Bambi and faline meet again quotes

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bambi and faline meet again quotes

(While riding on Bambi's back, Thumper turns to Ronno). What's the [Bambi has a dream in which he meets his mother]: Bambi: I miss you so much. Bambi's. Quotes. Flower: He can call me a Flower if he wants to. Thumper: If you can't say Faline: (To her Mother about Bambi) He's kinda bashful, isn't he mama?. Faline is a female deer and one of the deuteragonist of Bambi. Quote. "Hello, Bambi. Don't you remember me?" Source Faline is a female deer and one When she appears again shortly after her meeting with Bambi, she is a beautiful and.

For example, in the novel, Faline is the twin sister of Gobo, a character left out of the film. Additionally, Faline's initial relationship to Bambi is omitted. In the novel, she is the niece to Bambi's mother, which would make Bambi her cousin.

Walt Disney did not include any mention of this in the movie because it would have been incest when Faline gave birth to her and Bambi's twins. In certain books, their familial relationship is mentioned, which can confuse the matter. In the second book, Bambi's Children by Felix Salten, when she's taking care of her family, she later becomes an adoptive mother to two orphaned bucks, Mambo and Nello.

Her children also interact with cousins, Lana and Boso, twin fawns of their Aunt Rolla in the second book. Personality Similarly, with the other characters, Faline is not very strongly characterized as part of the film's environmental message, since she is like any other forest deer.

As a fawn, she gives the impression of a cute, wild, giggly little girl, an image which puts Bambi on the run when they first meet, until he finally manages to get a lock on her location after she steals one kiss too many from him. In the midquel where she is still a fawn, she is considerably calmer, serving as a transition between her hyperactive early personality and her maturity as a young adult. When she appears again shortly after her meeting with Bambi, she is a beautiful and very attractive young doe and has progressed to the point where she makes her moves with what comes across as a thoroughly deliberated strategy, with the possible implication that she had been watching Bambi for some time, waiting for the perfect moment to make her approach.

It is notable that she is the one who always makes the first move in their relationship, whether in mere play as a fawn or in romantic pursuits as a young adult.

bambi and faline meet again quotes

Although Faline appears dependent on Bambi, with him rescuing her from both unwanted suitor Ronno and hunting dogs, she does have a degree of resourcefulness, as shown by her rock climbing to escape the dogs and the fact that she made her way to a safe place after the fire. The only time she is truly calm as a young adult in the film is when she is seen at the end of Bambi with her and Bambi's twin fawns.

It has been postulated that this was because, as she was now a mother, Walt and the animators decided it was only suitable that she be shown in the traditional image for that time period of one. Admittedly, the fact that she has just given birth to twins may also play a part.

Appearances Bambi Faline first appears when she and Bambi are introduced to each other through their mothers' meeting. Faline says to her mother Ena that Bambi is bashful to which Ena replies that he might not be if she said hello. She says hello to Bambi who after some encouragement from his mother says hello too. She immediately takes a liking to Bambi and, in her efforts to befriend him, chases him into a small pool with reeds.

In a playful gesture, she teases him by popping her head in and out of the reeds to lick him on the cheek several times, much to his annoyance.

bambi and faline meet again quotes

However, he soon catches sight of her and gives chase himself, pursuing her into the meadow where the bucks are gathering for the season. It turns out that Faline awoke shortly after Bambi left. She searches for him, which results in big, black and vicious hunting dogs chasing her in the mountainside. Bambi finds her just in time as she hides on a ledge, just out of reach of the dogs. Bambi bulldozes the dogs and order Faline to run to safety.

The dogs retreat and Bambi runs away. He jumps over a raveen, but gets shot in the side. He crashes on the other side and stays there until the Great Prince arrives to urge him to get up.

They escape the woods together. As Faline waits for them with the others, she is relieved to see Bambi and Bambi's Father alive.

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As the scene fades, Faline and Bambi stay close as they sadly watch the forest burn. In the spring, Faline has two fawns. The movie ends as faline looks up at Bambi, who is watching over them in the distance Which will happen in The Upcoming Other 2 retold Bambi movies That are Produced by Carter Peterson and Walt Disney Pictures, the one that actually Take place in the within the Back and the end of Bambi II that was released in and The one where Bambi and Faline Meet Again as fawns and Fall in love Bambi II Edit Faline first appears when she greets Bambi, who, along with the other children, is watching the groundhog predict the weather.

Bambi stumbles backwards and says, "Hi,". They watch Friend Owl try to coax the groundhog out of his hole, but he gets stuck. They all laugh hysterically.

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Ronno, another young fawn, walks over and introduces himself. Then he tries to impress Faline with his little horns. He lies about fighting off hunters, and also tells them that they trick deer into simulating a doe's call. Bambi and Faline seem a little unfazed, so he challenges Bambi to a fight.

His mother calls him, so has to leave. Bambi is confused as his jumping drew praise the day before. Bambi says that the Great Prince has been standing around and contemplating a lot. Thumper suggests that Bambi should go and ask the Great Prince about it. Bambi does so, and the Great Prince says that he is observing - looking, listening and smelling for danger all at the same time.

The Great Prince says that Bambi should try to "feel the forest" feel vibrations through his hooves for abnormalities in forest activity. The two journey through the forest and join the stags as they participate in their annual run. Through this, the bond between father and son deepens the song sequence " First Sign of Spring ". The Great Prince now seemingly regrets the decision to pass on his parenting duties, but resolves to do so despite Bambi's protestations.

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After saying goodbye to his friends and the Great Prince, Bambi, who seems to accept the change even though he's upset, leaves with Mena. Ronno appears and continues to tease him about Bambi's father sending him away. This causes an enraged Bambi to charge at Ronno and the two fight.

Mena disrupts the fight but Ronno charges into Bambi, causing Bambi to knock Mena into a trap attached to jingling bells.

bambi and faline meet again quotes

As Mena struggles, the bells jingle and alert Man and the hunting dogs to her position. Ronno flees in terror screaming for his mother, and Bambi freezes again. He quickly snaps out of it and begins to run as well, but as Mena is encouraging him to run, she unknowingly quotes Bambi's late mother's last words, saying "Faster Bambi, don't look back! The Great Prince arrives and frees Mena from the trap before going after Bambi.

bambi and faline meet again quotes

Bambi manages to lose some of the dogs one with the help of Flower's scent glands, and another with help from the grumpy porcupine and begins to climb a steep, rocky cliff. One of the dogs slips and falls, leaving only one chasing after Bambi. Bambi climbs to a high ledge and dislodges some rocks, which do nothing to the dog. As the dog closes in, Bambi kicks it in the chest, causing it to fall to the bottom of the cliff. The Great Prince sees this and is relieved. Bambi goes to join him, but the ledge beneath Bambi gives way and he falls.

The Great Prince goes to him and believes the prince to be dead. He nuzzles his son tenderly and sobs. Friend Owl, Mena, Flower, and Thumper arrive to see what is happening. As the Great Prince gets up to leave, Bambi wakes up.

Bambi meets Faline

The Great Prince, relieved, begins to nuzzle his son again, causing Bambi to smile at the attention. Mena turns and leaves, knowing that the Great Prince wanted to take care of Bambi after all. A while later, Thumper tells the exaggerated story of how Bambi defeated the dogs. Bambi arrives, now with a pair of antlers starting to grow in and without his spots. The porcupine pricks Bambi's legs with his quills, causing Bambi to leap forward and accidentally engage Faline in a kiss.

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Ronno arrives and swears revenge against Bambi, but also steps on a turtle who bites him on the nose, making him run away, screaming for his mother. Bambi leaves as his father is calling him.

bambi and faline meet again quotes

The Great Prince takes Bambi to a forest glade, saying that this was the place where he first met Bambi's mother. Bambi asks what the Great Prince was like when he was Bambi's age, and the Great Prince says that he was a lot like Bambi.