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genoa city live meet and greet

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Finding out about the abortion, he berated Ashley and caused her to have another nervous breakdown. Ashley found herself without her memory again in a New York City mental institution.

John eventually found her there and returned her to a posh private institution near Genoa City. Her New York doctor, Stephen Lassiter, had fallen in love with her, followed her to Genoa City, and became a resident psychiatrist there. Ashley recovered thanks to Stephen's devotion, and they were married.

During their honeymoon in Hawaii they were stalked by Leanna Randolph, a former mental patient of Stephen's who fantasized that they were lovers. After Leanna made several attempts to murder Ashley with a poisoned lei, Ashley spent most of her honeymoon sick. Ashley never found out about Leanna's connection to Stephen nor that she tried to murder her. Leanna followed them back to Genoa City and became the infamous, wacky Leanna Love, aka Nora Randall, author of "Ruthless," the expose on Victor which included a chapter on his affair with Ashley and the resulting abortion.

Stephen and Ashley's marriage was short-lived when he was murdered by another deranged former patient. It wasn't long before Ashley was actively pursued by her sister, Traci's, ex-husband, Brad Carlton.

Before Ashley could give an answer to his proposal, Traci returned to Genoa City, determined to win back Brad. Torn between her feelings for her sister and Brad, Ashley returned to her cottage in the woods for solace. Hurting due to Nikki's recent marriage to Jack, Victor also turned up at the cottage pining for his lost love with Ashley. Victor and Ashley convinced themselves that they were still in love and impulsively married. Victor's daughter Victoria returned as a teenager from her Swiss boarding school, determined to break up her father's new marriage.

When Victor discovered Nikki was drinking and suffering from chronic pain, he slowly fell back in love with her. Victoria felt sorry for Ashley and told her everything. Ashley moved out, and she and Victor divorced. Next, the unlucky in love Ashley became interested in Jabot's mysterious new photographer Blade. They fell in love and married.

Determined to cause trouble, Blade's former lover Marilyn Mari Jo Mason, accused Blade of fighting with his twin brother Rick and leaving him to drown.

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Both were quite surprised when Rick arrived in town, quite alive, but bent on revenge against Blade. Rick ended up holding Blade hostage and taking his place as Ashley's husband. Even after Blade escaped and resumed his role as her husband, he never told Ashley of the deception.

Blade was killed by a train as he rushed home to rescue Ashley from a returned-for-revenge Rick. Devastated, Ashley ran off to live in Paris. Years later, after Ashley's return, she was attacked and nearly killed by two thugs while walking through the woods. She was rescued by the mysterious Kurt Costner, whom the thugs shot and left for dead.

Ashley and Kurt were rushed to the hospital. They became attracted to each other, and Kurt's haunting past turned out to be that he had thought he had killed his wife and daughter in a car accident.

Ashley found the evidence that proved Kurt was not at fault. Saving Hope's life convinced Kurt to return to his career as a doctor, and he became close to Hope. Ashley forced him to choose one of them, and Kurt chose to escort Hope and Victor Jr. The following year, Ashley agreed to let Cole Howard write his new novel based on her. Cole's wife Victoria, who was Ashley's former step-daughter, had abandoned him for Europe for months with no word. Victoria came home unexpectedly and found them together kissing on the bed.

Victoria and Ashley competed for Cole. Cole and Victoria divorced and Ashley and Cole married. Then Ashley disappeared to Madrid, Spain, where she got involved in rescuing her step-brother, Rafael. She sold some stock to buy back paintings he had forged and sold. Because Cole was following her around Europe, always a step behind, he assumed she was having an affair with Rafael.

Victoria, bent on breaking up their marriage, joined them in Europe and hooked up with Rafael. When they all finally returned to Genoa City, Victoria left Rafael with a ticket to follow them. In a last ditch attempt to save her marriage, Ashley decided they should have a baby but Cole took a teaching position at University of Oxford and divorced Ashley.

To help her get over Cole, Jack paid for Ashley to go on a cruise for Christmas. Ashley was determined to raise the baby herself, feeling guilty about the one she aborted. She refused to name the baby's father, and after being badgered by Jack, she said the father was her friend Christian in order to stop the questions.

Ashley briefly fell in love with Victor Newman again, until he decided to end it due to too much bad history between them and the continual animosity between their families. Brad Carlton came to her rescue, wooed her, and talked her into marrying him, and letting him raise the child as his own. Ashley went in to labor, leaving Brad and the wedding guests waiting.

Victor rushed her to the hospital, Ashley gave birth to a baby girl, and Brad and Ashley were married in her hospital room. Brad adopted the child, Abigail "Abby. Brad and Ashley allowed Colleen to babysit Abby to show they trusted her. Not long after they left, Colleen walked outside to smoke when baby Abby choked on a button and Colleen ran to her aid, saving her life. She was commended for her efforts after Brad and Ashley realized that Ashley had dropped the button.

Colleen realizing how different things could have ended if she had been stoned, flushed the marijuana, vowing never to smoke again. With the help of her new friend, J.

Hellstrom, Colleen tried her best to stay out of trouble. Though she worked hard to stay clean, Colleen found herself in trouble again when shefell in love with J. Their tumultuous relationship ended with Colleen coming to live with Brad and Ashley. With Brad by her side, Ashley faced the biggest crisis of her life: She underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments and lost her hair.

The stress affected their relationship, especially when Ashley's former husband, Victor Newman, was always right there to support her. Ashley and Brad seemed to have gotten things back on track, but only after she drove him into her best friend Olivia's arms. Brad was wise enough to stop it at one kiss, but Olivia had a hard time forgetting, especially once Olivia uncovered Ashley's secret that Ashley's daughter, Abby, was fathered by Victor Newman's stolen sperm.

Olivia and Drucilla coerced Ashley into telling Brad the truth.

genoa city live meet and greet

Brad was furious and left, and days later, he and Olivia made love. When Ashley discovered she was pregnant with Brad's child, they reunited and Olivia was left out in the cold. Tensions rose as nearly everyone's mate was the enemy. Victor headed up Newman, and his wife, Nikki, worked for Jabot. Jack was Jabot, and his wife, Phyllis, worked for Newman. Victoria and Nick were in the middle with their parents on opposite sides.

Victoria was resentful that Victor passed her over and mentored Nick to take over Newman one day, while Nick was unable to forgive Victor for being too close to his wife, Sharon. To compete, Jabot decided to resurrect a similar shelved project of Ashley's called Tuvia.

Drucilla got her payback when she found out that Newman was trying to woo Satine creator, Damon Porter, as the chemist for the newly named Safra line.

genoa city live meet and greet

Drucilla stole him away to work for Jabot during Ashley's maternity leave. Jabot was still hurting financially, but saw Tuvia as their savior. Jabot was depending on their reputation and fine product to put them back in the black, but Victor could not let Jabot win the war, so he blackmailed Michael Baldwin into paying off large retailers to give Newman the prime shelf space normally held by Jabot.

With both product's rollout only a day away, Victor felt the need to find the very pregnant Ashley where she was nesting at a resort just days away from delivery.

He came there to tell her not to worry, which only made her worry. The next day, Newman's Safra was selling like hotcakes and finished a close second to Jabot's Tuvia. The Abbotts were shocked; the Newmans jubilant. Nick smelled a rat. Ashley, convinced Victor pulled a fast one, decided to drive to Genoa City to convince him to stop whatever he was doing to Jabot. Ashley's sport-utility vehicle was broad-sided just outside Genoa City, and Jack and Brad were on the scene as she was cut out of the vehicle and rushed to the hospital battered and bruised.

As Brad held the hand of the unconscious Ashley, the fetal heart monitor stopped. Ashley was rushed into surgery, but baby Robert, named after John's father, died. Nearly everyone blamed Victor Newman. John went out to the ranch and punched Victor in the face. Ashley blamed herself, especially after Olivia delivered the news that she couldn't have more children. When Victor came to see Ashley, she told him to go away. Brad went gunning for Victor to even the score.

Later Ashley had another breakdown and happily showed people her newborn son which was nothing but a baby blanket, and refused to allow Brad to hold a memorial service. Ashley got the help and medication she needed and returned home.

Ashley spent a few months nearly catatonic until they realized she snapped out of it whenever Victor's name was mentioned. They got Victor to speak to her, and she eventually came out of it. Convinced it was caused by her untold secret, Ashley decided to tell Victor that her daughter Abby was his child by stolen sperm sample. Nikki begged her to let her tell Victor, but Abby beat everyone to it by telling Victor "Momma says you are my daddy. Victor wanted unsupervised visitation with Abby.

Ashley wanted to allow it, but Brad was against it. Victoria was so disappointed with her father that she left town. Victor felt Nick had betrayed him and disowned him. Unlike the rest of the Abbotts, Ashley let Victor know she was ashamed of him, but held no grudge.

Victor was arrested and jailed the day before Christmas, but he refused bail. When Ashley found out, she visited him and convinced him to quit moping, accept bail, and go home to his family for Christmas. Although Michael offered to take the rap, Victor insisted he make a deal with the district attorney's office to hopefully save Michael's legal career.

Nikki gave an impassioned speech at Victor's commercial bribery trial, and Phyllis dealt the final blow to her marriage to Jack by also testifying on Victor's behalf. Phyllis asked Nick for her job back, but he turned her down. Jack laughed in his face as it was nowhere near what they lost. Victor was sentenced to do a lot of community service. After sentencing, John and Ashley raked Jack over the coals for not consulting them about the settlement offer.

Reluctantly John and Ashley were about to accept, when Jack offered to resign if it would save Jabot. Ashley, living in a dream world, suddenly announced to Brad that their marriage was over because she wanted to be with her true love, Victor. When Victor heard what she did, he confronted Ashley and made her realize that he was happily married to Nikki with no romantic interest in Ashley.

Victor enjoyed regular visitation with Abby until she fell from a horse on the ranch, and became afraid of him. Ashley and Jack were both shocked when John and Gloria returned from a cruise and announced they were married.

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Ashley was convinced Gloria was a gold digger, disapproved of the relationship, and vowed to end it, while Jack was content if Gloria made John happy. A fall down the stairs caused John to break his hip and Gloria managed to weasel her way back into his good graces while he recuperated.

When John realized that Victor was making drastic cuts in the company which he could not abide by, he removed Ashley as CEO, came out of retirement, and took the position himself. Ashley began dating Paul Williams but was also being pursued by a mysterious man named Tom Callahan.

What she didn't know was that he was Gloria's ex-husband, and Kevin's abusive father, "Terrible" Tom Fisher. After witnessing a bit of his temper, Ashley asked Tom to back off and that she only wanted to be friends.

Tom went to the Abbott Mansion and confronted Gloria who was shocked and terrified to see him. She held him at bay with a fireplace poker while he tried to sweet talk her in his smarmy manner, expecting a cut of her good fortune from being married to a rich man.

But Gloria gave him -a piece of her mind about the kind of man he was and is and got him out the back way, just before John and Ashley returned. Tom showed up at Michael's house, and Lauren looked on in horror as Michael fought Tom, as all the years of rage came out. Gloria was still so cowed by Tom, she gave in to his blackmail demands by tricking money out of John by supposedly paying expenses for Michael and Lauren's wedding. Michael decided it was time to put a stop to it all, and tell John the truth.

But Tom outwitted him by going to John himself, telling him who he really was, that his intentions toward Ashley were honorable, that Michael had known all along and Gloria didn't, and he was only there to make up for the past. John went home and told Gloria, who played into Tom's plan once again. She was free and clear with John, but further indebted to Tom, and Michael was on the spot.

They told Ashley, who later slugged Tom at the Athletic Club. Because Gloria continued to pay Tom blackmail money stolen from John, Michael formed an alliance with Ashley. They planted drugs in Tom's motorcycle saddle bags, and arranged for him to be caught.

Ashley began dating Tom as part of the plot to bring him down, but Tom found out and became bent on revenge! Not realizing that Sheila was intent on murder, Tom was conned into joining her plot to get back at Lauren, by planting a bomb on Lauren and Michael's honeymoon yacht. Michael watched in horror from shore as the yacht blew up. Lauren was not found and was presumed dead.

But Tom had rescued Lauren and took her and Sheila back to a farmhouse in Genoa City where he held them in the basement fallout shelter. Lauren convinced Tom that Sheila was the "bad guy", so he contacted Gloria to arrange a deal to turn over Lauren. John overheard the phone call, grabbed his gun, and met Tom in an alley instead. During a struggle the gun went off, and Tom was killed. John dropped the gun and took off, and got into a car accident, but Ashley arrived in time to witness it.

Ashley confessed to the shooting and was arrested, Michael signed on to be her lawyer. Meanwhile Lauren and Sheila fought, and Lauren broke Sheila's ankle. Realizing Tom was not coming back, they joined forces to escape. As they were almost out, Paul arrived and pulled Lauren to safety while the shelter caved in on Sheila.

Sheila was not found in the rubble, but was later seen at a plastic surgeon's office wanting a new face. After recovering from the accident, John regained his memory, and confessed to killing Tom. John got Paul to help him convince the D.

Although Colleen, Gloria, Jill, Katherine, Jack, Victor, and Ashley testified as character witnesses, they were shocked when John was sentenced to seven years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. With John in prison and not at the mansion to protect her, Gloria grew tired of the way Jack and Ashley treated her and vowed to get even. She managed to get access to the new product Ashley was developing in the lab and compromised it with cleaning solution to make trouble for them.

Gloria even asked for a sample, then used it on herself to get severe facial burns to show everyone that Ashley's cream was a hazard. Unfortunately samples had already been distributed to select people, and a woman ended up dying after using the cream. The cause of death was a bit suspicious, but the husband was paid off by Jabot to avoid a lawsuit.

While in prison John started getting into fights with inmates and having spells where he believed his first wife Dina had just left him. Jack, Ashley, and Gloria were made aware, and John's doctor examined him, discovering that John was being over-medicated.

Six months after his incarceration, John was about to be released early due to ill heath when he had a stroke and was rushed to Genoa City Memorial in grave condition. The doctors explained that John would never come out of his vegetative state and had signed a D. After much bickering between Gloria and Jack, Gloria decided to use her authority in the D. R to allow John to die. Billy and Traci returned to say farewell to their father, as did old friend Kay, and ex-wife Jill.

Jack and Ashley, who wanted a small family-only memorial service for John, over-ruled Gloria who wanted a huge lavish funeral. As the feud between them heightened, Jack made sure that Gloria had the wrong time so that she missed the memorial service where each of John's children, Kay, and Jill, gave a heartfelt eulogy.

Jack, who was legally unable to own Jabot, made an offer through a company called House of Kim, which Katherine accepted. To make matters worse, Jack financed it using a loan from Victor Newman. When Victor figured out that Jack owned Jabot, he was determined to destroy Jack. Ashley was so upset by the collusion that she accepted a position with House of Kim in Hong Kong and took her daughter, Abby, with her. Ashley and Abby ended up in France, where she soon met Rick Forrester, who was there to launch a line of fragrances for Forrester Creations.

They made love on an airplane and had a one-night stand in Mexico. Ashley accepted a position with Forrester Originals in Los Angeles designing a fragrance to go with their new line of boutiques. She and Rick Forrester agreed to keep the romance they had in Paris in the past, as he was moving on with a new love, Phoebe. Ashley set her sights on Ridge Forrester, and the feelings were returned. They grew closer and Ridge proposed.

Shortly after his proposal Ridge realized he was still in love with Brooke and broke the engagement. Brooke, seeing her brother Storm alone and unhappy, suggested he ask Ashley out. She accepted and they began a casual dating relationship. Ridge went absolutely ballistic when he realized Storm was dating Ashley because he had fired Storm and forbidden him to have any dealings with anyone who worked at Forrester.

When Ridge felt Ashley and Storm were getting too close, he revealed the secret to Ashley that Storm had shot Stephanie. Ashley became paranoid and afraid of Storm. Storm realized what Ridge had done and immediately his own paranoia came to the forefront. He started acting strangely, which frightened Ashley she ended the date and asked him to take her home.

Storm tried to talk to her and get her to admit that Ridge had poisoned her mind about him. He tried to explain his confused and unstable state of mind when he shot Stephanie.

Ashley finally got him to leave, then Storm returned to Ashley's with a gun, a replica of the one he used on Stephanie. He said he wanted to explain what happened and the gun was a prop. Katie rushed over, and seeing their argument, Katie misunderstood, and tried to take the gun. The gun went off and Katie was shot through the heart. After Storm's death, Ashley came forward and confirmed he did not shoot Katie, that she basically shot herself when struggling for the gun.

Back in Genoa City, Jeffrey and Gloria Bardwell's latest plot was to buy up shares in Jabot to get controlling interest. They included Jack in the plan, promising him he could head Jabot again.

Jack was hesitant to trust them as they never even fully trust each other. But he convinced Ashley and Traci to let him proxy their stocks to help put Jabot back under Abbott control. After Victor's wife Sabrina was killed, he disappeared from Genoa City with the police looking for him with unanswered questions in the death of Walter Palin, the man Victor held responsible for her death.

Nikki, Victoria, and Nick were unable to convince him to return and come out of his reclusive state. Victor was hiding out in France at the chateau he bought for Sabrina, but in his depression, tearfully burned it to the ground. Meanwhile, Nikki, Nick, Victoria, and J. During Nikki's interrogation by Heather and the authorities, Victor made a call to Michael who was acting as her lawyer. He ended up speaking to Heather, telling her he was innocent in the death of Walter Palin, and to leave his family and him alone.

He fired Michael as his lawyer, and told everyone this was the last they would ever hear from him. So Nikki called Ashley as the one person Victor might listen to.

Nick received a call from a Priest in Paris concerned about Victor, who was hiding out at a monastery there. Ashley left her job in London for Paris, but by then Victor had disappeared again. After finding a prayer card for Saint Raymond in his room, Ashley ended up in front of the Saint's statue, and Victor walked up behind her. They had a tearful reunion that ended up in them sleeping together.

Ashley and Victor returned to Genoa City in time for Katherine's funeral who was not really dead, it was her doppelganger, Marge. They sat in the front row and stunned everyone, then quickly left in a waiting limo. Once Heather found out, Victor was arrested for the murder of Walter Palin and confronted with the diary he supposedly wrote about the murder.

A Jabot shareholders meeting was called, and to Jill's shock, the Bardwells and Billy Abbott, with the majority of Jabot shares and proxies from Traci and Ashley, announced their takeover. Jack was present, and Jill reminded them that he was still legally banned from having anything to do with Jabot.

Total confusion about who was now in charge was calmed when Ashley arrived and announced that she was once again the rightful CEO of Jabot. Although cautioned by Jack, Traci, Dina, and Olivia about getting involved with Victor once again, Ashley returned to London for her things, and moved in with Victor at the ranch.

Not long afterward, Victor was cleared and out of jail. On Christmas day, the day Sabrina and Victor's baby would have been born, Ashley readied champagne and four champagne flutes, explaining that two of the glasses represented her and Victor, and one glass represented Sabrina, who would always remain part of Victor's life. Victor smiled tenderly when Ashley directed his attention to the drawing of Sabrina that Ashley had framed and hung on the wall.

When Victor asked about the fourth glass, Ashley summoned Abby, who had grown into a teenager, and explained that the glass contained cider. Victor embraced Ashley and Abby and joyously exclaimed, "My goodness.

What a Christmas present is this. Gloria was arrested and jailed for tainting the face cream. The Abbotts tossed Jeffrey out of the pool house and sued for the Bardwells' Jabot shares plus damages. At Jabot, Ashley angrily told Jack that he needed to stay away from Jabot or people might think that he was back. Jack informed her that he was back at Jabot and that Gloria's arrest would make it clear to everyone that Jabot was not responsible for the tainted cream.

Ashley felt that until Gloria was convicted, it was too risky for Jack to return fearing that Gibson might reopen his lawsuit. Ashley consulted Victor, and to her surprise he told her that Jack's return was probably a good thing because she would be able to keep an eye on him.

Jeffrey and Jill each wooed Gloria to sell her Jabot shares to them, and Jack also offered to drop the charges if she sold to him. However, she sold them to Victor instead for money deposited in an offshore account. Jill accepted the offer and justified Billy's appointment to Cane because Billy was an Abbott. Brad's car broke down in a snowstorm. When he got out of the car, he heard the screams of Noah Newman who had gone skating with Eden and fallen through the ice. Brad died a hero after he pulled Noah from the hole in the ice, when he fell through himself and drowned.

A Jewish service was held with the immediate family, his daughters Colleen and Abby, and his ex-wives Traci, Victoria, and Ashley.

About Y&R: Who's Who in Genoa City | Victoria Newman | The Young and the Restless

Brad's mother was unable to attend, and former lover Nikki was out of town. Sharon visited the grave alone, told him she always loved him and thanked him for saving Noah's life. In the Jewish tradition, a headstone was not laid until a week later. Meanwhile Amber crawled out of her crushed car and made her way to an elevator, and found Kay bruised and dirty inside, having been left there while her grandson Cane and J.

Nikki and others stood vigil on the outside, waiting while rescuers cleared rubble and tried to get to the victims.

Phyllis, still in prison, heard about it on TV, got no answer on Nick's cell, and received the news when she called Victor. Sharon and Nick walked out of the rubble and asked rescuers to go back for Jack. The rescue workers said it was too dangerous, that methane was escaping and about to blow up, so Victor went in and rescued his worst enemy, Jack. Sharon and Nick were relieved when Noah was carried out on a stretcher.

Then the dead body of the construction foreman was removed, ironic because the reason Cane and Kay were there was to investigate the foreman for shoddy work and kickbacks. Finally Korbel and Victoria emerged, just as a methane blast occurred. Victoria was hit on the head with a rock, knocked out, and rolled down the pile of debris. They finally had to decide if the baby should be delivered prematurely to save Victoria.

They ended up waiting a couple more weeks until the baby had a better chance, then baby boy Reed was delivered. A DNA test was run and J. Reed thrived in the hospital, while Victoria was taken back to the ranch, still comatose. Nikki and Victor were separated, so Victor lived in the ranch house while Nikki took residence in Sharon's cottage with David Chow, forever there in Victor's face. Not long after J.

Victor made his new son-in-law J. Victor's son with Hope, Victor Jr. His first assignment was to work with Victoria on the Beauty of Nature project.

He was flaunting his Harvard education and superior work ethic in Victoria, Nick, and Neil's faces, going over Victoria's head with decisions, and hitting on Nick's wife Phyllis, leaving everyone guessing at Adam's agenda.

Sabrina was working with private collectors procuring artwork, and Victoria was teaching art at a convent school. With plans of starting a new beginning in New York City as a Consulting Private Curator, Sabrina had just broken up with her lover, Phillipe, a talented artist she placed in an art show only to have him dump her afterward. Phillipe claimed to want her back, called often and said he made a lot of mistakes. Victoria, newly married and with a new baby, persuaded Sabrina to live at Newman Ranch during her stay.

Sabrina began spending a lot of time in the company of Victor, who was recently divorced from Nikki, and was living alone at the Newman ranch. They spoke French to each other and shared their love of art.

About the time Sabrina tried to tell Victoria of her growing romantic interest in her father, Victoria told her how much she hoped her parents would reconcile for the umpteenth time. On returning to Genoa City, Victor decided to open the city's first art museum in the ground floor of a building Nick owned - a building on which Victor just happened to own the mortgage.

The building also headquartered the Restless Style magazine on an upper floor. Sabrina decided she had to tell her friend Victoria that she and Victor were having an affair. Victoria was aghast, called Sabrina an opportunist and threw her out of her house.

Sabrina made several attempts to reconcile with Victoria, but was continually rebuffed. Victoria eventually quit Newman due to the friction with her father and with Adam usurping her position, and went to work for her mother at Jabot. After only a month together, Victor presented Sabrina with a lavish ring and popped the question, to which Sabrina said yes. The next day Adam accepted Victor's offer to move to the ranch to get to know him better, and moved in.

Sabrina was not pleased, as she and Adam did not get along because each thought the other was an opportunist. Nikki reacted to the news of their engagement by eloping with David to Mexico. After many discarded ideas, Victor and Sabrina decided to get married in an old barn near the ranch, and Victor had it cleaned up and decorated beautifully for the occasion.

Since Victoria and Nick were still on the outs with them, Victoria turned down Sabrina's offer to be her matron of honor, and Adam was asked to be best man without Victor even consulting Nick. Sabrina, unable to get any of her other friends from abroad to come to the wedding, chose her new assistant Jana Hawkes as her maid of honor.

Victor's daughter Abby and Nick's daughter Summer were flower girls. The day before the wedding, much to her displeasure, Sabrina's estranged mother Zara showed up. Nick attended the wedding, and although she tried to get out of it, Victoria, J. Victoria caught Zara taking photos of the wedding to sell to the media, and she managed to get the memory card out of the camera to foil her plans.

Victor and Sabrina left for Paris on their honeymoon where Victor bought her a chateau. Back in Genoa City, Adam caught Zara taking a video tour of the ranch to sell, stopped her and later kindly ushered into a limo and onto a plane with a one way ticket home. Then Adrian Korbel was hired to do an article on Sabrina and the Newman Gallery for the third issue which she and Victor approved, and Victoria stepped up as a last minute replacement for the cover model which was done in a Hollywood retro style.

Though Adrian stumbled upon a rumor that Sabrina had wrangled an exhibition for her lover Phillipe when she was Art Curator at the Pompidou Museum in Paris which could shed new light on the latest Mrs. Victor Newman, he decided not to make a big deal about it.

Jack had sent Adrian off to Australia to do another article, so he was furious when he returned. Assuming Nick was in on the scandalous article and that Victoria had turned against Sabrina for marrying her father, Victor cut them both out of his will as he added Adam and Sabrina. The yearly Charity Gala, organized that year by Sabrina and Victoria under the watchful eye of Kay Chancellor, was in full swing with all the Genoa City regulars attending in cocktail party attire.

Devon and Ana entertained singing with a chorus. Chloe chose the occasion to announce her pregnancy by Cane just as Cane was proposing to Lily.

Adam left Heather on the patio for a moment when mobster Walter tried to hit on her. Nikki and David were playing the happy couple one last time before Nikki filed for divorce. Victor told Sabrina he would send a limo for her, when he left with Michael to meet with Phillipe at the ranch to confirm or deny the scandalous story about Sabrina.

Meanwhile David searched for Nikki, then gave up, and waited for his limo at the front door. Sabrina was there waiting for her own but was not feeling well and begged David to share his limo and drop her off at Newman ranch on his way home.

David relented, noticed the driver was not the one who had dropped them off, and that he mistakenly called them Mr. Eight miles down the road another car ran them off the road and the limo crashed, the driver was killed instantly, and both David and Sabrina seriously injured. Thinking she could possibly be dying, Victor had flashbacks of the happy times with Nikki. Newman was in jeopardy. He climbed out of the wrecked limo and accosted David Chow, demanding to know if Sabrina was with him and why.

But David was too far gone to answer, and later died. Victor rushed to the hospital to find Sabrina near death. He refused to believe she would die and demanded Michael order specialists, dialysis machines, and organ donors to save her.

The family was there to support Nikki who had come out of the morphine overdose just fine. Once they heard about Sabrina, Nick and Victoria tried to see her, but Victor kept them at bay. Eventually after discovering the lies that Jack had put into the article, Victoria needed to let Sabrina know that she was wrong about her and ask her forgiveness. Although Victoria did get to see Sabrina and they had a nice chat about old times enjoyed together, Victoria never did get to tell Sabrina she was sorry before Sabrina died alone after asking Victor to get her some ice chips.

He spat in her face that he wished it was Nikki in there dead, not Sabrina. Victor left guests waiting at Sabrina's funeral only to have the minister tell them that the funeral had been held earlier privately and her body was already interred. Adam in his concern, decided to change his name to Victor Newman Jr. Paul and Nikki went there to find Victor, but Paul had to return when his daughter Heather had a medical emergency. Nikki went off the wagon in her grief after the authorities told her that Victor had been declared dead when his fishing boat broke up in a storm.

Later a body washed up onshore, but Nikki did not let on that she recognized it as Walter. A drunken Nikki called Katherine and told her that Victor was dead. Kay tried to keep her on the line while she called Nick on another phone. Adam reacted to the news by requesting the Mexican government FAX him a death certificate. Michael took charge and read the will which gave Newman Enterprises and the ranch to Adam. Nick was given the Restless Style building free and clear, and Victoria the Newman art collection.

Abby and grandchildren Noah and Summer and any future grandchildren were given a percentage of the estate. Letters written to his children were later read in private. Victor wrote to Nick that he had been a disappointment, but that he had been hard on him to make him tough.

Victor wrote to Adam that he was most like himself and encouraged him to make him proud, but to be generous to his brother and sister. To Victoria Victor wrote of love and adoration, that she was best parts of him and the very soul of Newman. Adam threw away his letter, had Heather move into the ranch with him, declared himself Victor Newman Jr. Nikki, still in Mexico, walked the beach and wailed pitifully for Victor, and collapsed in the sand.

When she looked up, there he was, alive and very upset with her for being there. He told her to go home, that he wanted the world to think he was dead. In response to her declaration that she still loved him, he replied that he wished one of them had the guts to kill the other to put them out or their misery. Nikki returned to Genoa City. Not long afterward Victor returned and Michael filled him in on what had happened in his absence. Victor summoned his children and Neil to the ranch.

Nick and Victoria were thrilled to see their father alive, but although he forgave them for their treatment of Sabrina and thanked them for their actions when they thought he was dead, he was still cold to them and asked them to leave him in his seclusion to heal.

Then Victor got Zapato from the kennel where Adam had banished him, fired all the help, made a nation-wide statement to leave him alone, and hired security guards to keep everyone away. Even Nikki had to smash a window to try to talk to him. Adam was roughed up by the guards and taken off to jail when he tried to see him. Jack had no luck getting through to Victor. He even threatened to publish the photos of Sabrina unconscious and bloody at the accident scene.

Victor did allow his old friend Katherine in, heard her out, then asked her to leave. The family was turned away at the hospital by a surly Victor. They were about to have him committed for his own safety, but he managed to disappear, and had been last seen flying away on the Newman jet.

To revive confidence in Newman, Neil hired Nick back part-time as an advisor. Neil and Karen Taylor decided to marry earlier than planned to help them get custody of Ana Hamilton.

In late January ofSharon went up to the Abbott lake house to be alone and think about what to do with her life after divorce papers were served on Jack. Brad showed up and declared his love, but Sharon sent him away. On the drive home, Brad had car trouble, got out, and heard the screams of Noah Newman who had gone skating with Eden and fallen through the ice.

Brad died a hero after he pulled Noah from the hole in the ice, when he fell through himself and drowned. Meanwhile back in Genoa City, Abby and Colleen, concerned that Brad never showed for his dinner date with them, got J. Colleen and Abby were both devastated by the news, and Victoria and Ashley commiserated over the loss of their former husband. A Jewish service was held with the immediate family, his daughters Colleen and Abby, and his ex-wives Traci, Victoria, and Ashley.

Brad's mother was unable to attend, and former lover Nikki was out of town. In the Jewish tradition, a headstone was not laid until a week later. Victor called in J. Victor suspected Jack was behind it, and he was, although Colleen wanted to do it for Brad as well. Victoria made a deal to meet him with the cash and he left, then she notified the real Agent Aucker. When Daniel asked who shot him, the guy said that it was Daniel and died, so Daniel fled.

When Victoria arrived, the masked person knocked crates down on top of her and took off with the briefcase of money. The masked person was last seen planting the briefcase in the office of the coffee house, which the Feds found, and Daniel was arrested.

Phyllis made his bail, but Jana as his accomplice, was denied bail due to her criminal record. Daniel and Amber were intent on finding the real killer to clear them both. But Victor did ask Victoria to rebuild the Newman art collection that he had sold after Sabrina's death. As a favor to Victor to get Colleen off the Newman Board, Gloria and Jeff arranged for Aiden, the Athletic Club bartender and an aspiring actor, to get Colleen drunk at Jimmy's Bar, where Jeff took video of her dancing on a table baring her breasts.

Meanwhile Victor gave Ashley the news that she would be getting the board position. Colleen brought Billy along and refused to sign, accusing Victor of arranging the setup. Victoria told Colleen that they would have her removed, and Colleen said she would sue. Victor and Victoria were also furious with J. Meanwhile Victoria and Deacon closed an art deal with champagne in his suite, and were getting cozy when Amber interrupted. But within days, after an argument with J.

Victoria eventually admitted her fling to J. After Victor recovered from a heart transplant, he insisted Adam have a place at Newman under Nick's purview as a Junior Vice President.

On Adam's first day on the job he gave the SEC an anonymous tip that Victoria had not disclosed the gravity of Victor's condition to the recently acquired Savaneur company stockholders, and the SEC began investigating. Adam continued to pull tricks on both Nick and Victoria to get his foot further in the door at Newman. Then Victor and Nikki said their goodbyes and left for a cardiac rehab center in Belgium.

But Victoria caught him at the airport and they left for New York together. Victoria told Nick the company was his, that her marriage and their child were more important. A few weeks later, they returned, J. What began as an amicable divorce was complicated when J.

Although they were sworn enemies, Billy Abbott was spending a lot of time bantering with Victoria, especially since she and J.

One day Billy grabbed and kissed her and got a smack across the face for it. Victor saw Victoria and Billy getting along too well at the annual charity masquerade ball and threatened Billy, so Billy left and returned in another mask, and they continued to spend the evening together. They eventually ducked upstairs to a room and were making love when a gas explosion rocked the Athletic Club.

They quickly dressed and made it outside separately. Because a fancy European pen found at the crime scene was determined to be the murder weapon that had stabbed Adam in the heart and was traced to Victoria, she was arrested for the murder of Adam. Meanwhile Jill was reporting the latest Newman scandal on the Restless Style website, and was Twittering updates, for which Billy later fired her.

The murder charge against Victoria was later dropped. To top it off her divorce decree arrived later, so to get away and forget their problems, Victoria and Billy took the next plane to Kingston, Jamaica, with no luggage or plans.

Deliriously drunk, they got married too. Back in Genoa City, Mac, J. They began to realize they had more in common than ever before, and the old spark was still there. On his arm was his new boyfriend, Tyler. Billy and Victoria attended but kept their distance. Victor was furious when he was informed and got Michael on it. Michael discovered a Jamaican law that invalidated the marriage because it had occurred after 8: But, unable to resist each other, they continued to meet for fun and sex, and finally admitted that they loved each other.

After returning to Genoa City, Billy found on the Internet that the gift, which he had peeked at, was a priceless antique gun. Tucker confronted Victor with it hoping he could leverage Victor into giving up the Newman cosmetics line, but instead Victor went to the authorities and explained the illegal gift. Billy fired Jill when he found out what she had done, and he and Victoria made up once she realized it had not been him who told Tucker about the gift. Victor threatened to let her take the fall for the illegal gun gift, and made her choose between him and Billy.

Victoria chose Billy and handed in her resignation. Victoria pondered where to go after she moved out of the ranch, Billy asked her to move in with him, and she accepted. Later when Victor saw it, he paid another tattoo artist to finish it. As much as Victoria was committed to her new life with Billy, waking up that first morning and realizing that she was living in a double-wide with no room for her stuff, not to mention her son when he visited, she and Billy decided to go house hunting.

They called the realtor and were assigned a new agent, who turned out to be Gloria Bardwell. Gloria showed them a house that was redone exactly like the house in one of their favorite old television shows, Father Knows Best. With rooms for both Delia and Reed, Billy and Victoria fell in love with it, and bought it on the spot. Mac overheard his circumstances and sent him home to Victoria. Then the spirit of his dead father, John, made him realize that he really loved Victoria.

So Billy went home and presented Victoria with an engagement ring before even hearing the results, and she accepted his proposal. Nikki was thrilled for them, but Victor was livid. Billy and Victoria wanted to get married the next day, but since they could not get a license, they planned a trip to Las Vegas. When Nikki heard, she pulled some strings with her friend, Judge Anderson, and got them a license. But just as the vows were being exchanged, Victoria was arrested for violating the laws governing foreign gifts.

As she was being dragged to the police car, Judge Anderson quickly finished the vows, and they were officially married. Vance Abrams took her case, but Victoria spent her wedding night in jail. Vance got Victoria released on bail, and Victor finally relented and admitted to the authorities that Victoria was delivering the gun under his orders, but Victoria refused to forgive him. Victoria was offered an executive position with Jabot by Tucker McCall. The newlyweds sealed their marriage by having wedding rings tattooed on their ring fingers.

Following another shouting match with Victor, Victoria had some pain and lost her baby at seven weeks. Mac accepted, and Reed was thrilled. After Victoria learned that they were living together, she decided to fight for custody of Reed again.

Abby hired Vance Abrams to sue Victor for mismanagement of her trust. Victor tried to dissolve the trust but Vance had put a freeze on it. Abby dropped the lawsuit when she saw how Victor had Victoria arrested on her wedding day to get what he wanted. When she told Victoria about it, she joined Abby in the lawsuit, but Nick refused.

He asked Victoria to return to Newman and offered to let Abby create an entertainment division for her reality television show. Saying they could not be bought and wanted to be independent, they turned down the offer. They went into mediation, and Victor made them another offer for half of what they had asked. But Victoria decided she wanted Beauty of Nature instead, Abby went along with it, and Victor turned them down flat. At a stalemate, the judge ordered an audit of the Newman books to decide how much money had been mismanaged and if Beauty of Nature was a reasonable settlement.

Victor refused and was about to be hauled off to jail, when they were stopped by Heather Stevens, whose campaign Victor was financing. Heather said the case was being reheard by a higher court, and later confided in Victor that she hoped this favor would not reflect badly on her career and campaign for District Attorney. Unfortunately for Heather, Billy Abbott found out and accused her on the Restless Style webzine of using her office to grant Victor favors, and she dropped out of the race in disgrace.

Victoria let Tucker know that she was hoping to get Beauty of Nature in a settlement with her father, which she would sell to Tucker if he allowed her to be CEO of the company. Victor later lost the appeal, and his company financial records were seized. Nikki began drinking again, so Victor checked her in to Solidarity house, putting Victoria on the banned visitors list. But Billy told Nikki who gave Victor hell for daring to bar her daughter from seeing her.

Mac received a job offer from a non-profit in Washington, DC, and they decided it could be a new start for them both with J. Victoria threw a fit and J. Victoria conferred with both Michael and Vance, who told her she had no right to stop them. Hearing the news, Katherine decided J. Paul was the best man, and Lily the matron of honor. Billy and Victoria attended the ceremony, ironically each extending their ex-husband and wife good wishes for a happy life together.

Then after Victoria bade a tearful goodbye to her son promising that he would come to visit a lot and they would video chat, J. Billy and Victoria continued to try to have another baby, but were disappointed month after month. Christmas arrived, and Victoria looked forward to a visit from Reed. Victoria was devastated when told by her doctor that there was little chance that she would ever have another baby, so Billy was determined to get her one.

He contacted Primrose DeVille, niece of infamous baby broker Rose Deville and paid two million dollars for a newborn baby girl who unknown to anyone, was the abandoned child of Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti. Torn as to whether or not to tell anyone, Daniel grabbed a misplaced pacifier to find out for sure. Daniel continued to see her, looking at her in awe and calling her the tiny girl with the big secret. After Kevin asked Jana to move out of his apartment, she found a better job as Lucy Abbott's nanny, and moved into the garage apartment behind Billy and Victoria's house.

Even after Nick confronted Victor with evidence that he was responsible for Skye's death and the mother of his children being accused of Skye's murder, Victor claimed that he was not involved. Bad timing for Victor, as Nick then decided to join his sisters in their lawsuit against Victor for mismanaging their trusts.