Finn and jake meet marceline full episode

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finn and jake meet marceline full episode

Marceline (full title: Marceline the Vampire Queen) is one of the main her human mother, who recounts to her the story of how she met her father. Marceline eventually comes into contact with Finn and Jake when she forces them from their home. . Later, Princess Bubblegum got Hambo back in the episode "Sky Witch". The eight-episode endeavor colored in some of Marceline's past, answered The remainder of Stakes is a heady mix of Marceline and Bubblegum — along with Finn, Jake, Lumpy places to forage for food, and that's when she meets her first vampire. You really should watch the whole series, though. "Simon & Marcy" is the fourteenth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. The episode opens with Marceline, Finn, Jake, and the Ice King playing basketball . has a Scientific Parasite in his coat pocket throughout the whole episode.

Both Finn and Jake are terrified that Marceline will kill them and drink their blood, but she reveals that she has no intentions of killing them, noting that she really only eats the color red.

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However, she explains that the tree house used to belong to her, and she promptly evicts them from their residence. Finn and Jake then attempt to find new homes. After a string of failures, they soon stumble upon a cozy cave. They clean it up and throw a house-warming party, which Marceline crashes.

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She explains that the cave also belongs to her. Finn, having had enough, starts a fight with Marceline, who grows into a huge demonic bat. After she seemingly kills Jake, Finn goes into a rage and violently punches Marceline, who promptly shape-shifts into her regular form and then kisses Finn on the cheek, making him blush.

Jake—who it is revealed used his shape-shifting powers to save himself—runs over to Finn, and Marceline states that the fight they had was fun.

As a token of goodwill, she gives them their old house back. Marceline is voiced by Olivia Olson. Major changes include the dialogue between Finn and Jake near the beginning being longer, and the "House Hunting Song" being absent from the script.

Other changed scene include Finn and Jake's encounter with the Ice King in the original version, Finn and Jake huddle in a group of penguins, which incites the Ice King's angerthe manner in which Finn and Jake discover the cave Finn and Jake fall through the top and are nearly impaled by stalagmitesas well as the ending which originally featured Jake and Finn dealing with a werewolf.

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The lyrics were written by Ward, who recorded a rough demo of the song a cappella. Patrick McHale later re-recorded the song with guitar, and Ward then recorded both a different, "high intensity" version and a more subdued variant. When the crew was deciding which version to use, Ward wanted to use McHale's recording, but Derek Drymon urged Ward to use his own.

When I was working on Season 1 of Adventure Time ? The numbers appear on the facade of the building near the pickup truck.

Marceline, the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time

And in front of this building there is a fountain in ruins that resembles the Universal Studios Hollywood Globe. Simon and Marceline are sitting on a rocket without a head when they are eating by the fire.

finn and jake meet marceline full episode

When Simon jumps out from behind the shelf of greeting cards, he knocks a few over that read: For some unknown reason, Simon has a Scientific Parasite in his coat pocket throughout the whole episode. After singing the Cheers theme song the first time, Simon said "Filmed before a live studio audience," a quote commonly used by announcers of live television shows, most notably in Cheers itself.

It is interesting to note that the car is left-hand drive, whereas the real car is actually right hand drive. The same picture previously appeared in the episode Marceline's Closet.

Simon's reaction upon discovering that they had discovered a Clam van instead of a Soup van was a reference to Woody Harrelson formerly of Cheers 's reaction to finding Sno-Balls instead of Twinkies in the film Zombieland. This episode, as noted by critics, bears similairites to the dystopian novel and film "The Road.

The novel focuses on two main characters, an unnamed father and his son, as they try to stay alive and keep from succumbing to the horrors they encounter. Simon and Marceline take the roles of the two man characters, with Simon taking the role of the father and Marceline taking the role of the son.

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The mutants they encounter arguably take on the role of the cannibals encountered by the pair and the Ice Crown could be a reference to the revolver the pair carry. When reaching for a weapon in the pickup truck to fend off the Goo Monsters, Simon grabs a pillow when there was a crowbar right beside it.

finn and jake meet marceline full episode

This could be a reference to censorship of various degrees of violence in cartoons in which weapons are sometimes replaced with comical objects as censors see fit. The presence of the crowbar could have also been a possible reference to the Half-Life series.

finn and jake meet marceline full episode

The Scene In Adventure Time The scene where Simon and Marceline approach the Clambulance on the edge of the bridge resembles a scene in the episode "Consumed" of season five of "The Walking Dead", which aired an year later: Both scenes feature a male and a female scavenging in the Post-Apocalyptic world. They both scavenge a vehicle on a bridge. Both vehicles eventually fall from the bridge, which alerts several zombies in the area.

Marceline catches the cold right after Simon sprinkles her with his snow. This could be a reference to the episode " What Have You Done? This could mean Simon was unintentionally responsible for Marceline becoming ill.

This episode was first aired as a two-part special with the previous episode, "I Remember You," similar to " Bad Little Boy " originally airing with " Fionna and Cake.

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The crown changes back to facing forwards after hitting it. The drumstick in Simon's backpack with tape on it switches sides when Simon is talking to Marceline about wanting to carry her. When Marceline is talking to Finn and says "He's very dear to my heart" her bite mark seems to be farther towards the back of her neck than usual.