Meet the baby party invitation wording

meet the baby party invitation wording

Offering baby invitation wording samples for the perfect baby invitations and birth birth announcements, baby thank you cards, baby party favors, baby postage. My MIL still wants it to be like a shower with gifts (small ones) but this would be the mother's second child so I suggested we do a meet the baby. Any ideas? We don't want to do a shower since this is our second girl and we really have no need for gifts, but I still think every child should be.

Even better, how the party goes down is completely up to you. Prefer a buffet to a five-course brunch menu? You want to keep it easy. At the end of the day, a sip and see party is about meeting baby, which is really all the entertainment your guests need.

Just set up a small side table where guests can leave them. Unlike a baby shower, people tend to invite both men and women and even kids to their sip and see. Invite all your friends! Which gives you loads of freedom to decide how long people stay and what snacks you serve, games you play or not and the decor you use.

Need a little inspiration to help get you started? Check out these sip and see ideas, complete with five adorable party themes, sample invitations, menus, party favors and more.

meet the baby party invitation wording

Sip and see theme 1: Welcome to the world A travel theme, complete with globes, planes and international food options. Particularly appropriate for the family who loves to travel! Minted Sip and See Invitations. Look who just soared in!

Round the World invite design by Shari Margolin for Minted.

meet the baby party invitation wording

Sip and See Menu. With the whole wide world as your party theme, serve an international menu: French croissants, English scones, Chinese dumplings, Thai noodles, Spanish paella— the world is your oyster.

And for the toast? Wine from a variety of locales. Sip and See Games. Hang a giant map on a cork board and invite guests to put a sticker on the spots they hope baby will visit one day, along with a Post-It note explaining why.

Sip and See Party Favors. Cake pops decorated as globes, wrapped with a little thank you tag.

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Sip and See Gift Ideas. Books about travel, language learning sets for children, Dr. Seuss-theme nursery art and this adorable airplane mobile are all strong options. Gifting baby with miles, so you can be behind his or her first big adventure! Sip and see theme 2: Something sweet has arrived All things sweet! Have fun with a sweets-themed menu and a pastel theme.

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Calling all cars A new recruit has joined our squad! Double the trouble, double the fun Our life with twins has just begun! God's most beautiful thoughts bloom into children. Good things come in small packages. Our package arrived today! Introducing Hey diddle diddle. Someone new, someone little. Innocent, perfect and sweet as can be, Our angel has arrived. Introducing the Hot new little Chief in town… It is with great joy that we announce the birth of It's a boy, we're happy to say.

He will soon be ready to play! Joyfully announce the arrival of Joyfully announcing the birth of our beautiful twin girls!! Little boys are so much fun We just had another one! Look what the Stork has brought! Announcing our newest family member.

Look who's joined our family! Look who's making a splash! Looking forward to excitement and fun, announcing the birth of our wonderful son! Moon light, moon bright! Shining upon our little angel tonight. Of all life's miracles, the biggest ones come in the smallest packages.

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One pink, one blue. Our Baby has brought a touch of heaven to our Home, and a world of happiness to our hearts! Our bundle of joy has arrived. Our home has grown by two precious feet. Our lives filled with happiness, and our hearts filled with love. Our newest crewmate has arrived! Our princess has arrived, to spread magic and cheer, to keep smiles on our faces, throughout the year.

meet the baby party invitation wording

Pretty in pink and oh so sweet, with tiny hands and tiny feet! She's a heartful, a hugful of joy and delight a sweet little bundle of Love at first sight Cute and cuddly, full of charms and custom made to fit in our arms!

She's finally here, she finally arrived A beautiful baby girl has entered our lives. Our family is thrilled, as you may have guessed. We're very thankful that we've been so blessed! Someone new to hug and kiss.

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Someone special, someone dear our new son is finally here! The nursery was packed, with blankets and toys Now it's complete, we have a Boy! The nursery was packed, with blankets and toys.