Stoick and valka meet

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stoick and valka meet

Read Meeting the mother. from the story Hiccstrid Oneshots by Inside mead hall, Valka was sitting at the table that Stoick would have sat at, the closest to. Rated: Fiction M - English - Family/Romance - [Valka, Stoick] Hiccup, . up again, her heart aching as she met her husband's questioning gaze. Okay, this is the final one and this is when Hiccup meets Valka, enjoy The finish line was in the academy, where Stoick was sitting at the front.

Up in the cloudy skies flew Hiccup and Toothless, as they were soaring through the skies like the rulers of the skies. This race was between Hiccup,and Toothless against Snotlout and Hookfang, everyone else was on the plaza watching in astonishment. Alright bud, let's show him how much speed we improved.

Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs, were on the plaza with their dragons cheering both riders on. Snotlout, thankfully, had no feelings for Astrid anymore since she and Hiccup started dating. The crowd shouted in excitement and some made pain faces when Snotlout crushed the house.

Hiccup flew passed them, but with a little sportsmanship, he had Toothless help them out of the house. The finish line was in the academy, where Stoick was sitting at the front watching the both boys and their dragons fly closer and closer to the finish line. The Vikings were shouting, cheering, and screaming as they saw their favorite dragon and rider approach in incredible speed. Gustav, already fifteen years old, was cheering both rider on, since he admired both of them and couldn't chose a favorite.

Hiccup and Toothless won, now for 2,th time. Astrid apparently was too competitive since she shouted from the front of the crowd. At the Haddock house, Hiccup was removing his helmet, placing it on the side before looking at the small dragon toy that was on his bed ever since he found it in Breakneck Bog. Flashback My good and tender son Don't be frightened and don't be scared My son, I have nothing I can give But this chance that you may live Wait He then saw a blur of someone holding on to him, wrapping him in a blanket as he heard shouts.

Hiccup then heard the cries of other babies, and then saw himself as a baby, stretching his hands towards the cries as this person kept running while holding him closely, hiding in the shadows until the reached the beach. Isn't that mom's name? Give me the basket, and get ready Phlegma. The ddream went black before he heard a storm then his fathers voice, indicating that he was on Berk. Then he commanded that every baby boy in the village was to be taken and killed, that included Hiccup Was all that a lie?

He then saw his father open the basket lid, revealing himself crying as his father read the two letters. He couldn't see what was written, but whatever it was, it held the truth. As they descended, there was an outraged squawk from one of Toothless's saddle bags, and another Terror climbed out from where he had apparently been napping. He snapped at the Terror that was about to claim Hiccup's shoulders and then settled himself on the prime perching spot instead.

The Terror licked his fingers and went back to lounging.

stoick and valka meet

Valka watched the hierarchical way some of the other Terrors arranged themselves on Hiccup, one of them perching on his head and three of them squirming for a good position in his arms and one investigating his pockets as it balanced on his belt. In contrast, the ones who had decided to roost on her or Stoick instead seemed to simply be going on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The ones who attempted to use Toothless were immediately shaken off. She would have expected Stoick, with his much larger frame, to be more appealing. The brief purr they had used to indicate Hiccup was similar to, but slightly different than, the one Toothless used.

It was, in fact, the same one Stormfly had used, the term of address that had so perplexed Valka at first. Her son was not simply a friend of dragons. Somehow, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III had become a dragon queen, the ruler of a flock, perhaps even the very same flock that had tormented Berk for centuries. We don't don't don't hurt each other anymore, we are a very good and strong dragon-and-human flock with this VERY good queen who loves us.

He must have ended it by somehow stealing this entire flock away from whatever tyrant queen had been forcing them to provoke the humans. He was lovely and brilliant, she loved him even more now than she had ever thought possible, and Stoick was right, she was so proud of their son that she didn't know how her heart could contain such intensity of feeling. Like her, he was apparently more comfortable letting his fascination with dragons distract him than trying to dwell on things he didn't want to think about.

For the past sixteen years. Valka fought down an irrational anxiety that her other half would be in danger if he came to her, and she called him, raking her staff. When Cloudjumper came to a majestic landing in the cove, Valka was captivated for a moment by her beautiful other half. It wasn't often that she was far enough away from him and at leisure to simply admire him. Stoick, on the other hand, stiffened in dismay for the first time since he had laid eyes on his long-lost wife the night before.

The Stormcutter was a creature that haunted his nightmares, the one dragon he had still not forgiven. It had ruined his life, yet how could he raise a hand against it when his wife looked so enraptured to see it? Hiccup and Toothless were both drawn to the four-winged dragon like night insects to fire. Toothless bounced around, puppy-like in his eagerness to investigate this strange and cool foreigner, but not quite daring to be too intrusive.

It never occurred to Hiccup to ask his mother's permission before touching her dragon, but he did at least ask permission of the Stormcutter himself, reaching up with an awed expression. To Valka, her son looked like a small child in that moment, full of innocence and wonder, and she felt breathless with love for him. Cloudjumper lowered his head to sniff at the boy and allow those small hands to gently stroke his hide. He took in the incredible fact of this young human's flock leadership, sifting through the scent-marks of flocklings who respected and adored this strange queen despite all the odds stacked against him.

Hiccup and Stoick's Relationship

I'm glad You have found him that You love again. She took his hand and clasped it gently. He loves me as much as you do, Stoick. Valka pressed a little kiss to his cheek. I love each of you in a different way. His cousin waves a clenched fist at him and he cowers, but put him within biting range of a dragon and he's fearless You can trust him. It was a wonderful, absolutely lovely idea, but she couldn't believe it even though Stoick himself had just told her.

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The two of them teamed up and took down a whole herd of crazy demon boars! She sat on the roof of her family's home, tucked under Cloudjumper's wings with a baby Gronckle asleep in her lap, and she just looked for a very long time.

There were dragons wandering peacefully along the paths, dragons perching on structures that had been made specifically for that purpose, dragons in flight or working together with their human partners, dragons being fed and happy and loved and well-cared for Her husband had come up to join her when he had a spare moment.

He put his arm around her and held her close. We did pretty well with this one. Stoick, I'm so sorry I wasn't there for him. For either of you. Ever since you left, it was just more of the same strife and bloodshed and struggle to survive, over and over again. This past year is the first year that things have been different. The first good, truly good year I have ever known.

I love you and Hiccup, but there are people I love there as well. That northern nest is still my home, Stoick. Alpha is still my king that I love, and I don't know what I'm going to do now. At last he said, "You don't have to make any decisions yet. Although he looked hilariously awkward with the stick gripped in his mouth, his actual movements were as graceful as a dancer's, and the humans laughed as they ducked under or away from the dragon's heedlessly flailing tail and wings.

Once Toothless had finished his masterpiece, he dropped the stick and bared his gums at Hiccup in a human-like grin. Thoughtfully, Valka stepped up onto a chair so she could look down at the dragon's markings from a higher vantage point.

Her husband and son both stared at her for a minute.

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I thought it was just scribbles! Catching onto his excitement, Toothless hopped and wriggled and got in the way. These are my marks. It says, My mother came back home today. Now my whole family is together.

stoick and valka meet

Toothless went still, staring at her and then at the words Hiccup had written. They don't mean anything; Half Of Me makes them to play. They eventually had to give up trying to explain when it became clear that Toothless simply could not wrap his head around the idea.

Seeing that written words were a lost cause, at least for the moment, Hiccup went back to art, sketching a picture of his dragon. Again, Toothless stared back and forth between her and Hiccup and the drawing. I'm here, not there! Gradually, they all grew more quiet and drowsy. The adults were leaning together in a very cozy, comfortable way.

The image gallery for Hiccup and Stoick's Relationship may be viewed here. Ho ho ho, this is great! Their biggest misunderstanding was built on how Hiccup thought his father perceived him. It had been made clear from the beginning of the first movie that Stoick's main problem with Hiccup was not so much his small size, which Hiccup wrongly assumed, but that he never listens and has difficulty following the simplest orders. That, along with having the attention span of a sparrow. Stoick considers him reckless and rash, and often has to abandon his chiefly duties to save Hiccup from the dangers he gets himself into and then clean up the mess Hiccup left in his wake.

Stoick considers Hiccup to be an embarrassment with how little he fits in with the Viking lifestyle, even claiming he has difficulty showing his face in public after one of Hiccup's clumsy incidents.

And his attitude toward his son rubs off on the rest of the village as those who don't help Stoick with his current mission are threatened with taking care of Hiccup as a repercussion.