Max goof meet and greet

Max Goof Will Be Rocking Out at Hollywood Studios' Center Stage | Disney World

max goof meet and greet

Jake's meet and greet area is located outside Disney Jr. Live. Max is a classic character from movies like 'The Goofy Movie', or 'An Extremely. pm ETJust like Lilo, Max Goof will now begin popping up frequently at Hollywood Studios. Max will be meeting at the same location as his. He has all recent information on character meet and greets. Seeing the link, now I realize that's where we saw Max Goof- at the Holiday Hat.

max goof meet and greet

He later appeared in a few other shorts such as Father's LionFather's Day Off in which Goofy refers to his son as "George" at once pointFather's Weekendand Aquamania In these earlier films, Goofy was also portrayed with a wife, though nameless and with her face always hidden from view. Disney Guest Services FAQ later stated there is no definitive answer regarding details of his mother, as one has not been revealed "on the screen".

In House of Mouse, he is still a teenager but one who is old enough to be employed as a parking valet. In Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, he is a young adult who is returning home for the holidays. Max, much to his own dismay, takes after his father at times, whether it be mannerisms including Goofy's trademark laugh or occasionally being clumsy although that is a trait he does not display obviously in An Extremely Goofy Movie during the College X-Games competition.

He feels that he is much cooler than Goofy however, and is not as earnest and humble as his old man, as he can be somewhat of a show-off at times when he excels at anything. While Goofy is still clumsy, he works hard to be a good father towards Max, at one time reprimanding him to take personal responsibility by telling him about his Max's great-uncle, Eliot Goof, an FBI agent with a never-give-up attitude and a parody of Eliot Ness.

Max Goof dancing to "Stand Out"

Despite everything, Max loves his father, even if he does wish that Goofy would be a little more normal. The Goof Troop series shows some of his relatives — an older cousin named Debbie was featured in the episode "Leader of the Pack".

Goofy, while a "Gooferamus G. Angelo Goof Goofy's artist uncle and a parody of Michelangelo. In "the Old Country" his father's "great-grand uncle" [1] was the late mad scientist Dr. Over the course of his life, Max's has been romantically involved with at least two young ladies.

In A Goofy Movie, Max tries to impress a popular girl at his school named Roxanne, and ends up with her by the film's end, but by the second movie, Max is apparently single again as he flirts with a number of other girls at the college. However, in an episode of House of Mouse, he and Roxanne are a couple once more, on a date at the titular House of Mouse.

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Later, in Mickey's Twice Upon a ChristmasMax is seen with yet another a girl named Mona, whom he brings home for Christmas to meet his father and attempts to impress her while trying not to be embarrassed by his father's goofiness. He wears baggy jeans, trademark gloves, brown sneakers, and a red shirt. A Goofy Movie[ edit ] Main article: A Goofy Movie A Goofy Movie features Max as a teenage high school student, finishing the school year before going on summer break.

In this movie, Max has grown to find his father's goofy antics embarrassing, and is likewise viewed by his peers as a geek and a goof himself; a view he seeks to change at the school assembly when he dresses up like the popular rock star Powerline and interrupts the assembly to perform Powerline's hit song "Stand Out" before the entire student body. Additionally, Max seeks to gain the attention of his crush, a popular girl named Roxanne, whom Max is convinced only ever '[looks] right through [him]' and believes the laugh he inherited from his father "ah-hyuck" is to her disliking.

Though Max ends up in detention for hijacking the assembly, he succeeds in not only impressing the other students but also winning the affections of Roxanne, who shyly yet delightedly agrees to go with him to a party that is to be held the next Saturday.

max goof meet and greet

However, the principal informs Max's father, Goofy, about Max's behavior and, fearful that his son is becoming a delinquent, Goofy decides to take Max on a cross-country fishing trip for some 'father-son bonding', much to Max's chagrin.

Before Goofy and Max hit the road, Max pays a quick visit to Roxanne's house to explain to her why he can no longer go with her to the party, but ends up lying to her that it's because he's instead going to see Powerline live in concert in Los Angeles, and that he and his father will join Powerline on stage for the final number since, as Max claims, Goofy and Powerline are old acquaintance. The guilt from this lie eats at Max throughout the film, while Goofy tries to bond with his son in ways that end up pushing Max away even further.

When Goofy appoints Max the official navigator of their road trip, things go much more smoothly for the two as Max gets to pick all the stops along the way.

But, unbeknownst to Goofy, Max had secretly changed the driving route on the map to lead them to Los Angeles, and when Goofy finds out, he and Max come to a head as the two finally let out all their held-back emotions at each other before they finally reach an understanding in which Max confesses to his dad how he's felt about Roxanne and the lie he told her before.

By this point, Max and Goofy admit that they are stuck together and wouldn't want to be with anyone else in this situation. The two actually make it to the Powerline concert, even appearing accidentally onstage.

max goof meet and greet

By the film's end, The two arrive back home and Max apologizes to Roxanne for his lie, confessing that he just wanted her to like him. Roxanne in turn confesses that she already did like Max, revealing that the goofy laugh Max had been so embarrassed by was the very thing that led to her liking him.

max goof meet and greet

After Goofy's car suddenly explodes, he is sent crashing through the roof of Roxanne's porch, at which point Max introduces Roxanne to his dad. An Extremely Goofy Movie[ edit ] Main article: He hopes to start a new life for himself and partake in the College X-Games competition. Upon his arrival to the campus, he and his friends are met by the five-time X-Game's champions, the Gamma Mu Mu fraternity.

However, because the Gammas invited only Max and not P. She is available to meet near the Disney Jr.

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Sofia also makes an experience at the Hollywood and Vine for the character meals. While Hollywood Studios has taken down the Sorcerer Mickey hat in the park, it is still the only place where you can meet Sorcerer Mickey. Meeting the main mouse in his sorcerer apprentice outfit is a really popular meet and greet so you will want to find it and get there as soon as possible.

Sorcerer Mickey can be found only in the morning soon after park opens. He is waiting to meet you in the back of the park near the Studio Catering Company. Mike Wazoski and James P. The stars of the hit Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully are located in the back lot and will be in their work uniforms. Trust us when we saw you want a hug from Sully! They are available to see all day for certain sets of time.

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Mike and Sully make for great photographs and they are fun to interact so make sure you take the time to meet them. There is even the infamous scene with Indy trying to outrun the giant foot rolling boulder!

Even audience members are picked before the show to be part of the live action. Once the show is over most audience members exit the show immediately. However, if you hang out in the audience while the other guests leave you may be lucky and be able to meet Indiana himself, and sometimes even Marion! If you are big fan of these movies I would definitely recommend waiting around after the show to meet and greet with iconic characters!

His appearances at Hollywood Studios are unique and have recently started happening. Max only comes out for pictures and autographs in the morning at Hollywood Studios. If you get there early make sure to ask a cast member where he will be making his appearance that day.

I have been a Disney Fanatic since I can remember. I got engaged at the Magic Kingdom.