Eddie and patricia first meet

A Very Peddie Story Chapter 1: Meeting Eddie, a het huis anubis/house of anubis fanfic | FanFiction

eddie and patricia first meet

Belligerent Sexual Tension: Patricia and Eddie in Season 2 are the most famous example, .. First Boy Wins: Fabian was the first of the guys to meet Nina. This article is an episode list for House of Anubis, a mystery/comedy-drama television series It became the first Nickelodeon series to reach over episodes and not be a sitcom. .. Patricia persuades Nina to go and meet Rufus to show him the pendant. When they .. First appearance of Burkely Duffield as Eddie Miller. Peddie from first argument to old age. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/ Humor - Patricia W., Eddie M. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,

I think we should plan a big surprise goodbye Party for him Nina: Trixie are you ok you look like your about to barf or faint Patricia: Fabian we've got all the decorations needed for the party, Trudy's doing the food, Alfie and Jerome are doing games, joy is doing joy stuff and it is your's and Patricia's job as his best friends to keep him away from Anubis house until about 3 we will be about ready then Fabian: Patricia, me and you need to get Eddie out of the house, are you ok Patricia turned around, her eyes were wet and she had tear stains down her face Patricia: I'm fine come on then, let's go Fabian: Well what do you think?

I know and it's really upset me too, but the best thing we can do at the moment is give him the best last day ever Patricia: I'm going to miss him so much Montage of Peddie start Patricia: I'm going to miss his smile, his, laugh, his hugs, his gorgeous, adorable face montage endseverything, don't you dare tell him I said any of that Fabian: I won't, now hurry up the girls need to set up and they can't do that while we are still here, I'm going to miss all of that too, come here Fabian and Patricia hug Fabian and Patricia grabbed Eddie and ran out the door Eddie: Yacker have you been crying Patricia: Eddie the nearest theme park is about 2 hrs.

Away so maybe somewhere closer like the library or go see that new film, I'm a nerd but who cares Eddie and Patricia where staring at him Fabian: I hate you Jerome Jerome: Jerome don't be mean Jerome: I am very disappointed in you two Jerome: I have hid something for you in the Park off you go and go find it Eddie: At the house, he walked in and saw me.

Please tell me you're not staying here! He motioned, as if saying yes. Name's Eddie, by the way. You're still a nightmare. I shrugged and innocently said "Dunno.

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Joy walked in and smiled at me. Oh God, what is that girl plotting now?

I was writing my diary. Yes, I know, I know, me with a diary.

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But if anyone else finds out, I will be very unhappy and quite possibly kill them. Eddie is so cute, why can't I just tell him I like him? He's so sweet and lovable Why do I have to have built my walls this high? I can't knock them down, either! And Eddie, he's just so amazing. Can't I just be normal, like every other girl and tell him?

You know, secret admirer cards?

eddie and patricia first meet

I hid my diary and turned out the light. Joy whispered "Thank you! My mind dreamed of Eddie. He leaned in to kiss me and just as our lips met Oh-h, you stupid alarm, he was about to kiss me!

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I whacked the alarm over, so that it shattered. Oh, fabulous, that's the ninth one this term! I dragged my lazy bum up out of bed and got ready. I hate being woken before 8 A.

eddie and patricia first meet

I got downstairs and saw that the coffee pot wasn't on the table. I went to the kitchen and made one myself. Vera smiled at me. Did you sleep well? How can anyone be so happy at this time?! Especially when they were brutally woken from a happy dream where the most gorgeous guy in school was about to kiss her and at seven fifteen in the morning?! Ugh, I hate life. Amber was laughing at something.

I meant what I said. Coffee goes in my coffee system.