Meet the moptops hawaii

meet the moptops hawaii

Must get with the program so when we meet again in in Vegas, I'll .. Spiedels, Moptops, The Undertakers .. the start of Hawaii Five-O. Help the aged! Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse star as elderly Beatles with grey mop tops. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: EST, 13 May MOP TOPS I Tried 45 hawaii RARE garage stomper Dee Jay I Want You To Stand By Me. MOP TOPS "I Tried" / "I Want You TO Stand By Me" 45 Single (Dee Jay).

May appear to be unplayed. Cover shows no signs of wear.

meet the moptops hawaii

Vinyl may have slight sleeve marks, mostly only visible under a bright light bulb. For the most part will play with very little to no surface noise just like a Near Mint grade. Cover may have slight storage wear or creasing.

Visible scuffing or surface wear, but not deep enough to affect the play of the record. Records in this condition may have slight audible surface noise, though mostly noticeable in the quieter parts of the record, but will not overpower the music otherwise. Cover may have noticeable ringwear, edgewear, or creasing.

meet the moptops hawaii

May also have small splits or writing which will be noted. Vinyl will display many hairline scuffs or scratches, but will play with a tolerable amount of noise.

MOP TOPS I Tried 45 hawaii RARE garage stomper Dee Jay I Want You To Stand By Me

A great play copy but clearly used. Cover may have splits and heavy wear, writing or stains, and possible tears or creases.

Best Beatles Tribute Band: Meet The Moptops

Vinyl has not been taken good care of, displaying scuffs, scratches, warps, and other defects. Will NOT skip unless otherwise noted, but will play with noise. Cover may have heavy stains, tearing, color fading, and complete splits.

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I was pleased when Jesse Morgan, the lead singer of The Mopptops, contacted me and was gracious enough to provide photos and to share his memories of the time he spent with the group. The band was looking for a singer to complete the group and that was me. There were many good bands in Hawaii back then.

meet the moptops hawaii

Most of the bands back in the day catered to local people's interest in music and cover songs played on the radio stations. Typically the pop music scene in Hawaii lagged behind what was a year ahead on the mainland and around the world.

meet the moptops hawaii

The Mopptops were an alternative to the other groups on the Island, and because of this, it took longer for us to reach our own audience. Our biggest followers consisted mostly of people from the mainland and those serving in the military; the military presence in Hawaii was very large due to the many military bases throughout Hawaii. Once I joined the band, Michael Payton and I collaborated to write most of our songs.

The Mopptops recorded mostly original material and very little cover songs. The Band worked the nightclub circuit, enabling us to make a living at what we love doing.

The record was released on the Dee Jay record label.