How to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

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how to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

My question is how do I just go with the flow when I really care about him? the guys were more on edge in relationships because they knew I didn't put .. just relaxing and knowing you'll be absolutely fine if things go wrong. Let love flow and unfold naturally with these 5 practices that help you approach love with more ease. In my dating life and many of my relationships, I wasn't able to flow. When I learned to let go, I began meeting more men who were better If you feel open, expanded, relaxed or uplifted, say “yes”. Why 'Going With The Flow' When You Really Like Someone Is A . Does the person asking to go with the flow still expect all of the relationship.

Sure I led a busy life with work, exercising, and getting together with friends and family. But I unintentionally put parts of my life on hold until I met men I really liked. After much disappointment and frustration about not finding the one, I got to a place in my life where I preferred being single instead of being with the wrong men and in relationships that went nowhere.

As I embraced being single and began to live my life, I enjoyed better dating experiences and relationships. Embrace that these behaviors have given you the awareness to learn, grow and become wiser.

And know that you can approach love with more ease. Be present and live in the moment The present moment is where love flows. When you find your mind wishing things were different or worrying about what might or might not happen, gently nudge your attention back to the present moment. You may find your mind gravitating towards certain thoughts, especially unsupportive ones. If your mind continues thinking these thoughts, take some deep breaths to get centered, observe the thoughts without judgment and with curiosity, then bring your attention to the present.

The more you practice, the more these thoughts will release themselves, making room for more loving and supportive ones. Set intentions instead of having expectations Intentions let you be with what is while expectations cause you to struggle with what is.

Having expectations is a way of trying to control things.

how to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

This is because there are so many factors involved i. When you are holding tightly to how something should be, that is an opportunity to set an intention of what you wish to see.

how to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

In doing so, you may learn something you never knew or gain a different way of seeing things. Respond from intuition You have your answers to love, not your family nor friends.

how to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

If you feel closed, stressed or uptight, wait for more clarity instead of making a decision. You will begin to make better decisions as you continue listening to your intuition.

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Live your own life Living your life makes you a more dimensional and interesting woman. Discover and live your passions.

how to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

They find a girl they like, start a relationship, and just figure things out as they go. Even if the beginning of a relationship is fun and invigorating, over time it may turn into a drain on your life. From here, guys may break it off only to find themselves in the same situation with the next girl.

Topic: How do you "go with the flow?"

Often this just means getting a little clarity. Take a few minutes and figure out exactly what you want in a girlfriend for your ideal relationship. Creating a fulfilling relationship will then be much easier.

Establishing the clarity you need to go after your own perfect relationship is incredibly easy. Grab a pen and piece of paper and write down the exact qualities of your ideal girlfriend.

For some guidance, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself in order to find your dream girl: Is your future girlfriend a high-energy girl with a bubbly personality? Or is she a more of the calm, quite type?

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How does she spend her time? What does her average day look like? What are her values — what really matters to her?

how to relax and go with the flow in a relationship

Is religion a big factor in her life? What about political views? What does a successful relationship look like to her?