Fiona and finn meet fanfiction fifty

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fiona and finn meet fanfiction fifty

Fionna and Finn are already married. But how about Finn And Fionna Meets ( Book 2). K Reads K 50 Finn and Jake go to Ice King's fanfiction about Cake and Fionna and Finn realizes how amazing Fionna is. Even though. (Has nothing to do with "50 Shades of Grey" I just like the name) Fionna meets a teen vampire always getting on her nerves, but will it turn out. When she took the pillow off her head, she saw Fionna's smug grin. "What the hell are you grinning at? We all know you like Finn" Marceline.

Chapter 1 In The Beginning Fionna and Cake walked slowly through the thick forest, with every foot step came the sound of breaking sticks and dry leaves. Fionna held her sword in a defensive stand, while the cat listened for anything in the dark trees. The sound of footsteps filled the silent air. The noise continued, sounding as if it was coming closer. Fionna blew a stray piece of hair out of her face, not taking her focus off the darkness around them. They felt a rush of wind go by, turning around to see nothing.

Cake nudged Fionna, and pointed to a dark moving shadow near a tree. Fionna nodded and walked up slowly to it. Cake followed close behind.

Fionna dashed out to confront the shadow creature. She lowered her sword and sighed, "I found them. One had blood all over his leg, while the other sat next to him. The unhurt guard stood up and spoke in a deep voice, "He is hurt. Gumball sent me to rescue you guys. The prince sent a little girl? Fionna suddenly realized her hat was off.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction fifty

I've got to go back and get my hat! Cake sighed, "Maybe later? Fionna heard but couldn't make it out, "What was that? Since they were close to the candy kingdom, Fionna decided to turn back and find her precious hat. She had gotten to the area where they found the guards, no hat. Fionna sighed and sat down, out of breath from running the whole way there.

The sun setting, and the Forest of Doom wasn't the best place to be at night, not that the young adventuress was scared. She turned and saw him bite his lip. No one has ever called you honey before. He pulled her towards Gumball's ballroom, where the practice fight would take place, and he could have sworn he felt her squeeze his hand.

He turned back to see her looking down at their joined hands and blushing. Gumball and Bubblegum where the last to arrive at the ballroom, since they took their time. On the way to the ballroom Gumball had offered his hand and they walked hand in hand and giggling at Cake and Jake arguing a few feet in front of them.

They saw the vampire king pulling the queen by the hand and rushing after Finn and Fionna who where running as well. Not counting Cake and Jake, they were all smiling.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction fifty

Once in the ballroom the others sat on the sidelines while they watched Finn and Fionna. Both had removed their backpacks and had their swords in hand. Finn was the first to attack. He ran to her and swung his sword. She jumped high and he missed. She landed on her feet and swung her pink crystal sword, Finn jumped back in time and she missed him by a few centimeters.

An amused grin crossed Finn's face "Is that all you got? Cake and Jake joined in the cheering and even the pink royals began to cheer, although their cheers weren't towards one in particular. They would say "Good shot" and things of that nature.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction fifty

The girl slashed at him again but Finn blocked it with his own sword. This went on for a while. Each striking only to be blocked by the other. Finally, Fionna cart wheeled over Finn's head and kicked the back of it, finally making contact. This caused the crowed to go wild. They ran up to each other again and their swords crashed, with a loud metallic clank.

They pushed on each other with all the strength they could muster, while grinning wildly and looking into each other's eyes. The two pushed back seemingly out of breath. They stared at each other and suddenly Fionna charged at him. He stuck his leg out and tripped her causing her to hit the ground.

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Again, she charged at him this time to front flip over him and turn him to face her. Then tip of her sword was at his throat. A smile broke out on his face as he swept the girls legs from under her. She fell back dropping her sword next to her and before she could reach it, Finn's sword tip was under her chin.

She giggled as she looked up and kicked the sword out of his hand. It landed behind him with a clank and she lunged at him. They wrestled on the ground, trying to get the upper hand, but very much giggling while doing so. While the two humans wrestled, the crowd laughed at the attempts of the younger teens. Finally, they stopped out of breath; Fionna was on top of Finn and had pinned him down.

fiona and finn meet fanfiction fifty

On the side of the room, the girls broke out in cheers. Fionna smiled cutely and looked into Finn's eyes when she suddenly felt Finn's sweet lips brush up against hers.

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She widened her eyes and looked at him. Her shock was only momentary as seconds later she returned the kiss with closed eyes. Both humans pulled back simultaneously and got up with blush-stained faces. They turned to face the smiles of the two pink royals, who were holding hands and the grins of the vampire royals. Jake and Cake were both smirking.