Tedx science and spirituality meet

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tedx science and spirituality meet

She explains the clear, scientific link between spirituality and health and shows that children who have a positive, active Depression and spiritual awakening -- two sides of one door | Lisa Miller | TEDxTeachersCollege . Meet Lisa Miller. The Science Of Spirituality: A Psychologist And A Neuroscientist . Brewer has talked about this phenomenon (see his TEDx talk here) and his. This is a partial list of people who have spoken or otherwise presented at official TED Marc Abrahams, A science award that makes you laugh, then think ( TEDMED ). J.J. Abrams, The mystery .. Meet the dazzling flying machines of the future (TED) Let's teach religion — all religion — in schools ( TED).

No, this is incredibly conservative, and there is no reason to think that more gigaflops will inoculate us. Because, if a problem is in fact endemic to a system, then the exponential effects of Moore's law also serve to amplify what's broken.

10 TED spiritual talks that will change your life

It is more computation along the wrong curve, and I doubt this is necessarily a triumph of reason. Part of my work explores deep technocultural shifts, from post-humanism to the post-anthropocene, but TED's version has too much faith in technology, and not nearly enough commitment to technology.

It is placebo technoradicalism, toying with risk so as to reaffirm the comfortable. So our machines get smarter and we get stupider. But it doesn't have to be like that. Both can be much more intelligent. Another futurism is possible.

tedx science and spirituality meet

E and economics A better 'E' in TED would stand for economics, and the need for, yes imagining and designing, different systems of valuation, exchange, accounting of transaction externalities, financing of coordinated planning, etc.

Because states plus markets, states versus markets, these are insufficient models, and our conversation is stuck in Cold War gear. Worse is when economics is debated like metaphysics, as if the reality of a system is merely a bad example of the ideal.

Communism in theory is an egalitarian utopia. Actually existing communism meant ecological devastation, government spying, crappy cars and gulags. Capitalism in theory is rocket ships, nanomedicine, and Bono saving Africa. Actually existing capitalism means Walmart jobs, McMansions, people living in the sewers under Las Vegas, Ryan Seacrest … plus — ecological devastation, government spying, crappy public transportation and for-profit prisons.

tedx science and spirituality meet

Our options for change range from basically what we have plus a little more Hayek, to what we have plus a little more Keynes. The paradox is that the system we have now —whatever you want to call it — is in the short term what makes the amazing new technologies possible, but in the long run it is also what suppresses their full flowering.

Another economic architecture is prerequisite. D and design Instead of our designers prototyping the same "change agent for good" projects over and over again, and then wondering why they don't get implemented at scale, perhaps we should resolve that design is not some magic answer. Design matters a lot, but for very different reasons. It's easy to get enthusiastic about design because, like talking about the future, it is more polite than referring to white elephants in the room.

That's also what we do. The potential for these technologies are both wonderful and horrifying at the same time, and to make them serve good futures, design as "innovation" just isn't a strong enough idea by itself.

We need to talk more about design as "immunisation," actively preventing certain potential "innovations" that we do not want from happening.

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And so… As for one simple take away I don't have one simple take away, one magic idea. That's kind of the point. I will say that if and when the key problems facing our species were to be solved, then perhaps many of us in this room would be out of work and perhaps in jail. But it's not as though there is a shortage of topics for serious discussion. We need a deeper conversation about the difference between digital cosmopolitanism and cloud feudalism and toward that, a queer history of computer science and Alan Turing's birthday as holiday!

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I would like new maps of the world, ones not based on settler colonialism, legacy genomes and bronze age myths, but instead on something more … scalable. TED today is not that. Problems are not "puzzles" to be solved.

That metaphor assumes that all the necessary pieces are already on the table, they just need to be rearranged and reprogrammed. One TED speaker said recently, "If you remove this boundary If we really want transformation, we have to slog through the hard stuff history, economics, philosophy, art, ambiguities, contradictions.

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Bracketing it off to the side to focus just on technology, or just on innovation, actually prevents transformation. Instead of dumbing-down the future, we need to raise the level of general understanding to the level of complexity of the systems in which we are embedded and which are embedded in us.

Can trauma be a gift?

tedx science and spirituality meet

The desert is a physical and idealized place, well-established in the collective imagination and yet open to multiple interpretations. First and foremost it is an image that recalls far and boundless landscapes, arid and uninhabited areas whose exotic and wild nature has the power to exert a deep fascination.

tedx science and spirituality meet

But the desert is also an idea that What to read and watch Gratefulness isn't always something that comes easily. Below, some reading and watching to get you into a thankful headspace.

Posted November 27, What are mirror neurons? Maria was unable to control the left side of his body and, to help their son, they opted to participate in a pilot program for mirror neuron rehabilitation. As they explain in the talk, mirror neuron therapy invo Posted July 24, The rebirth of StoryCorps: I knew that doing an interview would be an incredible experience for people, but it was a hard sell.

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I thought that we'd have to create pressure po Culture is a way of life — including, but not limited to language, thought, spirituality, interaction and behavior patterns, sciences and the arts. Culture transcends nationality, but is intricately linked to it as well. In a globalized and connected world, being able to effectively reach out, understand, and communicate across cultures is essen

tedx science and spirituality meet