes above regarding the music into consideration. The trailer also feat. This track doesn't seem to be publicly available. Its main track is a n awesome remix of the song 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. Can't say here for sure though if Louder Productions are responsible for this remix.

This track isn't publicly available currently. The track seems to be perhaps inspired at the end by music from 'Man of Steel' if I'm not mistaken: Rush - Tom Sawyer - Note: The song was sung here by Billy Wilder. Please take here the comments above regarding the music into consideration.

The debut album of Ursine Vulpine, 'Respire', features a new version of this track. This song doesn't seem to be publicly available. Can't say for sure here if maybe additional music was used in this trailer.

The Mondo Boys did the score for this movie, 'Pinball' is on of its tracks. You can listen to it at their Soundcloud page. I guess the trailer also contains other music from the score at least probably the track before the one mentionedmaybe it's all from it. The trailer doesn't seem to use the version of the track here.