Withnail and i meet uncle monty means you

Uncle Monty: I mean to have you, even if it must be burglary!

withnail and i meet uncle monty means you

Uncle Monty: It's trying to get itself in with you, it's trying for even more advantage! It's obsessed with its gut, . Withnail: [screwing his eyes shut in terror, moaning] We mean no harm! Uncle Monty: Oh, my .. I've never met him. Withnail: Well. Made in , Withnail & I is a semi-autobiographical classic black comedy set in the end weeks of to everyone they meet in the country because they're afraid of getting shafted. Uncle Monty: I mean to have you even if it must be burglary!. Robinson said that at a meeting with his agent and lawyer in Los Angeles last week, visits his lascivious Uncle Monty's country cottage with hilarious results. Marwood, saying: "I mean to have you even if it must be burglary". More recently, he has played mean Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter films, and.

The boozy Withnail spends most of his screen time quaffing, chugging and glugging his way through suicidal quantities of booze.

withnail and i meet uncle monty means you

Keen for his leading man to have a "chemical memory" upon which to draw, Robinson encouraged him to down a bottle of champagne and several vodkas. This did the trick rather too effectively as Grant promptly spewed up the contents of his stomach - a tableaux the actor likened to "a Persian rug" and which Robinson felt obliged to scrub away. The director would have his revenge, however. For the scene in which Withnail drinks lighter-fluid, Robinson switched the contents of the can from water to vinegar.

The horror flashing across Grant's face was genuine. Swearing is hard to get right in comedy, but Grant makes Robinson's potty-mouthed script sing. As Marwood and Withnail mooch about their flat, Robinson incuts several shots of wrecking balls in action.

Beneath the slapstick, the director was making a serious point about the curdling of Sixties idealism into cynicism and avarice. Adding to the poignancy many of the landmarks in the film — most prominently Mother Black Cap, aka the Tavistock Arms in Westbourne Green — have since been demolished to make way for upscale redevelopments.

As with Grant's character, MacKerrell had pretensions of conquering the world even as he sank into a tragic rut. He was, observed Robinson, a "Jack of all but a master of none". Withnail blows his brains out in Robinson's original unpublished novel. The ending is less bleak in the film, with Grant instead swigging wine and quoting Shakespeare as Marwood leaves for an acting job in Manchester.

The real "Withnail" would meanwhile plunge ever deeper into addiction diagnosed with throat cancer, he was briefly reduced to injecting alcohol into his stomach. After one bender too many, in he contracted pneumonia, passing away in impoverished obscurity even as the film he had inspired became a classic.

It's worth watching just for the boozing. His lack of real life experience notwithstanding, Grant's Withnail is one of the great cinematic drunks. Over the course of the film's minutes the character consumes nine and a half glasses of red wine, half a pint of cider, one shot of lighter fluid, two and a half shots of gin, six glasses of sherry, 13 measures of Scotch whisky and half a pint of ale. Grant makes each slurp and sip a masterpiece of physical comedy. It is a sobering snapshot of the late Sixties According to Paul McGann, fans of Withnail often assume the film was genuinely shot in None of the production values, none of the iconography, none of the style remotely has it down as an Eighties picture.

Withnail and I gets better with multiple viewings Withnail and I's moving final scene in Regent's Park Some comedies are made to be enjoyed and forgotten. Withnail and I contains multitudes. A pub going by the graffiti outside, he's probably Irish. Marwood, certainly when compared to Withnail, Monty and Danny. He's not immune to indulging his vices and isn't exactly much better equipped to survive in the country than Withnail is, but overall he's far more reasonable, calm and blessed with more common sense.

Much of the film takes place in the Lake Districta mountainous region near the Scottish border on the west cost of Britain. The locals appear to be slightly dismissive of "London types" from down south. Listen, we're bona fide!

withnail and i meet uncle monty means you

We're not from London. Could we have some fuel and wood? Marwood's very skilled at the art of diplomatic putdowns.

withnail and i meet uncle monty means you

Marwood is racist "There's a giant spade in the bath" and homophobic - a real product of the 's. Withnail is even worse-off than Marwood, who at least has enough money on him to loan it to Withnail when needed.

This is despite his very posh background, which gives a suggestion of him having been disowned due to his attempt at an acting career.

withnail and i meet uncle monty means you

The Camden flat is dingy and squalid - the kitchen area, in particular, is an absolute atrocity. Withnail embodies the trope with absolute relish: The two leads look like they've have been battered and malnourished for far too long, but still Marwood has the same looks he later had for the Eighth Doctor and Withnail is pouty-mouthed, has big blue eyes and his hair goes fluffy when they hit the countryside.


The battered factor even adds to the appeal. Marwood wears a medallion of the Virgin around his neck. The plot of the film is effectively that two out-of-work actors go on holiday and things happen to them, eventually resulting in their parting Red Oni, Blue Oni: Withnail is the energetic, impulsive red to Marwood's cool and reflective blue. The film's low-key style makes it look much more like something made in thanto the extent that some viewers Revised Ending: The ending would originally have had Withnail putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

It was changed to be not so completely depressing.

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As any Troper who has flatted can attest, this is very much Truth in Television. The movie is extremely dedicated to showing Paul McGann in various states of undress every few minutes. Small Name, Big Ego: Withnail believes himself to be a great actor despite having done virtually no work in the field. His final scene, however, in which he delivers a word-perfect Hamlet soliloquy with spot-on characterisation and emotion, may prove him right.

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Smart People Know Latin: Withnail and Monty engage in some prep-school Latin badinage at the less highly educated Marwood's expense. So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Poor Marwood garners unwanted attentions from Uncle Monty thanks to his extraordinary good looks. Withnail is sloshed throughout and trying to maintain his very much imperilled dignity. In common with a good many Londoners, Danny has rhotacism, an inability to pronounce the letter 'r'.

In his case it's extreme and sometimes extends to the letter 'l'. The joint I am about to woll wequires a cwaftsman, and can utilise up to twewve skins. It is cawwed a Camberweww Cawwot. It's impossible to use twelve papers on one joint.

Withnail and I

It's impossibwe to make a Camberweww Cawwot with anything less. The protagonists are out-of-work actors with barely a penny to their name. More of a drinker flick than anything. As noted elsewhere, the only thing more notorious than the rules of the popular drinking game match Withnail and Marwood drink for drink over the course of the film is the fact that attempting to play the drinking game will land you in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

However, due to the film's popularity with students, many people try: Marwood plays a pitch-perfect straight man to Withnail, grounding his manic performance in a solid emotional reality; the film wouldn't work nearly as well as it does without him. Stupid Statement Dance Mix: