Kids like us meet me at the swingset

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kids like us meet me at the swingset

The Kids' Backyard Store offers wooden play sets by Backyard Fun Factory and swing We also like that they're manufactured in the USA. them ourselves, not depend on outside contractors to meet our customers' or our own expectations. Arthur is constantly asking me when "Swingset girl" is coming back to play on it! Hope all is well, we are to you! I am glad you got to meet Carly! The kids at the birthday party like the playset more than the jumper we rented. (We ended up . Hit me with your rationale for either please. I think I like the idea that I can get on the tramp with the kids as well. We've had a swing set for Cooper since last xmas and he loves it but certainly doesn't spend a lot of time on it and yet when we go . Meet the baby born from an embryo frozen for 24 years.

Superior Play Systems has established a reputation over the past 25 years for offering high-quality equipment and incredible customer service. All our wooden swing sets, for example, are made from all natural Pacific Cedar along with sturdy bolt construction — and no chemical treatment.

Even our basketball hoops are made to withstand heavy residential use over time. In fact, Superior Play Systems stands by all the products we sell. We have tested and re-examined each design to ensure it reflects our commitment to safety. If you ever wanted to explore a wider range of play systems in Norristown, our indoor play spaces are great place to do that. Our Norristown playsets are located indoors and offer many benefits, including: Superior Play Systems is a leader when it comes to selling safe, innovative and quality equipment designed to last for years.

Before you make the investment in playground equipment, it makes sense to ensure your children will adore the play space you're creating for them. With our indoor play areas, you can make sure your child loves the equipment you're considering buying. You can even test all the different equipment to see what your child enjoys the most. Have you already exhausted all the play spaces, museums and other fun options locally? Norristown has lots to offer, but you can still run out of ideas. When that happens, the easy-access Superior Play Systems play areas inside our stores lets you try something new.

kids like us meet me at the swingset

Enjoying Inclusive Play Spaces Superior Play Systems indoor play areas are designed for children of different ages and abilities. It's a great way for your children to meet different kids and be included. Warmly, Michelle Hi Jaclyn, Sorry we missed you guys before you left. The swing set looks amazing!

kids like us meet me at the swingset

The kids have not stopped playing on it since you left. They absolutely love it. Thanks for helping add one more nice thing to our Hamptons experience. Best to you and your husband. I would highly recommend Triumph Play Systems to any of our friends looking for a play set. Best, The Driscolls Thank you and your husband again for designing, delivering and installing a great Playset. Regards,Peter, Katrina and Lauren We appreciate it. Leah loves her playset and is already using it.

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The kids at the birthday party like the playset more than the jumper we rented. We ended up postponing the party by one weekend so that we could have her gift assembled in time.

I think she will get a lot of years of use out of her new playset. Thank you for all of your help! Anna Thank you again for coming and setting up our play set. It is obviously a hit with all of us! We are so impressed with your business, the craftsmanship of the product and your service.

What a wonderful family business you've created! Hope you had a good weekend and a successful busy season.

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Wendy Hi Jaclyn, Things are great I wouldn't mind talking to your potential customer. We are still thrilled with our swing set, so I'd be happy to let someone else know about our experience! It's funny that you e-mailed me because you're on my list of people to contact.

We need another green bucket swing. My older daughter still loves it and won't give it up to the baby. Melanie Hi Jaclyn, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Absolutely you can give them my email. We LOVE our playset. It's held up beautifully and the girls are still crazy about it.

Thanks so much, Shandi I have to tell you, the playset has been a hit this first year! Our son and our neighbors' kid used it hard this past summer.

We even went out a few weeks ago and Gavin did some sliding down the slide into a snow pile and enjoyed swinging a little bit! You can certainly pass on my email to your potential customer. I'd be happy to share our experience with them. And if they'd want to see it I'm sure we could work something out I saw the new styles on facebook I hope they are a successful line for you guys! I can't thank you enough for the beautiful playset.

The kids are now on it first thing in the morning before school and then when they get back from school. The day after you installed it, we were on it for 4 hrs straight. It was so nice to talk to you. You are great people and your story is inspiring.

kids like us meet me at the swingset

I have already promoted your playsets to some friends. All the best and if you are in the area please stop by. Definitely take Sally up on the invite sometime. Sincerely, David, Amy, Jack and Molly.

Hi Jaclyn, Got the extenders. The kids are having a blast. I actually think the slope really works to our advantage. The swings are nice and long, fun even for adults! We won't hesitate to send business your way whenever possible. We are so pleased with our playset and have referred several friends to your website. Just found out that you'll be delivering to one of our friends on Sunday, as a special birthday gift for Annika! Hope you summer is going well. Knowing word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising I wanted to share a great customer service experience I had with Triumph Play Systems.

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I am not connected with it in any way. I looked and compared prices online which I found not be straight forward and very gimmicky. Triumph is by a young "mom and pop" couple who live in PA. They travel together on the weekends and do the installation themselves. This company is also great if you need a somewhat custom swing set or fort or have a small space to work with like I did.

The sets are very similar to "CedarWorks. Erin Hi Jaclyn, Hope you made it back from that long haul safely. Thank you for the play set, it's awesome, great design and even better construction.

kids like us meet me at the swingset

You guys have made a really great product. Mason and Parker spent the rest of the weekend on it, and thanks for teaching Mason to "kick and bend", she's already a pro on the swing set at everything Tom We purchased a swingset from you a few years ago for the use of our foster children. We have enjoyed so many great times with our foster children on it.

Meet Me At The Swingset

The design that you helped us with turned out to be the perfect fit for our girls, including the one who is autistic. We learned yesterday that we will no longer be foster parents because we will be adopting these foster children soon.

Now that we have a permanently larger family we need a larger home. As we prepare to move we know that we will be taking our play set with us. Thank you again for a well made and fun product. Dawn Thank you for coming to my house and building my swing set. I really, really love it! Every day I wake up and the first thing I say is "I want to play on my swing set! Love, Serafina Didn't take Lena long to climb to the top We had a delivery recently from a store near us that makes unique picnic benches and this store also sells their own line of swing sets, etc.

When they delivered and setup the picninc table, the sales guy was quite amazed at your cedar product! Saying they have nothing like that! Thanks, Brian Hi Jaclyn - Thanks for the email.

Meet Me At The Swingset Lyrics

I was actually planning to email you, but you beat me to it! The reveal was a little soggy. We wanted to take him right outside, but by the time they got home, it was raining. So we ate dinner, and the rain stopped for about an hour. We grabbed a towel and ran out and played a bit, even though it was miserable. He absolutely loves it. He can't do the rock wall, rope ladder, or trapeze just yet, but he likes his swing, the ladder, and swing not to mention the wheel and telescope.

The nice thing is, he has features to grow into, which should keep him interested. Both our parents were impressed. Sarah's were into the "beauty" and my parents were into the "construction". I've attached a few pictures. Number 1 is priceless. It is the original sprint out to the swingset He is quite happy in all of them! I will put some pictures on your facebook page.

I may try to snap a couple more this week when the sun is out. The first pics are nice, but the weather puts a damper on things. I do have a question. Not sure about this, but I've thought about it since the first time he climbed into the clubhouse.

Would it be possible to take the rock wall off and get a wall panel. I think it will take him awhile to work up to the rock wall, but he goes over by it and I don't want to see him fall. I was trying to figure out how to deal with it, and thought it could be a possibility. Hope you enjoy the pics! Jon Thanks so much for the great job you did on the custom sandbox cover you made for me! I used the cover over a frame I built for the sandbox and it turned out nice.

kids like us meet me at the swingset

The play area now looks much better as you can see in the pictures. This will work much better than the tarp I had before. It was nice to get it before the weekend so I could finish the project. Thanks for the great service!! Regards, Jeremy Hi Jaclyn - we recently had a celebration of our new playhouse and sculptures with families.

Hope your ears were ringing because the playhouse received accolades at the event. Hence the email message to inquire. Hope you are all well We finally finished putting the swing set together on Easter Sunday, and it looks great! It was a HUGE hit with everyone, not just the kids even my dad tried it outand it's all my girls talk about as soon as they wake up in the morning.

Thanks again, Mary We love the swingset! We are thrilled with the quality and it was pretty easy to put together. Nathan 2yrs old wanted to play outside first thing this morning in his pajamas! He went down the slide and there was frost on the tush of his pj's, what a good laugh: Ellen Jaclyn, I've been meaning to write all week to tell you how much we love the playset. And our kids and all the neighbors' children love it--at the birthday parties, we had eight kids playing on and around it at a time, no problem.

I'm already thinking we should add a slide! Lots of wide eyes and smiles. You guys make a really nice product. Thanks, Rob and Ellen Thank you so much for everything!!!

The play set looks so nice! You guys did a wonderful job! I'm so glad we went with that one instead of the smaller one and eventually adding on because she loves it. Here I didn't think she would be ready for the turbo slide yet and that is her favorite part! I just finished putting together the Bailey Climber and the kids love it!