Emblem3 meet and greet reviews on spirit

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emblem3 meet and greet reviews on spirit

Emblem3 Duo on Drew Chadwick's Departure -- Will They Change the Group's "We're on the Fireside Story Sessions tour right now, and it's been the best tour yet. . And, in the spirit of creative musical partnership, the rockers even gamely . Listen to 'Chloe' and give us your instant review: Do the boys of Emblem3 have. Jun 30, The show was originally supposed to be on my birthday weekend, so my friends and I got meet-and-greets and soundcheck for the show. Spirits is a love letter to the player whether they deserve it or not. DANCE TOUR WITH MY FRIEND DANI AND WE HAD EMBLEM 3 VIP AND HOLY CRAP!.

emblem3 meet and greet reviews on spirit

Not only were their covers phenomenal, but the artists got to showcase their specific talents: Olusola beat-boxing and playing the cello simultaneously. Needless to say it was extremely impressive. If you were to drop a pin on the floor the whole venue would have been able to hear it because they were so enthralled from this performer's amazing talent.

Although I thought this show couldn't have gotten any better, to my amazement, as the performances continued the charisma and enthusiasm of the five performers on stage led into an amazing crescendo at the end of the show to the audience's delight. This show was one to remember and was probably one of the most energetic, fun concerts I have ever been to. So the next time Pentatonix are in Philadelphia, I would mark it on your calendars because this vocal group is going to be one to watch.

She even thanked them and their parents for trusting her to be a good role model. Throughout her plus minute performance, there were no tongues hanging out, no twerking and she never, ever wagged a foam finger across anyone's crotch. Though their age and background of growing up on a hit Disney show puts Selena and Miley Cyrus at similar places in their lives, this year-old star is no Miley.

Gomez loves her fans of all ages and is definitely all about class. Interestingly, the volume of cheers was not just the teens and tweens in attendance though, but also from appreciative parents thankful and impressed that a positive message was being given to their kids. The show started with a video showing Selena awakening and walking through a mysterious white door leading to the stage.

Throughout her performance, the same video technique was used several other times: Before performing "Love Will Remember," Selena showed her vulnerable side as a video flashed on the screen highlighting her very public breakup with Justin Bieber. Words like "no trust," "rumors," "breakup," "jealousy," "busy," and "famous" all flashed slowly and then progressively quicker on the screen. When it all went black, Gomez appeared on the stage to perform the song, seeming very emotional.

Selena's fans sang along to all the words of her songs and seemed to enjoy every moment of her performance. The dance-friendly vibe of her performance was enjoyable and her total performance made a powerful, positive statement to her young fans. The majority of the show was choreographed well, though there was one song with her and female dancers twisting in ropes hanging from the ceiling that I didn't really get.

But Gomez's eight talented dancers backed her up well and definitely made her performance exciting. Overall, Gomez put on an fun and enjoyable show proving the girl who used to be known for being the cute girl on The Wizards of Waverly Place and for dating the Biebs, is so much more than that. Consisting of brothers Keaton and Wesley Stromberg along with their lifelong friend Drew Chadwick, Emblem3 was first discovered as contestants on the second season of The X Factor in Thanks to the smart marketing of their record labels, the boys of Emblem3 are no strangers to Philadelphia.

They seem to be on an endless loop to our area, as this is probably their fourth visit to Philly in the last year. With their cool California sound and adorable looks, all these visits are paying off, as they leave their fans wanting more and more with each stop. Friday night was no different. The guys put on an exciting show with their young, adoring fans screaming and dreaming of their next visit.

They seem to love a lot of interaction with their audience, which is always well received. In a favorite moment for a lot of fans, the trio figured "when in Philly During the performance of their recently released rock ballad " Miles," the Wells Fargo Center glowed with cell phone lights apparently the new concert of the old-school cigarette lighters and you could hear a chorus of thousands singing along with the guys.

We spoke with many of their fans and learned of their devotion to these talented musicians and that they are willing to pay whatever they have to or get their parents to pay in order to see them.

Friday night's show was no different, as we heard from some of the same girls who not only forked over cash for their concert tickets, but they also super-sized the experience by buying a VIP pass to meet and touch their favorite Cali boys before their set began.

Emblem3 really is a different kind of boy band that we will be hearing about for a long time. They put on a fun, energetic show They also exposed the transition of the members of the first band surviving the tragic passing of their lead singer, Ian Curtis, and changing to develop the sound of iconic New Order. In a performance that lasted almost three hours, Peter Hook gave his all as he showed his appreciation for and his role in creating a sound that is now a part of music history.

Peter Hook then played through Movement, an album which still carries the signature bass and the dark lyrics of Joy Division, but with the emerging sound of New Order. His supporting cast consisted of his son, Jack Bates, on the bass, David Potts on guitar, Andy Poole on keyboard, as well as Paul Kehoe excelling at the drums.

I thought I knew what to expect; beyond thousands of screaming teens and tweens hoping that they would be selected as Cody's Angel for the night. But I was more than pleasantly surprised, though it was difficult to relax and listen. This was his Paradise tour, promoting his first full length EP Paradise. He also included some songs from his new album Surfer's Paradise do you detect a theme? True to his roots from the Australian Gold Coast, his music is beachy and fun.

He has a smooth, mellow voice; almost mesmerizing. And no it's not his adorable Aussie accent - which you can't hear anyway when he sings, though it sure sounds charming when he speaks. The teeny boppers all around me felt the same; every time this kid opened his mouth, before he had barely uttered a word or a note there was screaming and crying all around me. I was sitting in a balcony and at times was uncertain that the weight of all the jumping and dancing was not going to cause a disaster.

If the screaming did not completely interfere with my Cody concert experience the bouncing and vibrating balcony did. I was actually a little nervous we would crash. Even if he was not a talented singer and entertainer his fans would probably buy tickets just to hear him speak. When I say entertainer, he has it all. He is a singer a good one at thatplays a bit of guitar, is a great dancer and writes some of his music. Do I need to mention that he is an adorable beach blond surfer "dude"?

His new album, Surfer's Paradise is more mature and I find myself listening and wanting to hear more because I like it and not because I have to. It has touch of reggae, a touch of rap both of which he pulls off just fine and I hear a hint of John Mayer.

Everything You Need To Know About Emblem3 – 100 Awesome Facts!

It's very pleasant and not at all reminiscent of a teeny bopper concert. His dad Brad and pretty younger sister Alli who also is breaking into music, in addition to doing some modeling could be seen chatting and being photographed with their own fans and hanging out watching the show.

I did not catch sight of his mom Angie or his younger brother Tom at this show but I've seen them at other events, including both sets of his grandparents all the way from Australia.

Lot's of love in this family, which should give you a hint at Cody's character and groundedness; a nice thing to see in a young pop star. It's hard to believe that he is only 16 years old.

emblem3 meet and greet reviews on spirit

His voice is mature and he has the physique of someone much older. It will be interesting to see and hear how this young, talented man evolves over the years. I think he will be around for a while and that eventually people my age may be buying tickets to his show; not as a "mom of a teen fan" but as a fan of Cody Simpson. The atmosphere was definitely very family oriented, with the majority of the fan base being young children accompanied by their parents. Megan and Liz were the opening act.

Megan and Liz definitely set the night of with a bang, setting the tone for a great night for the fans. Emblem3, the band featuring Wesley Stromberg, Keaton Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick, were definitely one of the acts that fans came for. As soon as Emblem3 started to play the song, the audience erupted with applause and screams. Hot Chelle Rae followed Emblem3, and they were also welcomed warmly.

emblem3 meet and greet reviews on spirit

Hot Chelle Rae, like every performer, gave a very good, fun performance. Jason Derulo was definitely one of the fan's favorite performers. Immediately as he came on stage the fans seemed to get even louder than they had previously during the concert. A very exciting dance team accompanied Derulo and they were all perfectly synchronized for all of his songs.

Probably the biggest star that performed, Carly Rae Jepsen gave a great performance.

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I apologize if that's a disturbing image, but you know it happened, dude. Jones has always been a bit of a musical chameleon. Over the years he has tried and mostly succeeded at pop, soul, country, dance music, alt. Keaton loves cats and he has a pet one called Zuni. Owl City and Blink are two of his biggest musical influences. His favourite movie is Juno which also stars his favourite actor Michael Cera.

emblem3 meet and greet reviews on spirit

A strange fact about Keaton is that he can put his feet behind his neck. Los Angeles, New York and Toronto are his three favourite cities to perform in. Keaton has two older sisters Brooke and Brianna who are his number one fans. At the age of 14, Keaton was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall as part of a choir. His favourite mobile phone apps are: Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Honesty and trustworthiness are the biggest things Keaton looks for in a girlfriend.

He has a passion for the gym and enjoys to keep himself fit. He can play several instruments including the: He loves wearing snapbacks and can often be seen wearing red ones. When he was little, Wesley used to play American football in quarterback position. They made it all the way to the semi-final and finished in fourth place. After the show, the boys signed a joint deal with Syco Records and Columbia Records. The single made it to number 83 on the US Airplay chart.