How did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

how did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

That her marriage to Mr. Seinfeld has put the former Jessica Sklar in an A-list world where she has made the kind of famous friends who. But then Jerry Seinfeld is one of America's most famous comedians, and we meet, although her manner is brisk and a little wary, she is chatty. One of the first things I do is get the coffee brewing on my Elektra Seinfeld with her husband, Jerry, at a Chanel event at the New York Public Library It's the same feeling I have about meeting famous people; I like to keep.

He allegedly threatened to "smash" Kupferman's face when she was nursing their 1-month-old daughter and tore apart baby announcements after raging over credit card bills, according to the Post.

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Later, he explained his actions in an e-mail to Kupferman, saying "male post-partum depression is probably something I'm going through," according documents obtained by the Post.

Male postpartum depression is "absolutely a legitimate condition -- there is no doubt about that," said psychologist Will Courtenay of Oakland, Calif.

how did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

The blues can come out in irritability and anger, as well as physical aggression and lack of impulse control, according to Courtenay. At the time, Smith said that the judge had signed a protection order "based upon a finding of danger to person or property and domestic violence.

Postpartum Blues Made Me Violent, Says Broadway Producer

Courtenay, who specializes in treating males, said his own research found that 1 in 4 men suffer from the post-baby blues, most often in the three-to-four-month period after birth.

He said the JAMA had looked at 43 "very good studies" that were large and population based.

how did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

Post-Baby Depression Affects Men, Too Doctors suspect that the condition is partially hormonal and may be triggered by lack of sleep. Men also have fewer support systems to fight off the depression.

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Though researchers don't fully understand why this happens, he said they suspect it's "nature's way of helping fathers bond with babies. Early life[ edit ] Seinfeld was born in Oyster Bay, New Yorkthe middle of three daughters, and grew up in a middle-class household in Burlington, Vermont. Her mother was a city social worker for more than fifty years and an attendance officer at Hunt Middle School, while her father is a computer software engineer.

how did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

She started with a donation drive, whereby she asked people for their used baby supplies after realizing that her first child's products, no longer of use to her own family, could certainly be used by others. As the daughter of a social worker, throwing out perfectly good baby gear was unthinkable, and yet there was no easy way to get it to a family who could use it.

how did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

Thus, Baby Buggy was born. By providing concrete resources to families through a network of social service professionals, Baby Buggy seeks to alleviate the stress of living in poverty and help in the prevention of crisis.

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As of MayBaby Buggy has donated over six million items to New York families since the organization was established. Financial support for the organization comes from its Board of Directors, the Friends of Baby Buggy group, private individuals, corporations and foundations.

As of88 cents of every dollar received by Baby Buggy went straight to programs.

how did jessica seinfeld and jerry meet

Jessica shared with "Good Morning America" co-anchor George Stephanopoulos that the charity had outgrown its name. For example, a parent who opens an education savings account will also receive a stroller. Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food, [9] which contains strategies and recipes for making healthy food appealing to young children. The book features traditional recipes, such as mac and cheese and spaghetti and meatballs, that get a nutritional boost from vegetable purees.

Deceptively Delicious was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Showbecame a 1 New York Times bestseller, remaining on the list for five months after its release.