On the road dean and sal relationship

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on the road dean and sal relationship

He is the catalyst that sends Sal on the road. Dean is madly enthusiastic about everything, and always willing to have a good time or go on a long trip with. In this novel of life on the road, experience for Dean Moriarty and Sal the plot of his novel to zigzag in a spatial, nonlinear relationship of language and form. In On the Road, however, friendship is also a power that can destroy. Sal eventually sees his relationship with Dean as destructive. During their.

The narrative takes place in the years tois full of Americanaand marks a specific era in jazz history"somewhere between its Charlie Parker Ornithology period and another period that began with Miles Davis.

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Disheartened after a divorce, his life changes when he meets Dean Moriarty, who is "tremendously excited with life," and begins to long for the freedom of the road: After taking several buses and hitchhiking, he arrives in Denver, where he hooks up with Carlo Marx, Dean, and their friends.

There are parties—among them an excursion to the ghost town of Central City. Remi arranges for Sal to take a job as a night watchman at a boarding camp for merchant sailors waiting for their ship.

on the road dean and sal relationship

Not holding this job for long, Sal hits the road again. Soon he meets Terry, the "cutest little Mexican girl," on the bus to Los Angeles. They stay together, traveling back to Bakersfieldthen to Sabinal, "her hometown," where her family works in the fields. Working in the cotton fields, Sal realizes that he is not made for this type of work.

Leaving Terry behind, he takes the bus back to Times Square in New York Citybums a quarter off a preacher who looks the other way, and arrives at his aunt's house in Paterson, just missing Dean, who had come to see him, by two days.

Sal's Christmas plans are shattered as "now the bug was on me again, and the bug's name was Dean Moriarty. Dean wants Sal to make love to Marylou, but Sal declines. Both of them stay briefly in a hotel, but soon she moves out, following a nightclub owner. Sal is alone and on Market Street has visions of past lives, birth, and rebirth. Dean finds him and invites him to stay with his family. Together, they visit nightclubs and listen to Slim Gaillard and other jazz musicians.

The stay ends on a sour note: He is depressed and lonesome; none of his friends are around.

on the road dean and sal relationship

After receiving some money, he leaves Denver for San Francisco to see Dean. Camille is pregnant and unhappy, and Dean has injured his thumb trying to hit Marylou for sleeping with other men.

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Camille throws them out, and Sal invites Dean to come to New York, planning to travel further to Italy. They meet Galatea, who tells Dean off: On the way to Sacramento they meet a "fag", who propositions them. Dean tries to hustle some money out of this but is turned down. In Denver a brief argument shows the growing rift between the two, when Dean reminds Sal of his age, Sal being the older of the two.

They get a Cadillac that needs to be brought to Chicago from a travel bureau. By bus they move on to Detroit and spend a night on Skid RowDean hoping to find his homeless father.

on the road dean and sal relationship

They go on partying in New York, where Dean meets Inez and gets her pregnant while his wife is expecting their second child. Part Four[ edit ] In the spring ofSal gets the itch to travel again while Dean is working as a parking lot attendant in Manhattan, living with his girlfriend Inez. Sal notices that he has been reduced to simple pleasures—listening to basketball games and looking at erotic playing cards.

By bus Sal takes to the road again, passing Washington, D. Louisand eventually reaching Denver. While society viewed a twelve-hour period as a constricting amount of space in which people were pressured to make something in order to make a living, Dean was not pressured by time because he used time to meet his own ends.

Instead of producing materials, Dean sought sensation and stimulation. Dean was bound to movement because he lived in the moment and the moment was always moving. Dean had a fragmented view of time which we will discuss laterhe did not see the connection between past, present, and future; he only paid attention to the present moment.

Because each moment repairs itself by passing along into oblivion, Dean did not have any worries.

on the road dean and sal relationship

Erik Mortenson noticed that after traveling across America several times, Kerouac further criticized American society and capitalism by bringing Dean to Mexico. Kerouac depicted Mexico as relaxed and unconstrained by time.

The people may have been poor; however, they were much happier than their American counterparts.

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Dean loved the fact that everyone was so relaxed in Mexico. Even though Sal tended to follow Dean, Sal represented a different view of temporality than that of Dean Mortenson, Compared to Dean, Sal felt the tension of the moment. Although Sal follows Dean throughout the novel, he never entirely abandons his moral conceptions.

on the road dean and sal relationship

Sal had a much more stable view of temporality than did Dean. Further Discussion and Quotes In my opinion, On the Road seemed like a book about the late sixties and early seventies written to the people of the fifties.

I completely agree with Erik Mortenson that Jack Kerouac authored the book with the intent of challenging the view of temporality commonly held in the s by illustrating an entirely opposite view of time.

Capitalism caused people to be pressured by time, and because of that they were unable to find happiness in time. Therefore, Kerouac attempted to create a setting where characters were completely free and unconstrained by time. Kerouac hoped that readers would compare On the Road to reality, and realize the difference between the two.

I also believe that Kerouac was trying to show the disaster of living completely in the moment. Because Dean ignored the past and future, he had a very fragmented life.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac: Dean Moriarty's Character Analysis

He was irresponsible and had no attachment to anyone but Sal. And in my opinion, they had reason to believe he was crazy.

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Towards the end of the book, Dean started falling into despair; and this was very against his personality. I believe Kerouac was trying to show that a person can only live such a fragmented life for so long before it catches up with them.

Throughout the book, differences between Sal and Dean come to light. Even though neither found personal meaning through capitalism, they were different. Because Dean did not believe in an afterlife and Sal did, they had different views on temporality.

He saw past, present, and future because he did not have to hide in the moment like Dean did.