How did rob and nicole cesternino meet

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how did rob and nicole cesternino meet

with Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino talking on occasion about Emily January 7, - Bachelor Season 20 Episode 1 | Ben Meets the 28 Women. The Official Site for Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri Here you can find all About Nicole Nicole Palmeri is very excited about creating this website for her. Spouse(s), Nicole Cesternino. Website, Rob Has a Website. Robert Kristopher " Rob" Cesternino (born October 20, ) is an American reality television.

At the live reunion show, he was declared by host Jeff Probst to be "the smartest player to have never won the game. All Stars and was a member of the original Chapera tribe.

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However, his strong strategic game in Survivor: The Amazon caused others to identify him as a threat, and he was voted out in a blindside led by "Boston" Rob Mariano. With all votes against him, he was the third person voted out and finished in 15th place, after fellow Amazon castaway Jenna Morasca quit the game to be with her dying mother.

He was hired to write a weekly newspaper column for his local paper, The Long Island Press. Cesternino also began to write material for a stand-up comedy act. Inhe moved to Los AngelesCalifornia to begin a career in production. Cesternino became a founding member of The FishBowl, an online talk radio station operated by reality television alumni. Inhe co-wrote and produced the film The Scorned.

In addition, both of his seasons were voted by viewers as being among the top 10 greatest seasons of all time - The Amazon was 8th, while All-Stars was 6th. Cambodiawas his personal favorite non-winner contestant. The podcast began duringoriginally covering Survivor: Villains and the final season of Lost. In its seven years on the air, the podcast has developed into one of the leading entertainment podcasts, particularly well known for its coverage of Survivor.

The show features weekly interviews with a wide range of former contestants to get their perspectives on the game. My parents threw a huge party every week and invited just about everybody they knew.

Every week was an event. My sister Lisa also invited her friends over to watch the show. After a few weeks, I started to really hit it off with one of these girls.

Her name was Nicole.

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In the week following the Survivor: My season had been over for a total of 3 days and now I was already faced with the prospect of going back. I officially got the call five months later in October of to go back and play Survivor a second time.

This time I had time to prepare. I read strategy and psychology books. I lasted 12 days on Survivor: All-Stars before being unanimously voted out of my tribe. All-Stars, I thought I had everything figured out. I thought there would be a world of opportunities for a funny guy who had just had two memorable appearances on Survivor.

Things were going great with Nicole, but I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I got a phone call from a producer out in Los Angeles named Scott Zakarin. Scott owned a production company that was doing projects with reality TV stars after they got off of their shows.

I flew out to L. After a few months of working together while I lived in New York, Scott told me that he would give me a full-time job if I moved to L. Even though Nicole was upset this is an understatementI told Scott that I would accept his offer. I started making arrangements to leave Long Island and move into an apartment in Los Angeles. I wanted to make it work with Nicole over the long distance, but she had her doubts that it could work.

Me and Nicole in a picture that was on TheFishbowl. I officially got to L. I moved into my one bedroom apartment on Hollywood Blvd.

The funny thing about moving to Los Angeles at that time was that, other than the people I worked with, the only other people I knew were people from reality shows — specifically, crazy, spotlight-seeking reality TV personalities. We got to do some really cool stuff at the Fishbowl. I became the host of their Survivor radio show.

The show was a Project Greenlight-type documentary of the making of a horror movie starring all reality stars. The film was called The Scorned and I co-wrote it. I found myself in L. Although The Fishbowl had failed, I never thought to go back to Long Island with my tail between my legs.

Rob Cesternino

In fact, Nicole moved to Los Angeles to live with me in February The long distance experiment had worked and she quickly learned to love Los Angeles as much as I did. Our focus was in web video production. Once YouTube took off, we started creating original web series. After starting as a fan, then becoming a contestant and ultimately broadcasting about the show over its first 13 seasons, I needed a break from Survivor. We followed that up with another daily web series called NoHoGirls.

The premise was that the characters were posting and vlogging videos as if they were real people — even though they were actors. As I was writing, producing and directing web series for Iron Sink, I was starting to learn all of the aspects of production. We had no budget, we had no marketing team — so to create successful shows, we had to learn how to market content on the internet. I became an expert in learning how to build audiences on YouTube using early social media platforms like MySpace.

The show aired for two seasons and had its own product placement deal with Ford.

how did rob and nicole cesternino meet

Inwith our company fully funded, we launched a number of new series on YouTube. We started the DownstairsGuys and UpstairsGirls which were interactive daily vlogs.

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We did another web series called ModelBallin which a degenerate gambler bet he could win a beer league softball championship with a team of models. In the fall ofI was about to turn I wanted to do something big for my 30th birthday so I took Nicole out for a weekend away and I proposed. After a five-year courtship, we were finally getting married. However, when the economy crashed at the end ofthe funding that we had gotten for our company started to dry up.

Without the money coming in to fund our production, there was no way to continue making the shows. By the spring ofI was out of work and without an income. I also was getting married in a year and needed to pay for a wedding. I was trying to hone my skills as an internet marketer and a content creator and I needed a place to put my resume. Rob Has a Podcast During the summer ofI started playing around with podcasting.

I had started listening to podcasts a few years earlier and always thought it would be fun to make my own. I started recording podcasts of me talking to my friends from college about my beloved New York Mets and Star Wars. Hardly anybody was listening to these shows but the few people who did said they always liked it when I did them with Nicole. Over the last few years I had watched a few seasons of Survivor.

In the summer ofCBS started really promoting how big of a character Russell Hantz was going to be. I was intrigued enough to start watching the show on a regular basis. I had a great time seeing a bunch of familiar faces who I had lost touch with. After going to the party, I realized that I was really excited about tuning in to Survivor: I missed talking about Survivor. Soon after this, my friend Ryan Pappolla really wanted to do a podcast with me about the upcoming final season of LOST.

Our first Survivor podcast was in February of A few weeks later, I thought I might as well call up somebody I knew to have them talk about Survivor with me.

how did rob and nicole cesternino meet

I called Jonny Fairplay Survivor: Pearl Islands and then Jenna Morasca Survivor: The Amazon the week after that. Suddenly, people expected a guest every week! While doing the podcast was taking up a lot of my time, it was quickly becoming a labor of love. Everything about our wedding day was perfect. Shortly thereafter, Nicole and I headed off to our honeymoon in Antigua before heading back to L.

With my beautiful wife Nicole on August 1, Back home as newlyweds, we got back behind the microphones and kept podcasting. By September ofthe podcast was successful enough that we started getting to do exit interviews with the players kicked off of Survivor: I was also asked to write the weekly Survivor blog on CBS. From all of the knowledge I was learning about how to build a website and market the show, I started to get other types of work as well.

I became the social media manager for a Moving Pictures Magazine in late All the while, I continued to create more and more podcasts. In the fall ofI decided to start doing video simulcasts of some of the shows. The early shows on video were very experimental but I found that there was a new level of interactivity that we had when our audience was listening to us live. In December ofmy world was rocked when my father passed away very suddenly from a heart attack.

It was a terrible shock to me and my entire family, but the support from the RHAP community was amazing and touching. A few days before my Dad passed away, I actually had the most amazing conversation with him over the phone. While my family and I always had worried about his weight, I had no reason to suspect that I would be talking to him for the last time.

how did rob and nicole cesternino meet