Pokemon episode 503 an elite meet and greet

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pokemon episode 503 an elite meet and greet

4th Gen Pokémon of the Week · 5th Gen Pokémon of the Week The Banned Episodes · Shiny Pokémon An Elite Meet & Greet Elite Four Lucian. Today's pre-episode teaser features a monolithic monstrosity looming up over Dawn has called out Buizel to meet all the other twerps' Pokémon - Buneary. express-leader.info Elite Meet & Greet! The episode also seems to show cameos of the Sinnoh elite four and champion they're probably my favorite Pokemon on the main team right now.

An Elite Meet & Greet! (503)

The battle ends in a tie, yet Ash feels like he lost. On the road, Ash and Dawn constantly argue about who is better than the other in many ways. The two later find out that Nando is skilled and undecided about whether to challenge Gyms or Contests, causing Ash and Dawn to try to persuade him to challenge their preferred competitions. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Nando decided to drop neither one side and chose to take both Gyms and Contests.

A wild Turtwig saves Pikachu from the balloon which had fallen into a distant lake.

An Elite Meet and Greet!

However, Turtwig starts getting defensive for Pikachu and won't let any human near it. Turtwig carries Pikachu away. An elderly woman called Clara, invites them to her house. Then, Team Rocket shows up and catches the two, running off with Ash and Piplup close behind. Paul challenges Ash to a battle for the first time. Ash battles Paul with his Turtwig and ends up battling Team Rocket when they interfere. They get knocked off a ledge and then have to make their way through a forest, where Paul catches a Stantler and then releases it because he assumed it was weak.

Ash meanwhile, was being entranced multiple times after looking at the glowing horns of a herd of Stantler, giving him many horrible illusions. After meeting up with Brock and Dawn, Ash and co are then chased out of the forest by an Ursaring.

Paul defeats and catches it, indicating that the Ursaring was worth capturing. Ash then challenges Paul to a battle again. Paul ends up winning against Ash which makes Ash upset.

They say they are going to help out when Ash and Co. Piplup used a move that Dawn was teaching it to win the contest. Piplup perfects the move and makes Dawn very proud. However, that wasn't the one Minnie was talking about. They then find a fake gym being run by Team Rocket and their new Croagunk.

Brock finds a heart in Croagunk and decides to catch it, in which he succeeds. Croagunk then begins pulling Brock away from the girls, taking Misty and Max's role. Dawn decides to catch the Buneary. After some trial and chaos, Dawn finally captures a Buneary for her team. Buneary has a big crush on Ash's Pikachu.

pokemon episode 503 an elite meet and greet

Ash's Aipom is also very eager to enter the contest, so Ash enters as well. But Ash loses to Zoey in the second round and then, Dawn loses to Zoey in the semifinals. Jessie goes to the final round and loses to Zoey there.

pokemon episode 503 an elite meet and greet

Dawn then get upset and tells her mother, who only tells her she should talk to her friends and not her all the time, so Dawn agrees. After perfecting Aerial Ace, it evolves into Staravia. Brock's Bonsly evolves into a Sudowoodo. Paul wins the Coal Badge using methods Ash does not like, but before he leaves, Ash challenges Roark to a battle.

Then seeing Paul, Ash and him argue, then a kid approaches Paul and thanks him for giving him the Azumarill that Paul used in the battle. The trio are then in the Gym where Ash faces Roark. Ash uses Aipom, Turtwig, and Pikachu. It takes Dawn's new combo and Roark's newly evolved Rampardos to completely stop them, leading to a new style of training. Decisive Battle with Rampard!! After defeating him, Ash earns the Coal Badge.

No Need to Worry!? The blue-haired guy in John Lennon glasses is going to fight Hulk Hogan!

pokemon episode 503 an elite meet and greet

Ash leaps up asking if he can fight Lucian first, but Lucian grins and tells him that if he intends to win the Sinnoh League, then he'll get his chance to face Lucian then, so Ash just stands and stares But Lucian has spoken, and he leads them outside to throw down with their bloated ego wrestling weasel! Team Rocket watch them step outside and giggle, NOW is their chance! According to Dextina, the monolith monstrosity was apparently woken in a construction site afteryears of hibernation!

Oh God it's one of the Elder Gods! Buizel is eager to throw down though, and Dawn commands it to use Aqua Jet, so it Again, Bronzong uses Iron Defence, and Lucian tells it to wrap things up with Gyro ball, and it begins spinning before charging. Dawn tells Buizel to dodge, but instead it blasts forward with Aqua Jet directly into Bronzong Buizel staggers back up still wanting to fight and Lucian is impressed, then tells Bronzong to use Flash Cannon, and it does just that, flashing its giant bell-shaped rear end and blasting at Buizel.

Dawn tells it to dodge, but instead it blasts at the Flash Cannon with Water Gun, but the power of the little Hulkamaniacs can't help Buizel bodyslam Andre the Giant tonight, and Buizel is sent flying by the full force of the blast. Dawn runs to Buizel's side as it struggles back up and then collapses, and Lucian steps forward to apologize to her, saying he got carried away, but credits Buizel's fighting spirit.

As Lucian walks away with Bronzong, Team Rocket watch from the bushes, taken aback by the ease with which Buizel was defeated, it was smashed into puree! Will Giovanni even be interested in a Bronzong?

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Especially one capable of turning itself into a giant cannon!?! Why, he'd probably try dancing with it, putting it on his head, walking around with it on his head while playing a flute and then just walk off after leaving it on his doorstep to be a doorbell! Well, Team Rocket don't like the sound of that! Buizel staggers off of the bed and walks to a corner, looking depressed.

pokemon episode 503 an elite meet and greet

Ash remembers he remembers! Nurse Joy brings some soup for Buizel and Brock declares that she is just the thing! He drops to a knee to hold her hands, saying she knocks him out cold It starts dragging him away, then pauses, turning to look back at Buizel which only stares depressed back at the bizarre sight, then turns away.

Croagunk just STARES, then turns and continues on dragging Brock away for his "punishment", its intention and actions as incomprehensible as ever. Dawn blames herself for letting Buizel battle against a member of the Elite Four, but Ash has an idea to cheer it up However when he tells Buizel about the big river nearby, it has no effect on Buizel.

Ash is at a loss, if going for a swim doesn't cheer it up, then what possibly would!?! Lucian shows up and eyes up Buizel, saying that it is at a crossroads, where it has to figure out how it will deal with defeat - will it retain the same love for battling it once had? Or will it simply give up?

But before it has a chance to decide, a glowing grid surrounds it and turns into a spherical cage Buizel's been caught in a trap