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Aug 30, Flora, Helia - Chapters: 11 - Words: 8, - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 46 - Follows: Disclaimer: I own no winx club charactors or places on the show I own She got dressed and quietly gone down stairs to meet him, she threw. Dec 30, "Flora?" Helia asked. Flora closed the door and turned around and Tell your brother he owes me fifty dollars from our last poker game. 'Kay?. Winx Club - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 29 - Words: Follows: 50 - Updated: Jan 11, - Published: Jul 26, - Flora, Helia - Complete On the first day of school he meets Flora, a brunette beauty that took his.

Alfea and Red Fountain included. Some students went home to celebrate the winter with their families, others opted to remain on campus to study. On the outskirts of Red Fountains campus, lied the headmasters cottage, a two story pure white house that had housed ever headmaster of Red Fountain since the beginning. And right now, two people, a husband and a wife, lay content in each others arms in the master bedroom.

The man was the headmaster of the school, who took over the place following his uncled unexpected retirement. His name was Helia.

His wife was a ex-member of the infamous Winx Club. Her name was Flora. Helia lay with his head rested on the mountain of pillows at the top of the bed, one hand resting behind his neck, the other around the brunette text to hims waist. The girl connected her gaze to his, and as emerald green met midnight blue, you could practically feel the love.

The fire cracked in the background, but neither paid much attention as Flora pushed herself up to kiss her dark haired husuband hungrily. He responded eagerly, flipping her over so her head now rest were his once was, never breaking contact with his wifes mouth. Can she make her life beautiful again or will she let pain and suffering take love's place?

When his childhood crush comes back to town he wants to change for her. Can he really change his heart to get the girl of his dreams? Four years later he returns to see Flora, his ex girlfriend with his daughter. During his stay, Helia wonder if he and Flora can move on from the past and start a future together with their daughter or is he be too late? When she gets an unexpected diagnosis, she must find a way to fight through the hardships her health problems in order to find the courage to tell Helia how she feels, and find out if he feels the same way.

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Now with his memories gone, all Flora can try and do is help him regain them and for him to remember her… and make sure he doesn't fall for Princess Krystal in the process. Flora's mother and Helia's father are very good friends. If they have to move to Helia's house and Flora is forced into a marriage with Helia? Will this marriage work? And will these both have a Happy Ending?

Flora was about to close the door until a foot blocked it. It had to be. Flora looked up and blushed. She was in her pjs. She wanted to run and never stop running. Admiring the male, he wore black jeans and a white shirt with dark blue shoes.

Helia smiled and walked in. Flora was about to close the door again until But she couldn't hold back now. Helia was right in front of her. Her mind was in circles. She couldn't tell him, but she could act it out.

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Flora took one step towards him. Flora took a deep breathe, she touched Helia left cheek.

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It was smooth and warm. Flora urged fowards and kissed him lightly on the lips. Helia took a step back and his eyes widen and mumbled through the kiss. Feeling him not return it, Flora stepped back and blushed furiously, staring at her feet. Helia was looking straight forward, still in shock. I should-" Flora was slammed towards the door. Helia had kissed her. His hands were on her shoulders. Flora had wanted this for who knows how long. She whimpered and wrapped her tan arms around his pale neck.

Without breaking the kiss, Helia carried Flora bridal style to her bed. Helia gently place her on the bed, breaking the kiss. Flora felt like Helia was the only one. The one she would marry, the one she would have children with, and the one who will her love through thick and thin.

Flora felt a bubble surround Helia and her. To protect them from lust and greed. But inside was love and passion. Also inside was a flame, a flame that will unite two people of the opposite gender united as one.