Meet the robinsons cover art

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meet the robinsons cover art

Meet the Robinsons is a American computer-animated science fiction comedy film Page semi-protected . The soundtrack album was released by Walt Disney Records on March 27, Contributors to the album beyond the Danny. See more ideas about Meet the robinson, Concept art and Conceptual Art. the art of kevin nelson: some "Meet the Robinsons" ruined flyer sketches Meet .. William Joyce, covers for A Day with Wilbur Robinson Wilbur Robinson, Meet The . Meet the Robinsons is a computer-animated film and the 47th film in the Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce, who also worked on the film's art design.

Well, I guess it only makes sense that the folks at Disney Editions would take a more cautious approach this time around. Rather than creating yet another expensive coffee table book that would just wind up on the remainder table, they opted to go small this time around. Both in the number of pages as well as in the subject matter that this hardcover tries to cover.

meet the robinsons cover art

Ah, but that's the real beauty of this Tracey Miller-Zarneke book. You see, in "Meet the Robinsons," so much of the storytelling is done visually.

Meet The Robinsons Soundtrack

Take -- for example -- that warm golden sunlight that illuminates the gymnasium as the science fair is getting underway. Which gives the audience hope that Lewis' latest invention might actually work.

Then follow that with the cold, gray damp light that fills this same space when things suddenly go disastrously wrong. Copyright Disney Editions It's these sorts of visual cues Along -- of course -- with the finished animation as well as the musical underscore that helps the audience to know how it's supposed to feel.

Whether they should be feeling sympathy for our hero, be concerned for his welfare or rooting for him to succeed.

"The Art of Meet the Robinsons" puts preproduction artwork in the spotlight

And "Meet the Robinsons" is loaded with this sort of stylistic shorthand. The squat, square architecture of the orphanage where Lewis lives and the closed-off feeling of the neighborhood that surrounds him re-enforces how trapped this orphan feels, how hopeless his future seems toward the start of this film. He has yet to be adopted and fears that he never will be. Convinced that his birth mother will want him, he attempts to invent a memory-scanning machine in the hopes that he can find her.

He spends all of his time on the project, causing his roommate Mike Yagoobian Goob to stay awake for days. This makes Goob fall asleep during his important little league game. At Lewis' school science fair, Lewis is approached by a mysterious boy named Wilbur Robinson Wesley Singermanwho claims to be a "time cop" from the future. Wilbur says that a man wearing a bowler hat has stolen a time machine that Wilbur wishes to recapture.

meet the robinsons cover art

As Lewis begins demonstrating the use of his machine, it explodes, throwing the science fair into chaos. Lewis runs out, and the Bowler Hat Guy steals his unattended memory scanner.

meet the robinsons cover art

Wilbur tells Lewis to go back to the science fair and fix the machine. To prove suspicious Lewis that he is from the future, Wilbur takes him to a flying time machine to take them to yearthirty years forward. While giving Lewis a tour of the world of the future, Lewis realizes he can use the time machine to go back and see his mother.

Wilbur insists he go back to fix the memory scanner, and while arguing, they crash the time machine. Wilbur asks Lewis to fix it, and Lewis agrees under the condition that Wilbur takes him back to visit his mother afterwards. Wilbur tries to hide Lewis in the garage of his house, but Lewis leaves and meets Wilbur's grandfather, Bud Steve Anderson.

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Bud takes Lewis on a tour of the house, during which Lewis meets the rest of the fun-loving and overly-eccentric Robinson family. Wilbur explains that his father, Cornelius, the only member of the Robinson family that Lewis did not meet, invented several of the futuristic inventions earlier seen, including the time machines coining the motto "Keep moving forward".

meet the robinsons cover art

Despite being provided with blueprints, Lewis is unable to repair the time machine. Meanwhile, Bowler Hat Guy and Doris follow Wilbur and Lewis to the future and attempt to kidnap Lewis so he can show them how his memory scanner works after failing to demonstrate it at InventCo. Meanwhile, the Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis but change their mind when they discover that he's from the past. Lewis runs away in misery after finding out Wilbur lied to him about going back to see his mom, and encounters the Bowler Hat Guy, who lures him into his time machine by promising to bring him to his mother.

In a dark room, Lewis shows the Bowler Hat Guy how to operate his memory scanner but the latter goes back on his word and ties him up. Lewis questions what the Bowler Hat Guy has against him. As Lewis grapples with the revelation, he repeats his previous question. The Bowler Hat Guy flips on a light, revealing that they're in Lewis' old room at the orphanage, or as he claims, their old room.

meet the robinsons cover art

He reveals himself as an aged and deeply embittered Mike Yagoobian Goob. He tells Lewis that he is to be blamed for a miserable life of Goob, having kept him sleep-deprived, causing him to lose his little league game. Goob obsessed over this defeat, scaring away his chances at adoption, and stayed at the orphanage after it closed down, eventually coming to blame Lewis for his misery. Goob initially intended to get revenge by vandalizing Robinson Industries, only to meet DOR Dorisa failed and abandoned invention of Cornelius'.

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They cooperate to steal the time machine, able to steal it because Wilbur forgot to lock the garage door, and plotted to use it to capture and plagiarize Lewis' first famous invention, to ruin Lewis's career as an inventor. Lewis warns that their actions may drastically alter the future but Goob doesn't care.