Disney world meet and greet characters 2013 gmc

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disney world meet and greet characters 2013 gmc

At a very special Magical Moments meet 'n' greet at Disneyland Park. Daisy ~ May Daisy May, Daisy Love, Disney World Characters, Disney Movies. Princess Jasmine is out exploring the Agrabah Bazaar with that diamond in the rough, Aladdin, at Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World Resort. 'Long Lost Friends' return to Walt Disney World for Limited Time Magic, with Ludwig Von .. Up close with Long Lost Friends as Walt Disney World ends popular Limited Time Magic rare character meet-and-greets . Disneyland Paris, France April Visit our site Disney Character Central for tons . Sierra Braithwaite.

But, only buy 1 meal and 1 snack in the parks — choose wisely and make them count — and bring snacks for the rest of the day to save money. My favorite snacks to bring to Disney parks are also my favorite high-energy hiking snacks: If you have a credit card that gets you points at certain stores, use it to buy Disney Gift Cards to get a little cash back.

disney world meet and greet characters 2013 gmc

You can use the Disney gift cards everywhere in the parks, including for your tickets! The merchandise inside the parks is overpriced and not worth it for almost anyone except the most savvy collector. Instead, get your souvenir needs filled at Guest Services and other select locations throughout the park. Utilize the First Aid stations. The First Aid stations in the Disney parks give out ibuprofen, band aids, and other health supplies for free — even though you can also buy them in stores throughout the Disney parks.

Never wait more than 20 minutes — even for the most popular rides at Disneyland. Want to ride the most popular rides at Disneyland without waiting more than 20 minutes? How about 2 or 3 of those popular rides? Arrive before the park opens.

Pick up a fast pass. Then, hustle to Popular Ride 2. After Popular Ride 2, either use your Fast Pass — it should be for pretty early in the day — and get a fast pass for Popular Ride 3… OR check the line at Popular Ride 3 using the Disneyland App and you might be able to do StandBy for under 20 minutes. I typically get in all of my top 3 popular rides this way before noon! Get a park hopper, and start your day in California Adventure. Most people start in the other park, and there are less lines but just as many great rides in California Adventure.

A park hopper will let you switch back and forth all day long depending on the ebb and flow of the crowds — use your Disneyland app to help guide you. Take your Disneyland trip to the next level with our epic Disneyland Scavenger Hunt. Head over to our Disneyland Tips post to get a free printable sample of our Disneyland Scavenger Hunt.

Need a spot to sit and cool down? Want a free snack? The Bakery Tour and Ghiradelli both give out free samples, tucked into a little corner of California Adventure. Score a deal at a Disneyland resort. Need some more Disneyland tips? Check out this post: Looking for deals on Disneyland resorts and hotels?

Use this handy dandy search box to compare prices across all major hotel sites at once! This is one of our favorite ways to score cheap hotels. Staying at a Disney World resort is surprisingly budget-friendly. Some of the benefits to staying at a resort: Extra Magic hours less lines! Looking for deals on Disney World Hotels?

Character Meet & Greet FAQ

Spend a day exploring the Disney Resorts! Our favorite money-saving Disney tip is to take a day off or 2 in between full days in the Parks and explore the Disney World Resorts. Our favorite way to see the resorts is by using free Disney transportation to get from place to place. Buying partially used tickets or purchasing from Craigslist or Ebay.

Use the single rider line!

  • Meet Characters from Aladdin in Adventureland

From experience, I can tell you that these rides do NOT get boring after riding them alone for the 25th time in a row. Want a free soda?

Meet Aladdin Characters in Adventureland | Walt Disney World Resort

How about 8 different types of soda, in an unlimited quantity, all for free? Stop by the Club Cool Epcot and sample different kinds of Coke from around the world. So refreshing on a hot day! Save money on transportation in Disney World. Then, Disney shuttles will take you all over Disney World for free! Take an Uber to your hotel from the airport and then Disney shuttles will take you anywhere you need to go throughout Disney World.

As a former cast member, I still get goosebumps remembering how good it felt the first time I helped cheer up a grouchy kid and their desperate family. I walked on air all day. And honestly, everyone who suffers through the many exhausting challenges of working at the happiest place on earth is really just there for one reason: Here are some ways that you can help keep the magic alive as a guest.

Help preserve the magic for kids. This is another Cast Member move. But the other ones totally are. Everyone at Disney is tired and grumpy at some point. Help keep Disney a safe haven of magic where dreams really DO come true, by being a kind and considerate person. Let the elderly, disabled, and pregnant have your seat or cut in front of you in line.

Help out tired parents by asking their little Prince or Princess who their favorite Disney character is. Keep the magic of Disney alive by being a part of it yourself!

I know you all want to see the dark secrets hidden behind the scenes at Disney World! The Utilidoors underneath Magic Kingdom are pretty much just hallways with giant sewer pipes running through them and half-dressed Cast Members scurrying frantically about. Each of the themed areas of the park have related characters who are happy to see you. The times guide will give you detailed information.


A special character experience is available from 1 to 7 p. They have numbers they can contact to see where everyone will be making appearances. If your child has been aching for a photo with Donald Duck, when you arrive at the park in the morning, your best bet would be to go to Guest Relations.

They can find out for you where the good spots are to spot that duck. Use your friendly neighborhood Cast Members — Cast members have a phone number to call if you want to know where a specific character should be. Mickey and Minnie Adventurers Outpost Epcot: Waiting at the entrance they come out at is not recommended. Pluto needs his space just like everyone else. At Magic Kingdom if a line begins to form, they set up queues. Ask a cast member at the beginning of the line, or at the end, before you go in, who is there.

disney world meet and greet characters 2013 gmc

They will tell you who is scheduled for that day. Be ready — That means having those pens ready, those books open, your cameras ready, and your video cameras rolling! By all means, take the lens cap OFF. Ink pens are best for autograph books and other regular paper products. It comes in blue, black and other colors.

In other words, not every picture has to have everyone looking at the camera. Sometimes a child will not look at you, no matter how long you sit there like a stuck record: Look up at Mommy. Look at the camera.

Look up for the picture. The character you get in line for may not be the one you actually see. Have part of your group get in line and then go ask the Character Greeter for information. Listen to the greeter — When they say Minnie is going to be back in minutes after she powders her nose, that means just that.

She will be back soon. Curiously, this is more often the parents than the children. Be Nice — I must admit, Pluto sure does look like a walking jungle jim.

Everything from his ears, nose, and tongue down to his tail are easy to hang on. But these characters gotta be safe and in good shape for meeting so many people every day. Be nice to them and they should be nice back. Pluto does like getting scratched behind the ears. Donald loves to get kisses on the beak. Tigger loves to Bounce! When a character needs to leave an area, it does not mean they have personally singled you out to be mean to.

Signing clothing — Yes, the characters will do it. However, do not WEAR the item of clothing you wish to have signed. If you want hats or any cloth signed, markers will work best, especially Sharpies which come in a variety of colors.

These work great on banners and photos, too! Why do those crazy characters do the things they do? Group Photos — At some point, you will hear someone ask if they can get a picture of two or more characters together.

Getting one picture with each character is a lot faster. Nope, sorry, no way. The characters can be a little … clumsy. But perhaps, the character might be able to sit on the floor and have your child on their lap. And then there are the adults who just HAVE to know.

Never mind all the children around them who Believe. They smirk at the characters like they are privy to some huge secret. These questions are heard every day, many times a day. In the hopes of avoiding seeing those precious little faces fall when they overhear some adult bent on crushing the magic… Ok, soapbox mode off. Is it hot in there? In a word, yes. I have to laugh at how many people think there are personal air conditioning units inside.

Where in the world would they go? But this is why the characters are only out for short times — from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on location and time of year. When Pluto has to go get a drink, please let him go. He will be right back. Depends on which character. Beast wears a bit more than oh, say, Minnie.

How to Do Disney: A Disney Parks Guide by a Former Cast Member

Are you a boy or a girl in there? This one astounds me. But in the interest of answering questions, look at body size and guess. Looking at Goofy, how many females do you know around 6 feet tall? Same goes for the mice.