Supernatural sam and dean meet ghostfacers

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supernatural sam and dean meet ghostfacers

1 - 20 of Bookmarks in Ghostfacers (Supernatural) . Sam's got his issues. So does Dean. They make .. Summary. Dean meets Eggsy on a vamp hunt. Ed and Harry later rename themselves the "Ghostfacers", recruiting Ed's adoptive They meet up again with Sam and Dean by accident when they enter Morton. The Ghostfacers was the name adopted by Harry Spengler and Ed Zeddmore for their strategy meeting with the team a la Ghost Hunters in Ed's parent's garage. Sam and Dean work a case at the same place where the.

It was obvious we'd inspired her to face ghosts all on her own. Our first meeting was filled with her fiery passion for and unswerving dedication to Ghostfacing. Sam squinted at the screen. There was the click of a gun being cocked and a familiar voice sounded only seconds before that voice had form. Sam paused the video and unplugged his earbuds. You're going to want to see this.

Is it a good one? Dude, didn't you get enough of them last time? This is gonna be good. Her hair was tucked behind her ears and even with the bad video, Sam could see she had some confidence in her stance and attitude. Her eyes had that no-nonsense stare Ellen liked to use to intimidate. Sam smiled a little. Like mother, like daughter. Put the two side by side and there was no denying that Jo was Ellen's daughter. Jo touched her tongue to her upper lip, brows drawn together in a disbelieving frown.

Sam half expected her to say, 'you've got to be kidding me', but her reply was to the point. What does it look like I'm doing? The brief glimpse of Ed revealed he had a knowing smirk on his lips.

Ed Zeddmore

What are you doing here," she repeated. Just to emphasize them. Or maybe doing that other stupid arm movement. Her lips pursed to one side. Sam could see her thinking fast, probably trying to decide if they were something she should watch out for -- which they were. They'd get her killed if she didn't watch them.

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She had all that --" "And maybe some anger issues," Harry added. She was trying to listen for any sounds elsewhere on the property. He knew just how frustrating those two could be.

Something was edited out because Sam noticed Jo had put the gun away and now held a flashlight. He wondered just what had been edited. They deserve it, stupid bastards. So, Jo," Ed caught up with her, Harry still invisible and filming behind them. I've been at this awhile.

Sam could see she had a messenger bag slung across her body, the flap open. Being a woman and all. She'd gone a few rounds on that issue before, Sam knew.

supernatural sam and dean meet ghostfacers

Ghostfacers welcome all sexes --" "There's more than two? How did I not know that," she quipped. The camera lowered to a nice view of their feet, Harry chiming in. All color, race, creed is welcome. For several seconds, Jo was out of focus. Do you work alone? My first real job I had friends with me and it was a good thing. That job was a tough one and at the time, I didn't have the skills I really needed.

I learned a lot from them. Like a Ghostfacers Barbie doll, only live and breathing. She's so little and petite. Yeah, she'd take that well. This isn't a big haunting. I did a whole hour of research this time. Because one hour usually gets you everything you need to know. Sometimes Sam spent days researching on a job and still didn't know everything they needed to know.

An hour of research. After all we went through. You'd think they would've improved by now. Why would you think that? You ate the last of it yesterday. You see how she was looking at me? I think she digs me, right? I can still hear you. You can use this.

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Jo took the device, looked at it. Her glance flicked up to him and back to the device. It's an EMF meter. You see, you use it to scan --" Jo's look of disdain would have wounded a more observant man. There's live wires outside. It won't pick up shit with live wires around. We've got to do this the old-fashioned way. We might have a tv show and everything. Ed kept his flashlight trained on her rear.

supernatural sam and dean meet ghostfacers

We had some awesome footage and those dicks brought a magnet into our work area, erasing everything. The gun went off.

Sam hadn't even noticed Jo taking it back out.

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Harry soon gets second thoughts about going back, but Ed insisted that doing so will get them a network deal and sex with girls. They are then approached by the Winchesters, who trick them into posting that Mordechai can be killed by iron rounds, which the duo quickly post on their website, but their server crash before the new legend could be put in effect.

After everyone gets out of the house alive, Dean burns it down so Mordechai would go down with it. Afterwards, Ed and Harry got a call from a Hollywood producer and headed out to Hollywood to meet with him, not realizing that it was actually Sam who called them, pretending to be the producer. He and Harry later create Ghostfacers, which they try to get picked as a TV series.

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They meet up again with Sam and Dean by accident when they enter Morton House on leap day with camera equipment to catch paranormal activity on film. Dean admonishes Ed for investigating, as Sam showed him missing persons reports going back half a century, all who "stayed the night" and were never seen again. Harry and Maggie then come running down and show footage of a ghost from the 50's being shot, which the Winchesters identify as a Death Echoa ghost stuck in a loop.

The Winchesters try ushering the Ghostfacers out the door before Ed notices that Corbett is absent. They soon learn that Corbett was abducted by the restless spirit in the house, who then proceeds to lock the survivors inside. They then spot another echo of a man who was run down by a train, whom Dean tries to shock him out of his loop but fails.


Further investigating the house, Dean determines that the last man to own the house, Freeman Daggettwas a morgue janitor and loner, who stole corpses to "play" with, to Ed and Harry's disgust. The spirit of Daggett soon kidnaps Sam and separates Dean and Spruce from the others. Dean instructs Ed to get the salt from his duffel bag and create a circle around themselves. They later spot the ghost of Corbett, reliving his death.