Meet them at the door laughing hyena

meet them at the door laughing hyena

The spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta), also known as the laughing hyena, is a hyena species, .. Spotted hyenas reach sexual maturity at the age of three years. at dawn outside people's huts and attack them when they opened their doors. meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes. because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. — Jellaludin Rumi. Growling with tigers, laughing with hyenas: Meet the women Tigers are very territorial, so we don't let them all out at once,” The authorities then gave me his job,” she says, adding, “When one door closes, another opens.”.

Devaki outside Jhansi's cage Also named by Jayalalithaa, Devaki recalls the time when the former Chief Minister visited the zoo. The former Chief Minister smiled and took that as a greeting," she shares. Stop running around girl! Inside the enclosure with its low walls is a year-old female hyena with an eternal lopsided grin plastered to its face. Walking right into the enclosure, Thanganila calls out for Rani to stop.

The hyena has been going back and forth incessantly. The enclosure has three hyenas - Venkat, Vani and Rani, all named by Thanganila herself. Thanganila outside the hyena enclosure Now in her sixties, Thanganila comes in every day on a scooty with her husband who works at the crocodile enclosure. Was she scared at all of these scavengers? In fact I like it when they call. Emerging from the cool, dark chambers where the Himalayan black bears are kept is Radha who has just finished mixing porridge, milk, jaggery and small pieces of fruits in a huge bowl for Janakiraman black bear.

Radha outside Janakiraman's cage Radha was taking care of zebras and the leopards before she came here to take care of the bears. The beast sniffs before licking it off the plate.

Apart from being fearless, the one thing that these women have in common is their love for the animals.

Growling with tigers, laughing with hyenas: Meet the women caretakers of TN zoo | The News Minute

All of them have raised the animals like their own, with motherly care. For the four women, the zoo is another home. They've always come in for work, irrespective of weather, sometimes even during festivals. The third spotted hyena migration took place 0.

meet them at the door laughing hyena

Unlike other African carnivores, with the exception of the leopardthere is no evidence to suggest that spotted hyenas underwent a genetic bottleneck during the Pleistocene. At one point in their evolutionspotted hyenas developed sharp carnassials behind their crushing premolars; this rendered waiting for their prey to die no longer a necessity, as is the case for brown and striped hyenas, and thus became pack hunters as well as scavengers.

They began forming increasingly larger territories, necessitated by the fact that their prey was often migratory, and long chases in a small territory would have caused them to encroach into another clan's land. As there is no evidence of environmental change being responsible, it is likely that the giant short-faced hyena became extinct due to competition with the spotted hyena.

meet them at the door laughing hyena

Note the disproportionately large carnassials and premolars adapted for bone consumption. Anatomy[ edit ] The spotted hyena has a strong and well developed neck and forequarters, but relatively underdeveloped hindquarters. The rump is rounded rather than angular, which prevents attackers coming from behind from getting a firm grip on it. In contrast to the striped hyena, the ears of the spotted hyena are rounded rather than pointed.

Each foot has four digits, which are webbed and armed with short, stout and blunt claws.

Spotted hyena

The paw-pads are broad and very flat, with the whole undersurface of the foot around them being naked. These glands produce a white, creamy secretion which is pasted onto grass stalks by everting the rectum.

The odour of this secretion is very strong, smelling of boiling cheap soap or burning, and can be detected by humans several metres downwind.

meet them at the door laughing hyena

In contrast, a lion's heart makes up only 0. For its size, the spotted hyena has one of the most powerfully built skulls among the Carnivora. The spotted hyena also has its carnassials situated behind its bone-crushing premolars, the position of which allows it to crush bone with its premolars without blunting the carnassials.

Spotted hyenas in Zambia tend to be heavier, with males weighing on average The spots, which are of variable distinction, may be reddish, deep brown or almost blackish. A less distinct spot pattern is present on the legs and belly but not on the throat and chest. A set of five, pale and barely distinct bands replace the spots on the back and sides of the neck.

A broad, medial band is present on the back of the neck, and is lengthened into a forward facing crest. The crest is mostly reddish-brown in colour. The crown and upper part of the face is brownish, save for a white band above both eyes, though the front of the eyes, the area around the rhinarium, the lips and the back portion of the chin are all blackish.

meet them at the door laughing hyena

The limbs are spotted, though the feet vary in colour, from light brown to blackish. Remaining abbreviations, in alphabetical order, are: The genitalia of the female closely resembles that of the male; the clitoris is shaped and positioned like a penis, a pseudo-penisand is capable of erection. The female also possesses no external vagina vaginal openingas the labia are fused to form a pseudo- scrotum.

The pseudo-penis is traversed to its tip by a central urogenital canal, through which the female urinates, copulates and gives birth. After giving birththe pseudo-penis is stretched, and loses many of its original aspects; it becomes a slack-walled and reduced prepuce with an enlarged orifice with split lips. The clan is a fission-fusion societyin which clan-members do not often remain together, but may forage alone or in small groups.

meet them at the door laughing hyena

Although individual spotted hyenas only care for their own young, and males take no part in raising their young, cubs are able to identify relatives as distantly related as great-aunts. Also, males associate more closely with their own daughters rather than unrelated cubs, and the latter favour their fathers by acting less aggressively toward them.

Like cercopithecine primates, spotted hyenas use multiple sensory modalities, recognise individual conspecifics, are conscious that some clan-mates may be more reliable than others, recognise third-party kin and rank relationships among clan-mates, and adaptively use this knowledge during social decision making.

Also, like cercopithecine primates, dominance ranks in hyena societies are not correlated with size or aggression, but with ally networks. However, rank reversals and overthrows in spotted hyena clans are very rare.

Growling with tigers, laughing with hyenas: Meet the women caretakers of TN zoo

Female hyenas are more flexible than males in their social bonding preferences. Home ranges are defended through vocal displays, scent marking and boundary patrols. Clan boundaries are usually respected; hyenas chasing prey have been observed to stop dead in their tracks once their prey crosses into another clan's range.