Meet the greenest little house

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meet the greenest little house

There are tons of little things we can do in our homes to play a small part in because I have yet to meet a cloth diaper that can keep the leaking at bay at night . Gizmag highlights ten remarkably innovative sustainable houses. We think the following selections meet many of these criteria. The building is prefabricated and can be disassembled into multiple small pieces for easy. We were initially quite hesitant to brand this project as “Canada's Greenest.” The claim was not made to be boastful or to dismiss the work of.

It is a test bed of the reality of market housing vs the anything-goes research project, designed to LEED platinum and Living Building Challenge standards. Levels of insulation are high: Chris says "We've got R in the attic, R in the walls, R in the basement walls and R under the basement floor".

Air tightness is 0. It was different, none of that plastic and drywall compound smell.

meet the greenest little house

That's because it is finished in wood or plaster. Every material was chosen to meet " the highest standards for being chemical free and non-toxic. They wanted to source all materials from within km radius, miles and were able to to this with most major components, but " some categories of products are no longer manufactured in Canada, or even in North America.

The use of Durisol Insulated concrete forms made from wood chips and cement is also lower embodied energy than the typical plastic foam ICF.

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It's also notable that they have avoided plastic foam wherever possible, reducing reliance on petrochemicals and avoiding products containing flame retardants.

By eliminating sewage output, the home dramatically lowers its environmental impacts, and by creating useful compost the toilet actually becomes a generative rather than a destructive feature. While the foam toilet is as close as you can get to a normal toilet experience, it is not perfect no water in the bowl when you are using it and it does require care and maintenance.

meet the greenest little house

The copper is also designed to offer a degree of fire-protection. In addition to its enviable looks and views, the two-story Fall House features energy-efficient windows and its open design naturally encourages stack ventilation, automatically opening windows help reduce the need for air-conditioning. A graywater recycling system is also installed. In order to achieve this performance, the ZEB Pilot House features the proverbial kitchen sink of sustainable technology, including a large photovoltaic array, rainwater collection system, solar thermal panels, and an efficient heat exchanger.

It doesn't hurt that the home is easy on the eyes, too. The ZEB Pilot House's performance is currently being monitored to make sure the claims of energy-efficiency are justified. Pop-Up House Whatever kind of home you live in, the chances are it took longer to build than the Pop-Up Houseby French architecture firm Multipod, which was erected by a team of builders in just four days with no more tools than a screwdriver. The firm likens the construction process to building with Lego.

Thanks to its excellent insulation and near-airtight thermal envelope, no heating is required for the home in its location in Southern France, and it meets the very exacting Passivhaus energy standard. Tighthouse Said to be the first certified Passive House in New York City, Tighthouse represents an impressive energy-efficient renovation of an existing row house that's over a hundred years old.

Architectural design firm Fabrica added a new rear facade, an additional story, a roof terrace, and an art studio to the house. Sustainable technology installed includes two solar thermal panels for hot water needs, and solar PV panels, which reduce grid-based electricity requirements.

meet the greenest little house

As the home is almost air-tight, a highly-efficient heat recovery ventilation system HRV is always running to provide plenty of fresh air. However, this particular home is also flood-proof. It also features solar panels and a wind generator that produce additional power. The Fargo Project, a community group within the city, is currently working on the World Garden Commons, the transformation of a storm water basin into an ecological commons.

Garland is making strides toward bettering the environment, from The Marketplace, where you can find local goods, to the nature trails at Duck Creek and John Paul Jones Park. Loving Garland Green is a community organization dedicated to planting urban gardens and raising sustainable awareness, from composting and harvesting rainwater to donating crops to local food banks.

Sincethe Garland and Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest has worked hard toward protecting the woodland area, keeping out invasive species and maintaining the nature trails. Burlington has a facility that converts wood chips from sustainably harvested trees into electricity that then supplies energy to the city.

Its Historic Roanoke City Market, which has been running sinceis proof that this city has long appreciated locally sourced goods, among other environmental efforts.

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Roanoke takes its green and blue! The entire county has 30 miles of urban trails for biking and walking, and it also boasts the Roanoke River Blueway, a mile water trail.

Chow down with a healthy conscience at Local Roots, an eatery in town that lives by the principles of sustainability, organic, local, and ethical.

This Northern California city has a green mindset, as it hosts events such as the Foss Creek Cleanup and has the finest farm-to-table eateries, like Barndiva.

Inthe city opened the Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve, an impressive acre park with hiking trails through natural ecosystems, such as wetlands and oak woodlands. The vineyard minimizes waste, uses solar panels, and plants cover crops, along with various other eco-conscious practices.

meet the greenest little house

The town knows the way to a greener future is through education, and its local college campus is forging the way. To show its support of the planet, the city is celebrating the 10th Annual Poultney Earth Fair, in which the community gathers to discuss environmental issues through presentations, activities, and discussions. Various city programs such as the Poultney Mettowee Natural Resources Conservation District encourage environmental citizenship through educational programs and outreach.

Middleburg Heights, Ohio The most environmentally friendly cities understand that nature preservation plays a big part of the picture, and Middleburg Heights is in on it. Middleburg Heights knows the drill when it comes to local produce.

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After a tornado destroyed the town of Greensburg inthe community made a commitment to build a brighter, cleaner future. Ten years later, this small town has made a major name for itself on the green scene. Earning the title as the second city in the country to go entirely renewable, it gets all of its electricity—plus some—from the Greensburg Wind Farm.