Meet the press transcript december 27 2015 lectionary

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meet the press transcript december 27 2015 lectionary

Direct questions about TRIM academic records, transcripts and course .. Arranging and/or facilitating a ministry formation group meeting with students on a .. Deadline for application: December 1, You will find many of these resources online at the Brethren Press and Become familiar with the lectionary. SPRING Associate Professor Emerita Jann Cather Weaver Final Paper or 30% understanding media in creative Projects; of the arts as Accessed December 30, .. a film dealing with race/genders/class/sexualities to “illuminate” a lectionary or other biblical/ holy text. / Cloth / Dec / $ Series: Texts and Studies For Bible Paul in the Byzantine Apostolos Lectionary / Cloth / Feb uses evidence from manu- script colophons and other sources to resolve the vocabu- during the meet- which was transmitted into Hebrew by.

It begins inside your own heart and mind, because the battleground of human transformation is really, more than any other thing, the struggle within the human consciousness to believe and accept what is true.

Thus to truly revolutionize our society, we must first revolutionize ourselves. We must be the change we seek if we are to effectively demand transformation from others. Has a broad, basic acquaintance with the present global diversity of Christian theological expression; 2. Is able, at a 1. Is able, out of 2. Apply a critical, 1. Use film and mass 2. Link on Moodle Alquizola, Marilyn C. University Press of Colorado, On Reserve Benshoff, Harry M. The Misframing of Brokeback Mountain. On Moodle Clark, J.

Sources for Theological Reflection, edited by James B. Nelson and Sandra P. On Reserve Coates, Ta-Nehisi. Between the World and Me. The Text Publishing Company, Daughters of the Dust: American Women On Being Muslim. I Speak for Myself Series, White Cloud Press, On Reserve Echchaibi, Nabil. Cambridge Companions to Religion, Cambridge University Press, On Reserve Fausto-Sterling, Anne.

Accessed December 31, On Moodle Feinberg, Leslie. First edition, On Reserve 7 Film Reference. On Moodle Hunt, Mary E. Toward a Feminist Theology of Friendship. Accessed January 8, Link on Moodle Transcript: Link on Moodle Holleman, Warren. Accessed January 24, Link on Moodle Khatami, Elham. Ebrahimji and Zahra T. On Reserve Lorde, Audre. Studies in Black Politics and Black Communities, Oxford University Press, The Erotic as Power. On Moodle Miles, Margaret R. Some Notes on the Ethics of Seeing Film.

On Moodle Morrison, Melanie S. Accessed January 14, On Moodle Pitt, Richard N. On Moodle Reed, Kimberly. Link on Moodle Russell, Letty M. Dictionary of Feminist Theologies. Westminster John Knox Press, How to Be an Ally to a Bisexual Person. Bisexual Resource Center, Unknown. Accessed January 20, Accessed January 21, On Moodle Straight for Equality. Guide to Being a Trans Ally. On Moodle Taylor, Evin.

On the Privileges of Performing Normative Gender. On Reserve Townes, Emilie M. On Reserve Note page numbers. On Reserve Weaver, Jann Cather. Basic Methodological Elements for Viewing a Film. Rules, Rights, and Responsibilities for the Discussion of Films. Du Bois, W E B. The Souls of Black Folks. On Moodle Fielding, Julien R. Interviews with Chris Eyre and Sherman Alexie.

Accessed December 30, Identity and Transition" MP3 podcast. Accessed January 12, Link on Moodle Remnick, David. Accessed January 03, Accessed August 12, Link on Moodle Weaver, Jann Cather.

To See and Be Seen. On Moodle Wang, Hanying. Link on Moodle Xing, Jun. Using Film to Teach about Ethnicity and Race. The Fire Next Time. The Dial Press, Bordwell, David, and Kristin Thompson. Bornstein, Kate, and S. The Souls of Black Folk. I Speak for Myself: I Speak for Myself Series. Hammer, Juliane, and Omid Safi, eds.

The Cambridge Companion to American Islam. Cambridge Companions to Religion. Theology and Film in Dialogue. I Am Your Sister: Collected and Unpublished Writings of Audre Lorde.

Edited by Rudolph P.

All things are possible for God. - PDF

Studies in Black Politics and Black Communities. Oxford University Press, How to Read a Film: Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological Reflection. Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil. Xing, Jun, and Lane Ryo Hirabayashi. Ethnicity, Race, Gender, and Sexuality through Film. Weekly attendance and class participation essential. Only two 2 class absences allowed for extreme extenuating circumstances. Due to the Flu Virus, stay home if you are sick!

All things are possible for God.

Please immediately contact professor at jweaver unitedseminy. Let me know if you are not lost in a snowdrift. Lead the class in an intentional minute opening worship or time of reflection, with a definite opening and closing. You are invited to use this time in creative and meaningful ways.

Due Each Week on Moodle: Students will prepare a one-paragraph three to six sentencescogent, theological reflection on each film to be shared in small groups for each required film double-spaced, point font.

meet the press transcript december 27 2015 lectionary

Included with this paragraph, students are to write one in-depth theological question open-ended, i. These are to be submitted on Moodle before class begins at 5: Attached paragraphs are to be in one of the following formats: Convert paper to Word format or PDF. The professor believes that a paragraph need not be longer than five to six sentences. Professor is incapable of reading more than six sentences in a paragraph. As you may see, professor is helping students to write concisely.

meet the press transcript december 27 2015 lectionary

No dangling prepositions, please. Loving our neighbor means ensuring they have access to adequate healthcare when they are sick, food when they are hungry, and the supports they need at the most vulnerable moments of their lives.

Now Congress needs to hear from individual faith leaders, including ordained clergy, lay leaders, professors, or employees of faith-based nonprofits. Building Sanctuary For All Martin Luther King, Jr. March 08, When she left the well after her encounter with Jesus, the Samaritan woman with a somewhat compromising history had been given living water and new life. She returned to her community to testify to what she had witnessed and who she believed she had met.

Her neighbors, all Samaritans, went to see for themselves. They, too, were convinced that Jesus was the foretold Messiah. We know how Jesus broke down barriers of cultural, social and religious tradition and how he turned over not only the tables in the temple but also homegrown tables which assigned to women specific and subservient roles.

The Samaritan woman was at first shocked that Jesus had even asked her for a drink water since Jews were not supposed to interact with Samaritans. And then she was stunned that he saw right through her and still offered to her the word and grace of God.

Time and time again, Jesus approached women with respect, annoying his male disciples who thought they were all that and more, and disrupted preconceived notions of who women were supposed to be. Our sacred text and theology celebrates healing of body and spirit. Sacred text and theology also compel us to love our siblings as ourselves.

meet the press transcript december 27 2015 lectionary

Therefore, supporting the sensible revision of the Affordable Care Act rather than repeal is both a moral and practical issue. Leaving 20 million people without health insurance coverage is no way to treat those siblings.

With that said, keeping it in place for them also benefits us. Love as Minister for Racial Justice. Love began her ministry with us February 1, She has decades of experience in critical race theory, leadership development, community outreach, workshop facilitation, preaching, teaching, and writing.

The words of Dr. Moving into a new year, one that holds tremendous challenges and opportunities, your faithful advocacy is now more important than ever. We are here to partner with you — to support you, struggle with you, celebrate with you and share your story as we work for justice and peace in and beyond.

Strengthen the Movement in ! December 27, Thank you for your faithful advocacy in The past year was an eventful one. Even as Congress was mired in partisanship and gridlock, thanks to your dedication, a prophetic voice for justice rang out strong throughout the year.

Christmas Comes Anyway December 21, As we near the end of this Advent Season and turn our hearts and minds toward Christmas, I am mindful of the circumstances of Christ's birth and the relevance of that birth today. I am mindful of Jesus being born on the wrong side of the tracks in Bethlehem of Judea, an area we now know as Palestine. I am mindful that the birth of Jesus was not met with the elaborate grandeur of our celebrations today, but rather, Jesus was born as the son of a young woman whose pregnancy was unplanned and whose birth was so ethnically profiled by the governing forces of his day that his parents were forced to seek political asylum.