Bethany hamilton and adam dirks how did they meet

Bethany Hamilton adjusts to married life

bethany hamilton and adam dirks how did they meet

Bethany Hamilton Is Excited To Announce There's Another Baby On The Way! She and her husband Adam Dirk can't wait to meet their new. Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, whose story of resilience and faith after losing that inspired the film "Soul Surfer," got married to her fiancé Adam Dirks, " Today was the most beautiful, wonderful best day of my life! Hamilton said earlier this year that since they've met, Dirks has just swept her off her feet. Pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton is lifted into the air by her new husband Adam Dirks as they frolic in the ocean in Kauai, Hawaii just days after their wedding She told InTouch that she thought it would be 'hard' to meet someone, She did not let the incident impact her dreams of surfing, however, and she.

She showed a keen interest in the water sport as a five-year-old when she would go with her family to the beach and soon her parents, with additional assistance from her brothers, began to teach her how to glide with the water waves.

But as expected, it was not only surfing that her parents passed on to her at that age. As Christians, the tenets of the Christian faith was also inculcated into young Bethany and as she grew up, so did her faith and believe in God also grow.

Bethany Hamilton Married: 'Soul Surfer' Says 'I Do' To Adam Dirks | HuffPost Life

She began her basic education in a popular elementary school in the community where she lived but was withdrawn from public schooling in 6th grade. From then on — up to high school — Bethany was schooled at home and only rounded off her studies at Port Richmond High School.

bethany hamilton and adam dirks how did they meet

Besides the championships she participated in as a kid of which she always trumped all the contestantsBethany Hamilton took part in her first professionally organized competition at age 8.

Needless to say, she won all the board divisions. It was a steady rise for the blonde surfer from then on. One of the boys on my football team had taken his own life,? Just seeing the dark side of that really resounded in my heart just to stay, and I committed to that. I found a little shack to rent on the West Side in the community, just moved in and continued working, continued doing the ministry there.? Meeting Bethany Dirks first met Hamilton in May The area I was living in, it?

But being in the area that I lived in, it? I was just really praying for a good friend.

bethany hamilton and adam dirks how did they meet

I had a friend from church who happened to be Bethany? He and his wife, they got together and conspired.

Bethany Hamilton thankful her husband Adam Dirks is such a great dad to Tobias

They told her about me and they told me about her? Dirks said he had not heard much about Hamilton and had not seen the movie? Dirks and Hamilton agreed to meet on the beach with a group of friends and were the only two to jump off a foot cliff into the ocean, he said.

Neither of us had jumped off the cliff into the ocean yet, and so I was like,?

Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton Gets Married to Christian Youth Minister Adam Dirks

Everybody else chickened out except for me and her.? When I first met Adam, he just seemed really nice? So he has a different upbringing and just different way of talking. It was definitely different at first, but I was really interested because he? Well, might as well see where it goes.??

bethany hamilton and adam dirks how did they meet

The two continued to spend time together, going on hikes and surfing, Dirks said. He had learned to surf when he moved to Hawaii. Bethany obviously still shows me up,? We both grew up with siblings and love the camaraderie that family brings.

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What are you most excited about, once the baby is born? Um, I'm guessing just having baby out in the world with us! So precious and beautiful.

I think it will be fun to see how Tobias, our firstborn, does with baby! Also I'm sure I'll be antsy to get back in the water as well!

bethany hamilton and adam dirks how did they meet

How does the second pregnancy compare to the first? Does it get any easier? It's been literally so similar, and thankfully my first pregnancy went pretty smoothly. So hopefully, everything continues to go well and baby and I are healthy!