How did kirk cameron and ray comfort meet

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how did kirk cameron and ray comfort meet

Kirk Thomas Cameron (born October 12, ) is an American actor. He is known for his role Cameron is also an active Evangelical Christian, partnering with Ray Comfort in the evangelical ministry The Way of the Master, and has co- founded The Firefly Foundation with his wife, actress Chelsea Noble. I was living a dream at 17 years old. It was very, very exciting. Ray Comfort: Who did you meet? Did you know any celebrities? Kirk Cameron. Ray Comfort is the man responsible for the recent distribution of the man speaking alongside ministry partner Kirk Cameron in the infamous.

Tannerthe role played by Cameron's sister, Candace. Cameron went on to star in many films, including the 's Like Father Like Son [17] a body-switch comedy with Dudley Moorewhich was a box office success. In Kirk, Cameron played Kirk Hartman, [20] a year-old who has to raise his siblings. Return of the Seaversin Tribulation Forceand Left Behind: World at Warin which he plays Cameron "Buck" Williams.

Cameron's wife Noble also starred in the film series, [25] playing Hattie Durham. Cameron has worked with Cloud Ten Picturesa company which produces Christian-themed films, and has starred in several of their films, including The Miracle of the Cards. It was the highest grossing independent film of In Search of America's National Treasure.

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A trailer for the film was blocked on Facebookwith Cameron speculating that it was due to the film's religious content. Facebook has since removed the block, stating it was the result of a mistake by an automated system and a spam site previously registered at the same web address.

Roy Natian Another instance of evolution being observed: I will skip the change from single celled to multi-celled Asexual reproduction means that all the recessive genes remain recessive, even though they may be helpful. When multiple organisms of this type are close together they may accidentally reproduce with their neighbour rather than their own genes.

This would be sexual reproduction and if this was shown to have even the slightest advantage more combinations of genes would lead to a greater chance of one being hugely beneficial natural selection would accellerate this process and make it become the norm.

Kirk Cameron

Ray seems fixated on animal sex, but what about plants? Most wind pollinated plants can easily fertilise themselves but they leave themselves open to cross pollination from other plants.

how did kirk cameron and ray comfort meet

Also, aphids can asexually reproduce, one of the few animals that can, yet they choose to reproduce sexually whenever possible Ray would explain that away by lust which is why I stuck to plants. These may or may not be true — but if I can come up with them off the top of my head surely Ray and his people could work out how sex might be an advantage. You may not like this but, they are laughing AT you, not with you.

Jeff Ray quotes 1 John 5: Infinite reward for a finitely held belief. Ray talks about God creating man in His own image… and that man reproduces sexually. He has a talent for evasion and twisting arguments to suit his needs.

how did kirk cameron and ray comfort meet

He would have made a good politician. People with weak arguments tend not to like being pinned down. Roger Hart Ray Comfort: We originally intended to give the books out on the 19th but because of the threats of book burnings … Book burnings?

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Why spoil a good fire. He took survival of the fittest to its logical conclusion. I see this, and I note that my question was not included in the interview. I would like to know why.

Claudia Funny, I find myself getting a lot angrier when I see him misrepresenting science than when I see him discussing religion. His short answer to his understanding of evolution has a remarkably large number of errors, misrepresentations and lies.

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The fact that evolution does not explain abiogenesis nor does it pretend to has been explained to him, so the fact he brings it up as a weakness shows he is deceptive. Who would Jesus lie to, Ray? Since it is too much to believe even for fundies that God made, not only every species, but every breed of every animal separate creations of Bulldogs and Golden Retrieversespecially since many varieties are recorded as having been engineered by man, they try to squeeze out of it saying that variation within species is possible, but change into a new species is not.

This is also how they try to get out of the thousands of transitional fossils. What constitutes different varieties and different species is a matter of degrees.

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Actual Facts about Kirk Cameron that Sound Like April Fool's Jokes

Every argument, every single one, has been patiently and repeatedly explained to Ray. So he is either psychotic and lacks the ability to distinguish reality from fiction, or more likely he is a dishonest worm who in pursuit of his religious ideology is perfectly willing to lie and decieve.

how did kirk cameron and ray comfort meet

Wrong place to do it Ray. You will convince no one here. I think it will help Comfort immensely. He will quote from this interview as he held his own with little challenge to show how reasonable his point of view really is.

What evidence would you need to see in order to accept evolution? If you can think of something new that you think is credible, please let me know and I will be happy to consider it. Yet, there was no follow up comment or factual information from the questioner. There are many more places where he was let off the hook. I think you may be right. It reminds me of when a blatant racist exclaims that he is not racist because he has black friends.

how did kirk cameron and ray comfort meet

Steve I have listened to Ray for a while now and listened to all of the scientific community explain to him why his positions are incorrect based on the scientific reasons. This particuar quote happens to disturb me more than most.

Is he willing to apply this to other types of science? Does he believe in the scientific method when it comes to this aspect of science but not when that same method is applied to evolution?