Robbie williams meet and greet

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robbie williams meet and greet

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Despite this, his record, "Intensive Care" topped the charts in many European countries and his world tour sold over 1. Innews of Take That's reunion brought forth much speculation as to Robbie Williams' involvement, recording a number of new songs with Gary Barlow although he did not become as involved as the other members of Take That. M and Bloc Party, returning to the sound of his earlier work. He again found a number one single with "Candy," reaching the top spot in a number of European countries.

Inhe again looked towards standards for inspiration, recording "Swing Both Ways," which also featured some originals. To enter the stage, he descended from the sky on a wire. Suffice to say, I was already mesmerised. His performance was full of life as he paraded the stage exuding more and more confidence with every breath.

Never before has a Mexican wave filled me with such joy as when conducted by Robbie himself. Performer to the masses, for the masses, his rendition of "Be a Boy" spoke wonders — there, my idol of nine years old sang, wearing a huge gold crown, as powerful ever. And then the waiting started… I wasn't really nervous, just very much looking forward to it.

I didn't expect too much of it, but that was totally okay! Who cares if it doesn't mean to him what it means to me…? Even if it would be just 5 minutes, they are MY 5 minutes with Rob and 5 minutes more than a lot of other fans had! So last Sunday was The Big Day!

robbie williams meet and greet

We left well on time, wouldn't want to get stuck in traffic! We arrived early and talked to some friends that were waiting in line.


We collected our tickets at the box office and met the other winner and her friend. I was so glad Ron was there to keep me grounded! We walked through some corridors and were led into an empty dressing room to wait for Rob. The jitters worked overtime in my stomach, but I managed to calm myself down a bit. Rob entered the room with Josie his PAsecurity and a photographer. One of the security guys touched the light switch with his bum and the lights went out.

We all laughed about it, especially when he seemed a bit awkward! At first Rob thought Ron and I were from the record company and just gave us a quick hand. Then he kissed and hugged the other girls. I was too flabbergasted to say anything, but when he was pointed out his mistake he more than made up for it!

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It sort of broke the ice though, and my nerves faded a bit. He kissed and hugged me real tight. He asked all of us where we were from and how long it took to get to the Ziggo Dome.

While chatting with us he was standing very close to me. Just click a button? He radiated a general sense of happiness.

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The photographer was taking pics all the time. First with each of the other girls, and then it was my turn. Rob put his arms around me and pulled me close to him. I didn't resist, on the contrary, haha! He gave me a soft squeeze, whispered something in my ear and put his cheek to mine.

He smelled intoxicatingly sexy… Ron joined us for another picture. He bent his back and knees, but Rob still had to stand on tiptoes to get his arms over our shoulders. How tall are you?

robbie williams meet and greet