Nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

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nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

Owen: "First Nikita, now you." Alex: "What's that? Owen: "Yeah." Alex: " Someone I knew used to say the same thing all the time." (they kiss!) Nikita: "I can see. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Nikita tv show, Fandom quotes and Shane west. Nikita Owen and Alex - I think I like Alex with anyone there is no male. Nikita: Quote #1 - Connection (Nikita and Alex) Nikita Tv Show,. Open .. Quotes! Nikita Series Movies, Tv Series, Movies And Tv Shows, Shane West, First .. Nikita, Michael, Alex, Sean, Birkhoff, and Owen from Nikita. Nikita. Nikita Tv " She clutched the old boxing glove to her chest, not quite meeting my eyes. That was.

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If I do it she'll kill him anyway. That's not my problem, is it? Of course if I'm wrong. I promise to put in a good word for you. We assassins should stick together. You tried to run. Now you've destroyed any arrangement I made with division. Ramone, Give me the number and let me talk to Michael and I promise you, I'll set you free. You wanna set me free? The man that I met in Paris, six years ago would have never joined Division.

You are better than that.

nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

Percy sent me your file. Thought I could help catch you. Takes one to know one. Never knew her birth parents. Traded from one foster home to the other. Ended up strung out on ketimine in Mrs. How does a scared little stray become so good at killing?

How dare you take a war worth fighting one principal and turn it into payback? This is so much bigger than you. That night in Paris, was the first time I realized I had to do something. That I could do something. I've been fighting your war, all this time. Give me the number Ramon! You still don't understand. You thought you could save me. All you did was create another monster. There is only one way, to save Michael.

Do what you were supposed to do six years ago. You can't beat them. You belong to them. They made you Nikita.

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They're the only family you'd ever had. Yeah, Kill me, do it. Finish the mission, Finish the mission. We need proof of death. You can't save him, you'll die. Can I get you some water? Sean, this isn't an interrogation. What do you know about me? All oversight does is fund Division and we both know that that place doesn't deserve to be in business any longer.

You think they'd let you go back to your seal unit? If they feel you're a danger not even your mother can help you. You're protecting her from the wrong people. Now lets try this again.

You look thirsty soldier. I'm looking right at it. Even after you chew him down a hole. That's one of the guardians.

That's why they were gathering. Their target was oversight. They've got a button at hand. As they always do. Its in my hand. You attempt evacuation, we trigger it. You had your chance. Hows it going buddy? You know I couldn't have gone through it without Nikita I'm gonna let you two talk.

It was a good thing. I needed some time. He's a bright kid. And he's starting to get to know me. But even when we were, I don't know in the park, kicking around a soccer ball, I found myself looking over my shoulder, wondering if Division, were to come after us. And I can't live like that.

Once and for all. Season 1 episode If I didn't do something we'd both be dead. I was compromised but I'm clear now. I just came by to get my I, my ID packet and, and then I'm gonna go. I'm not gonna hurt you. Lets talk about what this is really about. Or what you think it's about. They told you I killed your father.

Our orders were to kill your entire family. I chose to defy those orders and get you out. I had to torch your bedroom. I didn't have a choice. You just didn't trust me enough, to handle it. So now I can't trust you. If you hadn't try to kill yourself. Right in front of me. I would've never told you about division. That's where I'm going. To get the man that ordered my father's death.

She deactivated my kill chip. This war against division is your obsession. All of this space and you still sleep on a division recruit bed. I have my own fight now. When I told you that you had something to live for, I was talking about balance, I was talking about making things right. If you do this, you are gonna end up somewhere you don't wanna be. Pretty cool how you can hack into all these servers.

Local theatres, local police It's called "ownage," girl. I don't have to hack jack. All these systems are already hacked. Division's lucky to have you. Tell that to Percy and the Dragon Queen. They thought I was a mole. We found your wireless bug. It was pretty clever.

O' Birkhoff had no idea. Not such a smart guy after all. Does Birkhoff have a toothache or did Percy just cancel him? But it could have gone either way. You put him in danger, Nikita. That's not like you. You don't know me anymore, Michael.

The more you try to do this, the more you hurt yourself. You have no idea how much pain I can take. And that these people, whoever they are, they get away with it.

And no one can stop them. I'm going to stop them. Well, see you don't have to do it alone. I'm not alone, Jill. You said you didn't want forgiveness, but you deserve it, Nikita. What have you got behind your back? I may just have to fight you for it. Your first provisional assignment.

It's a big step. Please don't say "You're a woman now. You know how she likes to dress up. I can't believe I ever thought you were cute.

nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

I can't believe I never had my way with you. You couldn't handle me. Not then, not now. I'm proud of you Alex; you really do remind me of Nikita. You don't have a choice. What about you, Michael? Do you have a choice? Why are you so loyal to Percy? Because I owe him my life. Man, Nikki's all hardcore about this huh? Kinda crazy how she's going back to her greatest hits, no pun. OK, so where is this place? Not much going on right now but at night it turns into a pretty happening spot.

Lady Gaga was there last Friday. Why would anyone want to kill him? Because he made a mistake. Several, actually, starting with you. Most people want to make a connection.

nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

They want to feel safe. They want to feel loved. In Owen's line of work, those feelings get you killed. I don't want to see it happen again. What do you want? What do I want? What I want is to empty a clip into your face. Yeah, well, we both know that's not going to happen, right? I mean, unless you plan to do irreparable damage to the country. Yeah, yeah, you're protected. I miss you, Nikita.

You had the most natural tradecraft instincts of anyone I've ever seen. No matter what the situation, no matter how desperate, you always had some gambit, some bluff you could play. You think I'm bluffing. I think you're bluffing.

Black box serial number bb That's the difference between you and me, Percy. You'll kill anyone, I don't waste life. The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I'm saying? Girl, you're preaching to the choir. I go rogue, Percy sicks Michael on me.

You get his personal attention. Good place to hide, a school bound to hell. Remind you of Division any? I told myself if I could just find you and see if you were OK, that I would have done one good thing in my life.

The only time I've ever even questioned it was during your relationship with Nikita. But we don't have to worry about her anymore do we Now that she's at the bottom of the Saint Lawrence River. Well we have no confirmation of that. I made the same mistake you did. The best mistake of my life. I just came by to talk. Why should I listen to you?

One minute, you're telling me it's all gonna be okay, and the next, you're kissing Percy's ass, ready to cancel me. You're just like everybody else in here, a liar. You've been at Division long enough to know there are many kinds of tests, and they run at every hour of the day. Sometimes you have no idea you're being tested. But other times, you do. So, uh You're telling me you knew Percy was testing you the whole time?

You expect me to believe that? The truth is what we choose to believe. And what I told you at the truck stop was the truth. You got anything to eat? That's what Percy does. He destroys the thing you love, so he can get the thing he wants. I've got a plan. Phase one find them. Phase 2 kick their ass. Phase 3 veggie shakes. Why don't you just let me go? So you can try and kill me again? I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

Nikita 2x05 - Sean & Alex first scene - "What are you looking for? My moral compass?"

I'm not gonna lose you too. Alex wasn't the test subject today Michael. Or rather she wasn't the only one. Well Agent Khamera had a gun that was loaded with blanks and he was given strict orders to let her escape. So uh Nikita's been off the radar for 3 days and you're already so bored that you're playing puppeteer to amuse yourself?

And you keep talking about Nikita. It's like you're making my point for me. Feel free to tell me what that is at any time. As I said before there's only one time I have ever doubted your loyalty and my concern was that this was gonna be another Nikita. Did I pass your test or not? For the most part.

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One minute you're telling me it's all going to be okay and the next you're kissing Percy's ass; ready to cancel me. You're just like everybody else in here. Losing them will be. They can use us for whatever they want because we don't exist. We could get killed, but we're already dead. I wouldn't be so anxious to get out there.

Not everything has to be a video game. You have an attachment to things from the past. Or, things that have Knowing that one of the targets was a child, Nikita couldn't bring herself to kill a child. So, during the raid Nikita rushed to Alex's room, but killed the father on self-defense, saving Alex at the cost of her father's life.

Forced to return to division, she left Alex under the care of one of her father's associate. However, he sold her to sex traffickers. Eventually Alex escaped her captors but remained addicted to the drugs they had given to her to keep her high. After fleeing division, Nikita kept searching for Alex for two years, until she found Alex, who was trying to buy "Smack" from a local crackhouse for a fifty. However, her dealers tried to rape her, saying "you make us feel good, we make you feel good".

Nikita saved her, and took Alex. In her lair, she put Alex in a portable Sauna until she was unaddicted, a process she had experienced first-hand.

Afterwards, she took care of Alex. One day, Nikita found Alex unconscious on the floor after shopping for clothes. Seeing the pill bottle nearby and realizing Alex had a weak pulse, Nikita put two and two together and saved her by inducing vomiting. However, Alex was ungrateful and told Nikita "I have nothing to live for. All the people I love are dead. Nikita explained to Alex about Division and Alex joined Nikita in her crusade to take down division. Nikita trained Alex, teaching her everything to prepare her for her infiltration of Division.

Alex is fiercely loyal to her and willing to do anything for her more than just taking a bullet. Nikita has even accused herself of being Alex's "Fairy God Mother". The two shared the same ideals to bring down Division from the inside until the episode "Betrayals".

Nikita is a former recruit and the only one at the start of the first season to have escaped.

nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

Nikita attempted to rescue Alex after Nikita killed Alex's father. Nikita rescued Alex from being raped, after she escaped the human traffickers, and helps her become clean, despite Alex's protests. Alex tried to kill herself in front of Nikita, Nikita revived her and told Alex she had a reason to live.

She told Alex of her plans to defeat Division and pledged to help avenge her family's murderers. During season one, it is brought to light that Alex and Nikita are lying to each other. Alex lies about what's happening in Division emotionally to her, and Nikita, on the outside, is lying about situations that happened and keeping secrets from Alex.

At the end Season One, Alex refuses to run off with Nikita and Michael, due to Nikita lying about murdering her father, instead she takes Amanda's advice and tries to forge her own path. When Alex is revealed to be the mole, Alex shoots Nikita for the Division cameras, but it is revealed that she has shot her with a drug that stops vital signs, but does not kill.

Nikita quickly awoke when Roan was about to "clean " her body and escaped. Alex goes back to Nikita's safe house to grab some things, and she happened upon Nikita. They startle each other and point their guns at each other, Alex says she doesn't want any trouble.

Nikita says she should have thought of that before Alex shot her. Alex claims it was to save her life, Nikita says she's not gonna hurt Alex. Alex tells her to put her gun down, but Nikita says to put her gun down. Alex keeps her gun raised and Nikita says they should talk about her father's murder. They do and Alex wonders why Nikita didn't just tell her the truth, Nikita says it was never the right time. But Alex says it was because Nikita didn't trust her enough to handle it, and now Alex can't trust her.

Alex says she's going to get her own revenge, she tries to leave, but Nikita grabs her and tells her she will end up somewhere she doesn't want to be.

Alex says it is her decision and tries to rip away from Nikita. Division attacks them, and while Nikita escapes, Alex finds a different way off the roof, not following Nikita. In season 2, Alex is not completely hostile towards Nikita, yet does not want to have anything to do with her since Alex no longer trusts her. In season 2 episode 1, they get into a fight where they are expressing their anger without having to kill each other.

Nikita breaks Alex's arm and shoots her in her leg, leaving her injured, wearing casts, and going through therapy for many episodes. She tells Alex she did it because she cares, and tells her to get out of Division before it's too late. While they no longer have a close relationship, they are not enemies. They run into each other a bit and have short awkward conversations, but they help each other out a bit, slowly mending their relationship. As of "Sanctuary," Alex and Nikita live together at Birkoff's house, after Alex needs a place to stay after attempting to reveal more about her own past.

Nikita comforts Alex when she has a hard time dealing that her mother is alive, had an affair with Semak, and all of her childhood memories of her home aren't what they seemed. Alex and Nikita became friends again, she had the chance to settle down in Greece with her mother and live in peace, however, she said it's not who she wants to be and wanted to help Nikita since it is her fight too. They continued to provide support and information to each other throughout the rest of season 2.

Eventually defeating Percy and Division, though while Alex was in a medical facility for another broken arm, inflicted by Roan, Nikita tells Alex "Here we go again," Nikita said "here we go" before Alex infiltrated Division.

As of the start of season 3, Alex and Nikita are in a good place. They seemed to have matured increasingly since the last season. Alex saved Nikita's life by taking a bullet to the arm, in an attempt to push her out of the way.

After Nikita returns to Division with a disoriented Alex, anxious Division members awaited to see what their fate would be, her personality changes noticeably. Without getting mad at the recruits, everyone seemed anxious around her, Ryan, Birkoff, and Michael even seemed concerned.

Before, Nikita was going to bring in the rogue agent with no force. However, her mission shifted after she shot Alex. Ryan asks Nikita,"Why do you think she turn?

nikita alex and sean first meet quotes

Nikita is always concerned for Alex's welfare, when she heard Alex scream at a Division member, suspected of being a mole, Nikita heard her and quickly went into panic mode trying to find her season 3 episode 5. When she learns of Alex taking pills, she is heartbroken and disappointed that Alex didn't come to her; however, she eventually tells Alex that they will work through her addiction together. In one of the episode in season 3 Alex had said then Nikita is the most important person in her life.

Amanda and Alex[ edit ] Amanda has a complicated relationship with Alex. Amanda's relationship with Alex largely echoes that of Nikita's, most notably without Amanda being completely heartbroken, for what Nikita did to her. Mostly because Alex was mentored by Nikita, and much of Alex resembles Nikita. Amanda found it hard to uncover Alex's motives and claims that " Amanda finds Alex sometimes unpredictable and she is, at the beginning of the series, mystified about Alex's past.

She spends most of her time in season one trying to figure out what Alex is hiding from her. Not the fact that she was Nikita's mole, but her past that she rarely ever talks about. Although Amanda recommended that Percy cancel Alex in the beginning of the first season, Amanda was not necessarily out to get Alex.

However, Alex's relationship is more rare with Amanda compared to the other recruits. They share a deep connection that doesn't appear on the surface. But Alex often tries to exert her power over Amanda in front of the recruits, something they wouldn't dare to do. Also, Alex often back talks to Amanda, which Amanda usually blows down with ease. When Alex sneers or banters to Amanda, she seems to be amused with Alex, and her thoughts, and she calmly retorts back. Even though Alex didn't like Amanda nor wanted to like her, they are connected and show their unique version of empathy with each other.

In the beginning of season one, Alex does not like Amanda nor want to like her, yet Amanda and Alex seem to have a unique understanding of each other. When Amanda first met Alex, she instantly was reminded of Nikita and wanted her cancelled in fear of another "Nikita" situation happening again.

It was later revealed that it wasn't because Amanda was afraid there would be another rogue on the loose, but the fact that she couldn't stand to lose another "Nikita" that she spent so long perfecting and transforming.

When Amanda was trying to figure out Alex's past, she didn't find what she was looking for. Therefore, was stumpped, which Percy note rarely happens. In the season one finale, when Amanda kills Alex with her kill chip, after 25 seconds of Alex being dead, Amanda uses adrenaline to bring her back to life.

She states that Alex doesn't need Nikita, nor should she go back to Nikita, and tells Alex that she won't hang on to her like she did to Nikita, and lets Alex go free. In season two, Amanda's relationship with Alex changed drastically.

Although Alex claimed they were just "business partners", Amanda comforted Alex on many occasions when Alex needed guidance for her past and future. Amanda found it harder to control Alex because she was getting impatient with Amanda, who prefers to move at a slow pace in contrast to Alex, who at this time was impulsive and passionate about her revenge.

Amanda wouldn't allow Alex to leave Division without an armed escort to protect her from Gogol. Amanda keeps it in her best interest to keep Alex under her control and convince her she needs Division, while giving Alex intelligence to kill Semak, the person who ordered her father's murder.

Alex and Amanda would often take the roles of teenage rebellious daughter and mother. Alex would often back talk to Amanda, something the recruits in Division would never dare to do. Alex once uses it as a remark when Sean steps up to Amanda, Alex snarkly says, "Can't remember the last time someone spoke to Amanda like that, oh well, yes I can, that was me" "Looking Glass".

Amanda sometimes finds Alex rather amusing and challenging. Whenever Alex sneers or banters to Amanda, she seems to enjoy the intellectual challenge and she calmly retorts back. In season 2 episode 1, Percy asks why Alex is always looking for mother figures and names Amanda as one of them. Amanda, throughout the season, acts as a mother figure and business partner, as it appears Amanda deeply cares for what happens to Alex.

Ari said the only way he and her could be together, with some money, would be a way that she wouldn't approve of. He tries to persuade Amanda that the only way for Amanda to get what she wants, is if she kills Alex and blames her death on Semak. Amanda was distraught with this decision and said that Alex has worked so hard and doesn't deserve such a fate. Though they never went through with the plan, as Alex said she was taking over Zetrov, Amanda was happy that she was going back to her original plan.

After Alex finds her mother, Amanda wants to make a deal.