Nala and simba meet again wiz

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nala and simba meet again wiz

Mar 2, Explore elli (again) jensen's board "lion king" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about The Lion King, Lion king fan art and Nala lion king. Well gee whiz she needs a name (if she hasn't one already)". "An old pic to .. Unexpected meeting by WerdorTiger on DeviantArt Lion King 1, Lion King Movie, Lion King. Explore Myia Roberson's board "lions" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Lion, The Lion King and Disney films. kopa | historias de dos hermanos kiara y kopa - Página 2 Lion King Simba's Pride Mothers and daughters were reunited, old friendships were rebuilt.

Anything that is not italicized is spoken dialouge. A Tribute to Simba "She's wrong. I can't go back, what'd it prove anyway, it wouldn't change anything. You can't change the past!

She doesn't know what I've been through She wouldn't understand, she would hate me if she knew A red-maned lion appears in my mind, his words are kind and gentle as he reassures me, that no matter what, he will always be guiding me. But I am alone now, my unforgivable sin separating me from all that is good. I was just a cub, I-I didn't know, it was an accident. Suddenly, a deep rage boils over inside, my father shouldn't have died, it should have been me.

Now, he's gone and I am alone. It's because of me. It's my fault, it's my fault. Nala doesn't understand, I can't go back. How can I return to the kingdom of my father, whom I destroyed?

How can I ask his subject's submission when I took their beloved king away from them?

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How can I look my mother in the eye, now that I've ripped her from her one true love? How can I ask Nala to forgive me when I abandoned her, and took away the only father figure either one of us knew?

How can I take my father's place, when I am the one who took his life? As I'm sitting in the field under the blanket of stars, and contemplating, a strange short of chanting fills the air. Looking up in irritation, I see that it's some baboon- like creature bouncing in an acacia tree. With guilt and sadness churning in my stomach, I walk off into the night, hoping to find solitude, the only thing someone like me deserves.

The jungle is silent except for the peaceful hum of the crickets. After fleeing the Pridelands, I'd spent my days goofing off with Timon and Pumbaa. As a cub, I'd thought they had life completely figured out. They raised me and taught how to enjoy living while you're alive. Now that I'm older, I've realized how naive they both are, but I cherish them, and even envy them for their carefree natures.

During the days, when I'm hanging and joking around with my best friends, I can escape from the guilt that seems to shadow me, no matter where I am. But at night, I find myself sneaking away from the snoring forms of the meerkcat and warthog, and remembering back on the days I'd spent exploring with Nala, or being doted upon by my mother and the other lionesses; but most of all I remember the times I'd spent with my father, and the fateful day of the stampede.

I plopped down on a log that has fallen over a clear spring. My eyes find my reflection in the water, and I'm amazed at how much I look like him.

Same golden pelt, same amber eyes, same flaming red mane. As a cub, all I ever wanted to be was a king just like him.

Simba vs The Beast

I remember practicing for hours trying to imitate his thunderous roar and commanding presence, giving Nala plenty of ammunition to tease me with. Funny how you can look so much like someone, and be so different. I will never be the lion my father was. Suddenly, there's a splash in the water, disrupting my thoughts and distorting my reflection.

nala and simba meet again wiz

Hearing the odd chanting-like noise, I turn and see the source is the same animal, this time it's swinging on the limbs of a baobab tree. Rolling my eyes in irritation, I finally speak to the creature. Sighing, I got up from my place on the log, but much to my annoyance he began to follow me. Great, not only has it been the most draining day, but now I have this deranged baboon following me.

Will ya' stop following me? The truth is I don't know who I am anymore, sure my name is Simba, but am I really still him? To my surprise the baboon reaches over and pulls my head to him and whispers in my ear, "Well, I know who you are, come here, it's a secret. Is that why he seems so familiar? Though its not enough to sway my annoyance.

Suddenly he appears in front of me, and pressing his finger against my nose says, "Wrong I'm not de one who's confused, you don't even know who you are.

I'm so shocked that I can't talk, all I can do is open my mouth in surprise. The baboon gives a little wave, almost as if my confusion is amusing for him, "Bye. Finally, I find him sitting in some sort of meditative pose on a rock. While I can't see how he could be so calm and relaxed after such a sprint, the more important question rolls off my tongue. He's alive and I show him to you. She turned into a hot woman! She turned into an enchantress, which caused the prince to try and apologize, but it was too late for him because she saw no love in his heart, thus she punished him by turning him into a hideous Beast and placed a spell on the castle, and all living inside.

Cue the Castle Escape theme Wiz: As a beast, he gained certain abilities that he wouldn't possess as a mere mortal human, such as Super Strength, which it is used to lift up full grown men with one arm, like he did with Maurice and Gaston. Let me go, let me go! Please, don't hurt me, I'll do anything. He can also lift up and throw furniture made of pure oak wood, enraged or not.

And it can also allow him to make soundwaves when slamming doors shut, and when opening them, it can also allow a small wind gust to randomly come like when it happened to extinguish the flames in the fireplace during his official intro. He also possesses enhanced Speed and Agility like when he rescued Belle in the woods on two separate occasions, especially on one of them where he was capable of keeping up with a pack of wolves he was fighting.

Not to mention he is durable enough to take beatings given to him from those same wolves, as well as given a shot in the back by one of Gaston's Arrows and even being blasted by Forte's Magical Energy.

He also has a minor healing factor as he can heal from minor scratches and bites and certain other minor injuries like the minor injuries from the wolves during Belle's rescue. He also has enhanced senses of hearing and smell, as well as his own razor sharp claws and fangs to fight his foes into oblivion. But despite his own beastly feature, he is still got certain intelligence and communication that can make him a strategist, and even a little bit more than that with his stealth.

But even though this makes him badass, he still has his limits, such as he can lose his enchanced senses for a while from being drowned by hazardous environmental dangers, like a blizzard for example, and he can be tricked at some point like the time Gaston tricks him into sparing his life so he can pull a knife on the Beast in the back.

Cue Beast turns back to normal theme Wiz: But despite his supposed death, he has gotten Belle's love in return after loving Belle first, right before the last petal of the enchanted rose fell off, and it not only ressurect him, but it also turned him back to his normal human self, as well as his faithful servants.

So it can be difficult, but it does pay to have love on you at all times, even if you are a Beast. The castle is your new home now so you can go anywhere you'd like, except the West Wing. What's in the West All right, the Combatants are set, let's end the debate once and for all. It's time for a Death Battle! Simba walks past him and quickly gives him a glare. The lion heading a different way. Are you talking to me? Yes, I am talking to you.

Are you challenging me? If so, I am ready myself and ready to defeat you. No, I am not, and it is because there's no point in doing that. Beast So, you call me weak and think you can get away with that opinion? You dare to say I can't handle you?! We shall see about that. He rushes at Simba, and then delivers a gigantic claw swipe. Simba dodges and roars. Cue the theme of Beast vs the wolves Simba runs at Beast and pounces, and then bites onto his throat.

Beast roars and swats him aside. Because I am no easy pushover like the prey you hunt down. So do you, because you seem to be out of shape. Oh, and I will have you know that I am not that easy to fight off myself, compared to what say. Simba gets up and roars loudly, creating a shockwave. That is some roar, but unless I can unleash my own roar like this. He backs off holding his ears and roars, then rushes at Simba.

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Simba jumps over him and braces himself to pounce. You can't stop me! I have taken on a pack of wolves before, and you will be next but as my own lion skin rug back at the castle, and whenever you get dirty, my servants can take your fur out and beat you.

Indeed I will do such a thing, now for you to taste my claws coming at you! He rushes Simba once again, but Simba times his pounce just right, and both characters slide across the ground. Simba begins viciously biting Beast's throat and slashes across his face, but Beast gets up and roars. Simba flies into a tree and recovers as Beast slowly walks up to him.

Your chances of defeating me are as slim as what would be the last petal on the enchanted rose back at my castle. I don't think so, Adam. He kicks up sand in Beast's face and runs off, taking shelter in the bushes. Beast picks up a tree and begins swatting at the bushes.

Simba suddenly grabs on and slides towards Beast using the trunk, then jumps off. Nice try, you should keep trying though until you do hit me, which wont work. Beast roars and tries to swat Simba, but misses. Simba kicks up sand in his face once again. What, your Accuracy Stat dropping? Because you have terrible aim?

Cue the theme song of Beast vs Gaston Beast roars, enraged, and grabs Simba, then starts to choke him. Simba struggles, but, knowing it's his only hope, drops down his front leg and stabs Beast with the claw, and on the belly too.

Beast roars and backs off, holding his wound.

Simba quickly jumps into the bushes, confusing Beast. Get back over here! The fight of ours is not over yet, not by a long shot! Okay, as you wish. After all there is more to this King of the Pridelands to be than meets the eye. He pounces Beast from the bushes and bites down on his throat, but Beast swats him once again.

nala and simba meet again wiz

Simba flies into the bushes and Beast begins ramming a tree until it falls down. He then picks it up and looks around for Simba. You've made me mad! And when you have made me this mad, there will be a wrathful consequence that I make anyone like you to face.