Britney spears femme fatale meet and greet photos

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britney spears femme fatale meet and greet photos

I have been waiting for 19 years to meet Britney, I spent the past 9 months the Femme Fatale Tour once in (Paris), Britney announced in I immediately bought tickets and asked for holidays to make a mini tour of. I also got a picture with Felicia, she gave us the backstage tour where we got to see I also got a femme Fatale bag, a Britney Spears Starbucks Cup (instead of . Only 5 songs were sung by Britney on Femme Fatale. to this ad IF you experienced the same or did Meet and Greet along with your photo.

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Check-in is from 5: Here you will check-in and receive your tickets and package credential. The parking lot will open early at 4: To take advantage of the early admittance to the parking lot, please print this information letter and present it at Toll Plaza 9 parking map attached. Parking fees are set by the arena and are the responsibility of the customer.

Parking for the general public opens at 5: Your onsite event staff will inform you of these procedures upon check-in. Please note that a tour staff member and security will escort the tour and you will be expected to follow their instructions and etiquette guidelines.

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You will receive the merchandise elements of your package in-person the night of the show. Please note that the collectible laminate is commemorative only and does not gain or authorize access into the venue or backstage.

Britney Spears Outrages Fans With Meet And Greet Price

Should the Crowd-free Merchandise Booth be available, you will be notified upon check-in. Joya To make this package a great experience for all, please note: There will be no late admittance to the event, so please arrive on time to check-in. Ticket and package elements will be forfeited if they are not picked up during the allotted check-in time.

Those who know me know it. Britney Spears is everything for me.

britney spears femme fatale meet and greet photos

Whenever one of her songs is played on the radio, whenever an article is written about her, whenever her name is dropped in a conversation, my friends think of me, Tristan, the guy who keeps on supporting her, posting hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts about her, playing her music whenever there's a party to cheer people up.

In short, Britney is an integral part of my life, she's more than an idol to me, she's my everything. I'm not a stupid "fan" who cries as soon as I see her on stage, says AMEN to everything she does, I also know how to remain unbiased, and be realistic about her new music or sometimes poor career choices. But, in any way, I've always been fascinated by this woman, a global superstar with undeniable stage presence and charisma, beauty, with a "Girl Next Door" side, a little goofy, simple, and funny.

britney spears femme fatale meet and greet photos

I'm going to meet Britney, she'll see me, I'll talk to her, maybe even touch her. I prepare myself psychologically, and physically, to what will be the biggest meeting of my LIFE! After 9 months of sport and diet, the results showed: I lost 30 pounds, I've never felt so good both physically and psychologically, and I was ready to experience the greatest moment of my life.

We had to gather at 4: However, I met some friendly French fans who were in the Ultimate Upgrade too.

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That was bad omen I am about the 10th fan who gets to meet her. I was there, like an idiot, waiting for Britney to finish chatting. She clearly seemed bored and upset. Since I was not allowed to touch her, I awkwardly leaned towards her for the photo.