Tantra and the art of intimate relationship

Tantra: The Art Of Sacred Intimacy

tantra and the art of intimate relationship

Because the relationship to our body is an absolute key for a fulfilled sexuality, Conscious Intimacy Retreat will lead you from body-denial, -shame, -rejection. As the ancient arts of Tantra are being reintroduced, sacred love begins healing the traditions of all great religions, with its focus on connection and intimacy. Tantric Dating: The Art of Building Passion and Intimacy by Taking Sex Slow extreme athleticism, the relationship house and business – and.

Opening to Sacred Relationship

She openly shared with the Mindvalley family at Afest about how her past led to decades of anxiety and depression. She shared her dreams of spreading this message to the world and we have come together once again to support her.

She is a powerhouse teacher, a wise woman, a mystic know-it-all, a damn fine lady, a radical spiritualist, a shaman, a guru, a true friend and the kind of person that makes you a braver, fuller version of yourself.

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Because as Psalm stands in her power, she demands you stand in your own. She is definitely a pioneer with getting people to start having real dialogue about the taboos of intimacy and relationships.

Through working with Psalm, I learned how to work with my breathe in a powerful way that led to loving myself more, embodying my confidence more, and expanding my service to the world.

tantra and the art of intimate relationship

Breakthroughs and true transformation is what you can expect. In trusting Psalm with the delicacy of our relationship, my partner and I found strength in intimacy; a breakthrough of unimaginable pleasure!

And what resulted was so profound for me because all of a sudden, I had this incredible amount of energy. I also became more attractive to my partner. And wanting to explore with him and also knowing that I could just on my own with my own body access this incredible wealth of energy and passion in myself.

Sacred Sexuality For Healing - Psalm Isadora

The time that it takes to do this practice is so worth it. She does some deep, beautiful, soulful work. The topics covered and the vulnerability and openness just blow me away.

Opening to Sacred Relationship – LoveJourney Tantra

It was deep, inspiring and really helpful to move me in the direction of my greatest self. Or operating on automatic pilot creating relationships just like the ones we grew up around, for better or worse?

tantra and the art of intimate relationship

Meaningful intimate relationships are seen as one of the most important aspects of life yet are also seen, in a world of amazing achievements, as one of the most difficult to achieve. How can we make relationships more rewarding and more sustainable?

Tantric Dating: The Art of Building Passion and Intimacy by Taking Sex Slow

If we can learn to love the realness more than the mask, this is where the perfection of our partner never needs to end. The even deeper layer of relationship begins when we choose to see ourselves and our partners as seeking relationship in order to become whole.

tantra and the art of intimate relationship

This means we make a conscious choice to not function purely from our ego self — that part of us which blames our partners for what is wrong, and wants everything exactly the way that it wants it; but also from the heart and soul which is willing to look within and see where we are helping to create our reality. This may sound like hard work, which it is, but it is ultimately very freeing.

Soul not ego perspective Tantric — or conscious relationship — whether it is with your beloved, your family, friends etc, takes the view that no matter how important the external relationship appears the primary relationship we have is always with ourselves. Choosing to see relationship from the perspective that what is happening around us is, at least at some level, a reflection of what is happening within us.

tantra and the art of intimate relationship

Have you ever seen this in your relationships? Often once the issue is resolved in ourselves the relationship takes on a new bloom.

tantra and the art of intimate relationship

This is why they hurt so much.