Saltwater and freshwater meet quran

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saltwater and freshwater meet quran

This means they knew that although the river meets the ocean, the ocean water is It also tells us that salt water and fresh water are miscible fluids (water mixes. Refutation of the scientific miracle on the meeting of fresh and salt water in that this verse of Quran on fresh water river and salt water sea is scientifically wrong. From the verses it is also clear that people knew that river meets the ocean. 4. This is because it floated on the salt water and sank under the fresh water in the same glass Darkness in the seas and internal waves in the Noble Quran, confirmed by science . How can they meet يلتقيان if there is land separating them?.

If it concludes that leaves are blue, then it is not science. So, let us scrutinize Cases 1, 2 and 3 under the light of elementary science. What elementary science tells us Let us assume that we have elementary knowledge of science.

We will briefly recapitulate some of our elementary scientific knowledge. Elementary science tells us that if there is a porous membrane separating saline water from fresh water, then by the process of diffusion, the salt water will diffuse into the fresh water.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran

If this system is kept for a long time, then the entire unit will become a mixture of fresh and salt water brackish water. Elementary science also tells us about miscible and immiscible fluids. Water and oil are immiscible i. It also tells us that salt water and fresh water are miscible fluids water mixes with water.

Elementary science also tells us that stirring helps in mixing. This is what we do when we add sugar or milk in a cup of coffee.

Does the Quran Get The Mixing Of Saltwater And Freshwater Wrong? – Scattered Pearls

Now we consider the three cases and will conclude whether or not they are scientifically correct. What about Case 1? It does not contradict science. What about Case 2? It assumes that river and ocean are like oil and water i.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran

A forbidden partition cannot exist between two miscible fluids. Even if we ignore the agents which are stirring up the water like the flow of the river and ocean and the wind and assume that the entire estuary is a stagnant mass, still by the process of diffusion, the fresh water will start mixing with salt water.

What about Case 3? But inferring this does not need any knowledge of science at all. It comes from a minimal amount of common sense. Hence this claim is a trivial claim. Now comes a question regarding the scientific justification of the verse.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran

Elementary science has already disproved Case 2. Common sense tells us that it is an over-expectation if we assume that whenever there is a river meeting an ocean i.

Does the Quran Get The Mixing Of Saltwater And Freshwater Wrong?

So, what the verse claims is completely wrong and against elementary science forget modern science. The only possible case Case 3 which makes sense is a trivial case. What modern science tells us about this process Estuarine Physics Density of salt water is more than freshwater. This was first discovered by Aristotle.

Meeting of Fresh and Salt Water in the Qur'an

Also see Oceanography, Gross, p. This partition zone of separation has a different salinity from the fresh water and from the salt water. This information has been discovered only recently using advanced equipment to measure temperature, salinity, density, oxygen dissolubility, etc.

The human eye cannot see the difference between the two seas that meet, rather the two seas appear to us as one homogeneous sea. Likewise the human eye cannot see the division of water in estuaries into the three kinds: And the volume of these huge reservoirs is as many times as what rivers flow into seas.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran

So, each spring at the bottom of the ocean pumps a huge amount of fresh water which is as many times of what is pumped by that river. This fresh water which flows from the bottom of oceans sometimes reaches the surface of water, goes for thousands of meters till it reaches the surface of water. Oceanology in the Noble Quran: Between them is a Barrier Which they do not transgress.

The Arabic word 'maraja' literally means 'they both meet and mix with each other. Modern Science has discovered that in places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them. This barrier divides the two seas so that each sea has ita own temperature, salinity and density.

There is a slanted unseen water barrier between the seas through which water from one sea passes to the other. But when the water from one sea enters the other sea, it loses its distinctive characteristic and becomes homogenized with the other water. In a way this barrier serves as a transitional homogenizing area for the two waters. But when the QUR'AN speaks about the divider between fresh and salt water, it mentions the exisence of ' a forbidding partition' with the barrier.

One palatable and sweet, And the other salty and bitter; Yet has HE Made a barrier between them, And a partition that is forbidden To be passed. It has been discovered that what distinguishes fresh water from salt water in estuarie is a "pycnocline zone with a marked density discontinuity separating the two layers.

saltwater and freshwater meet quran

Also see Introductory Oceanography, Thurman, pp. He was asked to comment on the following verse: