Scrat and scratte meet

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scrat and scratte meet

Scrat meets Scratte in “Ice Age 3”. Posted on June 2, by kankunis. scrat2. The world's beloved prehistoric squirrel/rat known as Scrat is back in “Ice Age 3. Meeting Scrat With one strong pull, Scrat both pulled back his acorn and sent Scratte flying In the third battle, Scratte wins by ripping off Scrat's chest fur. In Ice Age 3 he meets a new character and love interest: Scratte. She also has more luck in getting the acorn than Scrat has. Scrat is in many scenes in Ice Age 3.

Before long, however, Scratte becomes very bossy and Scrat gets tired of her. He looks out and sees his acorn, so he decides to dump Scratte. The two have another fight and he rock blasts up into the air. Scratte wins one last time When the two of them both grab the acorn on top of the rock, Scratte tries to fool Scrat again by pulling a sweet smile.

But Scrat doesn't get fooled, and he winks at her and then grabs the acorn. Scratte falls off and goes back down into the Dinosaur World. Scrat ends up back on the ice.

scrat and scratte meet

Scratte shakes a fist up at him. Scrat dances and jeers but a piece of ice almost lands on him, instead landing on his acorn. It covers the hole where Scrat came out of so he cannot go down and get it.

scrat and scratte meet

He screams in frustration, losing the acorn and Scratte. But Scratte had won and got the acorn as her prize. A siren created a fake image of her in order to lure Scrat to his death.

After finding it, however, Scrat sunk it by mistake, stranding himself in a North American desert. After sinking Scratlantis, Scrat wondered through the landscape with a new acorn in hand.

scrat and scratte meet

He ended up falling through the ice into a cave. There, he ended up finding a place to finally store his acorn.

Apparently, his acorn ended up powering a UFO that was encased in the ice. After confusingly moving the lever, Scrat managed to blast out of the ice and into the cosmos. Up in space, Scrat ended up creating The Solar Systemrearranging the planets and causing a collision between two planets creating the asteroid belt. When the UFO rammed into a giant asteroid, Scrat ended up burying his acorn once again.

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As Scrat had finally managed to store his acorn successfully, the asteroid ended up cracking and made it's way towards earth. Scrat had once again put the earth in danger because of his obsession over his acorn. Later on, Scrat had no control over his UFO, and ended up crashing on Mars, which had similarly looked like Earth, wiping out all vegetation, water and other life form on the planet. At some point in his future, Scrat was frozen in ice and survived the ice ages, some twenty thousand years later, washing up in a block of ice on a tropical beach.

Scrat lost his acorn and found a coconutwhich he treated the same as his acorn, though in storing it, Scrat started another cataclysm by mistake. Contents [ show ] Biography A hapless saber-tooth squirrelScrat underwent a number of odd experiences through his life, all while trying to store a single acorn to make it through the ice age.

Scrat was protective of his acorn to the point in which he would gladly risk his own life to keep it safe from others or from harm. Avalanche Scrat was out in the frozen mountain ranges up north, looking for a place to store his acorn.

Hopping this way and that, Scrat scampered through a patch of dried grass and wandered through the icy fields and patches of snow in the search for a place to bury his acorn for the winter.

In a moment, Scrat found an ideal place and pressed his acorn into the ground. The acorn, however, would not go in easily, so Scrat began stomping on it, eventually sinking it into the ground. This resulted in a large crack forming, which traversed up the mountain glaciers and through much of the ice walls of the mountains, where the crack finally stopped and broke off a massive glacier.

Stunned at what had happened, Scrat looked up to see the massive glacier heading straight for him and ran away, stopping fast in his tracks as he looked back and remembered his acorn. After a good deal of tugging hard at it, Scrat loosened the acorn from the icy ground and fell back, screaming as he saw the glacier coming closer, letting up sharp pieces of ice that moved towards Scrat. Scrat ran from the ice as the massive glacier rolled after him, sliding through the land.

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Scrat continued to run until he saw another glacier heading towards the first glacier from the opposite direction; the glaciers collided and Scrat, having no time to run out of there, used his acorn to sled away out of there as the glaciers grew closer together. Just as Scrat reached the edge of the glaciers, where he could escape being flattened, the glaciers held him in place, squeezing him tight before shooting him out. In midair, Scrat embraced his acorn and screamed once more as he looked and found himself free-falling back to the ground.

Scrat slid on a glacier and off a small ledge, loosing his grip on the acorn, before bouncing down hard on the ledges from the mountains and finally back to the ground, where he was pinned down by his sharp teeth.

Scrat unpinned himself and looked for his acorn, which fell from the sky on his head.

Embracing his beloved nut once more, Scrat got up, no worse for wear and prepared to walk off. The migrations had begun, with all the animals of the land leaving the north due to the ice ages.

Shocking Scrat made his way out of the migration and further north, where he found a small tree in which to deposit his acorn. During that stormy night, through much struggle and toil, Scrat moved his acorn up the tree and nearly dropped it, picking it back as it nearly fell with his teeth. Scrat then moved to the top of the tree and found a small hollow space in which to store his acorn.

Feeling the bottom of it with his foot, Scrat readied himself to store the acorn in the tree by raising it into the air so as to force it in. At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck Scrat, singeing off his fur and releasing his grip on his acorn.

Taking Back Scrat successfully stored his acorn in a hollowed tree and left it there for a time until he found a ground sloth named Sid on the lookout for a snack. Sid reached into the tree and found the acorn, almost eating it until Scrat rushed in and yanked it out of Sid's mouth by force.

Scrat left the scene shaking an angry fist at Sid.

scrat and scratte meet

Directions Scrat later went further north, where he saw a pack of Saber-Tooth Tigers go by one day and continued on trying to store his acorn into the icy ground. At that, Scrat met up with Sid, once more, accompanied by a mammoth named Mannytoting a human baby named Roshanand a saber-tooth cat named Diego.

Then he and Scratte bump each other's bubbles, trying to get to the acorn first. In the end, Scrat gets it, but ends up falling into Dino World. He is next seen in Dino World, where the tar has glued him to a tree, out of reach of the acorn.

He just manages to stretch and reach it, but consequently, the trees falls on him, and then falls off a ledge. Scratte then finds him and turns the tree round, revealing that the tar had stuck the acorn to his chest. Then she rips the acorn off, taking Scrat's chest fur with it. However, when Scrat and Scratte are dangling over a lava river, Scrat uses the unconscious Scratte as a grappling hook to save them both.

When Scratte wakes up, she realises Scrat has saved her life, and they fall in love. They appear in one scene when BuckCrash and Eddie are on the Pterodactylus. At the end of the film Scrat managed to escape to the Ice Age world with the acorn through a hole in the ice.