New principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

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new principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

We are having our 20 year class reunion. We are having tailgating party, and tour of school at a home football game on Friday night. Alumni preordered class T. It's not that I don't love my hometown, but it is fun to visit new places too! visits with family with a leisure trip, by meeting up with family in a different location. Last summer, we found ourselves on an impromptu family reunion of sorts on In my family, one of my aunts is a school principal, so she can only. By Judith Brockway, Principal, New York Mills Elementary, New York . You can ask questions and share ideas or resources. being the school tour guide/ ambassador for new students and families, .. Family reunions.

Planning a fall reunion? A reunion during the fall would more than likely be scheduled close to either Halloween or Thanksgiving, so these holidays can be incorporated into your own family reunion if you want a running theme.

Class Reunion Games And Activities

Sports Themes What about a football-related family reunion theme? Professional, collegiate, and even high school football capture the attention of many sports fans, including your family if your family is a sports-loving, football-crazy bunch. Football themes are great, and provide the group with lots of good-natured ribbing, rivalries, and football talk.

You can even schedule a casual game of flag football as part of the festivities, as well as football trivia games, sports movie night, or a family tailgate party at a football game in the area.

new principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Fantasy Themes Children particularly enjoy dressing up in costumes a lot of adults do, too! You can decorate your venue in accordance with your selected theme. Create a fairytale princess castle, decorate the interior of the Star Trek Enterprise, or make a walk-through map of Narnia, to make the whole event more exciting for everyone.

Our new Academic Resource Center will also be moving to the second floor of the new library, to provide students with even greater access to academic support. Hillel You may have heard that we opened a new Hillel House this semester, with a generous gift from Henry Zachs and his family. Connecticut College has actually supported a Hillel student organization on campus for 25 years, but this new facility gives our Jewish students their first dedicated space on campus for study, reflection, and fellowship.

The Zachs Hillel House is a gorgeous, shingled house on the northeastern corner of the campus, just beyond Winthrop, that has already become a sought-after meeting place for the whole community.

We had the formal dedication of the Hillel at the end of April, and it was clear, from those who spoke, that this new building was already making a huge difference for our students.

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Career We are making a difference for our students with some other programs, too. You know, one of the things that impressed me when I came to Connecticut College was its enlightened approach to career advising. For the last two decades, at least, this College has distinguished itself among its peers by offering a rigorous three-year career preparation program, along with funding for summer internships. And so we are doing it. In January, with support from Diane Y. It was a big success.

In February, I announced another new opportunity for our students.

President's 2014 Reunion Address

Connecticut College is one of a dozen liberal arts colleges in the U. That is a Seattle-based company that is working to offer immersive programs for liberal arts students in real-world business challenges. Students work with CEOs in high-growth startups or established industries on the West Coast currently in San Fran and Seattle to get hands-on training in areas like marketing or project management and to hone other marketable skills that may lead directly to employment.

The first six Connecticut College students who were chosen will start this summer. These kinds of offerings are, of course, critically important for our students who are stepping into uncertain times. But, to me, they are also critically important for this College. In a very notable way, they hark back to the educational vision of this school at its beginning years ago. The founders of Connecticut College imagined a new kind of education for a new kind of woman at the dawn of a new century.

new principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

So they combined rigorous liberal arts with practical training so that women could make a meaningful contribution to the world as soon as they graduated. That original vision is all the more relevant today, and I am committed to building on that deep foundation to make a Connecticut College education even more distinctive — and valuable — for our own time. So I want to thank you all again for being here. Thank you for your warm welcome to this marvelous community.

new principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

And thank you for your love and your loyalty to Connecticut College. If your school is hosting a football game Many high school and most college games occur on Saturdaythen buy tickets in advance and make it part of the class reunion festivities. Ask everyone to wear the class reunion T-shirts and name tags so people at the game can identify their alumni. Add a charity golf tournament and have people play in groups. The proceeds can go to a local charity.

Tour your old school on a weekend and see if your old locker still exists.

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You can also have everyone gather together at the auditorium like you used to and have the principal give a talk. Saturday night is generally reserved for the main class reunion banquet. Rather than filling up the entire evening with activities and games, provide one or two of the following and then let classmates mingle, dance, chat, and eat to their hearts content.

Show some of the moves that were popular during your time and encourage everyone to join in. Speeches Do you have any teachers attending your class reunion?

Let them give a short speech about your graduation class. Teachers and principals can contribute some very funny stories that you may not know about during your school years. Slideshow The slide show is a popular mainstay of most class reunion banquets.

new principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

Make these slideshows exciting by adding your own captions to the photos. Grab photos from the past, current photos, school photos and group photos and put together a collage that you can present right before dinner. Make sure to include photos of graduation, the prom and any other significant event High school championship games etc. Bowling Bowling is truly American and is great fun at any class reunion. Right after the banquet, head on over to the local bowling alley Preferably the one that your classmates used when they were youngerand host a tournament.

No worries, just talk to the bowling alley and they can help set up the entire tournament for you.

new principal meet and greet ideas for family reunion

All you have to do is show up with the class. Group Photos In your class reunion planning phase, ask classmates to send in some group photos from graduation, the prom, a sporting event or from a regular day at school.