Fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad

fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad

Adventure Time Finn & Fionna Adventure Time Anime, Wattpad, Finn Jake, Finn The. Visit Jake the dog and Finn the human Adventure Time Anime time .. Finn and Fionna meet Fin And Jake, Jake Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Finn. Fionna and Finn are already married. Finn And Fionna Meets (Book 2) Finn and Jake go to Ice King's fanfiction about Cake and Fionna and Finn realizes. Fionna and Cake had recently destroyed the Ice queen's tiara, so they Finn nodded and got up before Jake regretted going to Marceline's.

Finn, Jake, and their female doubles all looked at the vampire duo and then at each other.

fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad

Jake growled at the cat, and the cat hissed at him in response. Why didn't you listen to me? Marceline turned to the boys and she hissed, "Yeah guys, why did you ignore me when I told you it'd only be trouble?

He finally noticed she had a bunny hat on. Then the two looked at each other and their eyes shimmered. Finn and Fionna felt their cheeks burn with heat, lost in a turmoil of emotions.

I shall write more. I like the idea. Your review has been posted. She wrote, "Bubba, My friend Marceline is going to attempt to cross. Are your preparations ready? Gumball explained about the girl he corresponded with, and how their worlds seemed similar, when a note came through the mirror-like door. The grin faded and he took a pen.

fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad

He wrote on the back of the note. Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake are here" He put the note back into the mirror-like door. He looked up to see the bewilderment in his friends faces and he just grinned. She saw the note fall back to the ground and Marceline's mouth just hung open as she read the note and held it up for Finn and Jake to see. She then turned to face Marceline "You'll see. Without fear, the vampire queen walked up to the mirror-like door and stuck out a hand.

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She entered slowly until she was gone. Finn gasped and looked at Jake who did the same. They looked at Bubblegum's weak worried smile and feared for Marceline. The group gawked as they saw a gray-ish pale arm come through the mirror-like door and then a body.

fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad

Out came a girl, with long black hair, it was so long she could step on it! She was floating like Marshall. She was wearing a gray tank top, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots. She was holding a red Axe-bass that looked just like Marshall's. When she saw them, her eyes went wide.

Marceline the Vampire Queen and don't wear it out. As soon as she said 'Vampire Queen', everyone looked at Marshall. She looked down to see the boy's bass.

They looked into each other's eyes. Marceline stuck out her hand and Marshall took it, they jumped as both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through them. She then looked past his shoulder to Fionna and Cake.

She turned back to Marshall Lee. Before anyone knew what was going on the heard someone fall to the ground next to the mirror-like door.

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He quickly stood and looked directly at the human girl and the cat next to her. The way Finn exclaimed it, it sounded more as a statement than a question. Finn and Jake's eyes went wide as they registered everything and just as they were going to ask questions, Princess Bubblegum walked in through the mirror-like door, with all poise of a princess. And suddenly just like that, they weren't bored anymore.

D Annoying Authors note: For many years the Lich Queen had been plotting the extermination of all life, however time and time again a young female hero named Fionna and her cat Cake, would always interfere.

The Lich Queen had gone into hiding and was planning her next move, she spent her time using her magic to look at other dimensions, when one day by chance, she stumbled across a universe that was much like hers only in this one there was a reverse gender of everyone.

The Lich Queen found out she had a male counterpart in the other universe, who had been trapped in another realm. The Lich Queen came up with a brilliant idea to go to this other realm free her counterpart and fuse with him.

fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad

Together they would be an unstoppable force and they would exterminate all life through time and space! The Lich Queen went about gathering the energy she needed to open a portal.

In another part of Aaa, there was the Candy Kingdom. Everything seemed peaceful, until there was a loud explosion from the castle! Smoke bellowed from the castle followed by frantic screaming and evil laughter. A few seconds latter Fionna came riding out of the castle on Cake. The heroes took off after her. Little did any of them know they were fixing to run into a heaping mess of trouble and be taken to a whole new world.

You can totally do better then him. Marshal dodged them and let out an aggravated sigh as he transformed into his giant bat form.

fionna and cake meet finn jake wattpad