I know html how to meet ladies and css

I know HTML how to meet ladies and CSS countless sex styles - T-shirts | TeeHerivar

i know html how to meet ladies and css

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CSS :nth-child() Selector

Newer machines and user agents often smooth or anti-alias all text, so it is likely that your headings and buttons will look nice on these systems without resorting to images of text.

The following CSS properties are useful to style text and avoid the need for text in images: The font-family property is used to display the code aspect in a monospace font family. The text-align property is used to display the text to the right of the viewport. The font-size property is used to display the text in a larger size.

i know html how to meet ladies and css

The font-style property is used to display text in italics. The font-weight property is used to set how thick or thin characters in text should be displayed.

i know html how to meet ladies and css

All the type conversions will need to be done in JavaScript. Second, data attributes should only be used when there are no other appropriate HTML elements or attributes.

An element can have any number of data attributes with any value you want.

i know html how to meet ladies and css

You can also show the information stored in the data attribute to users in a tooltip or some other way with the help of the attr function. Styling Elements Getting back to our restaurant example, you can give users a cue about the type of restaurant or its distance from them using attribute selectors to style the background of the restaurants differently.

Creating Tooltips You can use tooltips to show users some additional information related to an element.

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I recommend you use this method for quick prototypes rather than a production website, not least because CSS-only tooltips are not fully accessible. The information that you want to show can be stored in a data-tooltip attribute.

i know html how to meet ladies and css

Using getAttribute and setAttribute You can use getAttribute and setAttribute in JavaScript to get and set the value of different data attributes.

The getAttribute method will either return null or an empty string if the given attribute does not exist. Here is an example of using these methods: There are a few things that you should keep in mind while using the dataset property.

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The data- prefix is removed from the attribute name Any hyphen followed by a lower case letter is removed from the name and the letter following it is converted to uppercase Other characters will remain unchanged.

This means that any hyphen that is not followed by a lowercase letter will also remain unchanged. The attributes can then be accessed using the camelCase name stored in the object as a key like element. A group that creates spaces for women from all levels to engage and talk about their experiences, both positive and negative, and get the support and inspiration, Ladies that UX has over 54 chapters in over 20 countries, spanning four continents.

i know html how to meet ladies and css

Entrepreneurs, mentors, and educators teaching girls how to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders, from a completing a tech curriculum to launching their mobile app startup. Their events include workshops, co-working sessions, hackathons, interview preparation, and everything in between.

i know html how to meet ladies and css

A community of latinx professionals in the tech industry in greater San Francisco Bay Area. CoderGirl provides a space for women of all skill levels to learn to code: Web dev workshops and bootcamps for low-income young people of color in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California from Modesto to Gilroy to San Francisco and beyond.

Provides educational events for female software developers in the hi-tech industry throughout Israel. Free workshops in London bridging the diversity gap.